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Guilin Yanshan Park

2023-02-07Aix XinLe

Yanshan Park, founded in the year 1869, Guangxi Guilin Tang Yue Qing gentry private garden, named "Yanshan Villa Park." 1911 Governor of Guangdong and Guangxi in Qing Cen Chunxuan to two full wages 40000 bought the park, renamed "Yanshan Park." "Guilin nirvana, a garden of possibilities." In this large yard Yanshan Park 300 acres, Guilin mountains of the show, Li water, the odd holes, you can see all the different trees, so called Guilin in miniature. After Yanshan Park built, it was called "the first Lingnan Garden."

Guilin Yanshan Park

It concentrates the best landscape of Guilin, Guilin is also in the southern gardens. Yanshan Park is one place a set of "poised", "magical landscape", "celebrity Agile." Yanshan Park feng shui, the best of Chinese feng shui principles. Stalactite into the door is on the mountain, there are mysterious cave, hiding numerous bats, Lingnan only see the "Castle hidden blessing" of the land. Acacia mysterious river water flow from south to north, to be carried out without a trace; Yanshan park with thousands of plants trees, different patterns, trends and long river. Park limestone mountains and hills square Takeyama, exotic flowers and trees, lush growth is "karst natural botanical garden." Fangzhu park, green, plum, red beans, Osmanthus is a famous four treasures of Yanshan Park.

Guilin Yanshan Park

The scenery around the park: Acacia river, flower shrines, God camphor, ginkgo has a magical landscape. Yanshan Park or celebrities gather elegant place, well-known figures in modern history, such as Sun Yat-sen, Jiang Jieshi, Lin Sen, Hu Shi, Ma Junwu, Yang Chun, according to Chen Yinke, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai, Deng Jun Yue-Sai Kan hang around here or lived. Yanshan Park is one of the birthplace of modern culture in Guangxi, Guangxi University, Guangxi Normal University, Yanshan middle school, Guangxi Agricultural College are in this school. China is now the new literati painting, Chinese painting creation base of Lijiang, also Fengyi Academy, Lijiang River in Guangxi Arts College of International Culture and High School campus.

Guilin Yanshan Park

Scenic Area Address: Guilin in Guangxi Province Yan Yan mountain town

Bus routes: Take 5,98 bus and get off in Guilin up in Goose Town.

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