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Guilin Huixian wetlands

2023-02-07Aix XinLe

Guilin Huixian wetlands is China's largest karst wetlands, was named "National Wetland Park in Guilin, Guangxi will Xiankasite."Huixian wetland mainly in the peaceful town of Cave Lingui Huixian, four benefits, Xinmin, Shan Mei, Wenquan, horse-faced and other places, have cut Acacia River, Liang Feng River, the Tang Dynasty Guiliu canal within its geographical scope (also known as Acacia Tai Canal) and Mu-dong Lake rivers and lakes.

Guilin Huixian wetlands

Wetland Park total area of ​​586.75 hectares, including Mu-dong lake as the center of marshes and lakes leading mountain, Liu Gui ancient canal between the sub-reservoirs, ponds and Lion Rock and Feng Jiang and other points reservoirs to Acacia, East arrived in sub-drainage pond east, west Acacia River, south to the village of Seven, north to Lion Rock mountain fishing grounds.

Guilin Huixian wetlands

Unique landforms Huixian wetland, towering mountains, wonderful, rivers and ponds horizon, dozens of beautiful in Rock Hill stands in the vast blue, amazing mountain of nine, and Phoenix Mountains and Yongsan, intricate channels of wetlands, natural linked to eight of reed marshes, an ancient seat of bridges cross the ancient temple ruins.

Guilin Huixian wetlands

Xiankasite wetlands surrounding villages will be relocated to the majority settled in after the Song Dynasty, are 300 to 800 years. In the Song Dynasty ago, there uninhabited, marsh grass and jagged ground, abundant aquatic plants, trees varies, then will Xiankasite wetland should include first Lingui four large Tangxiang Village, Huixian town of Mu-dong, four benefits, Xinmin, most parts of Shan Mei, Wenquan, horse-faced mountain village and Yan Yan Town, Chuk Yuen village, an area of ​​about 65 square kilometers.

Scenic Area Address: Guangxi Guilin Lingui town of Mu-dong Huixian Seven Village

Car lines: the Guilin Bus Station Huixian shuttle at Mu-dong

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