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Guilin Zi Zhou Park

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Zi Zhou, because there were people on the continent who lives surnamed Zi Tang Dynasty named. Chau was in the bar as a boat floating, also known as the floating continent, surrounded by water seep through, surrounded by mountains, surrounded by mountains, east of Putuo, Crescent, West objects Hill, south mountains, Tashan, with Fubo Diecai, cockfighting South Stream, its own, and can Yaoshan vision. Every autumn, the green red and yellow autumn leaves dancing in Chau, Chau leaves Guilin Qiu Zi Guilin scenic spots. In the misty rain filled season, fog cloud yarn mantle, Zi Zhou shrouded in the haze among the fog-shrouded Lan, Island looming, or short or thick, like a painting roll, full of poetic, misty rain Zi Zhou is famous Guilin Eight old one.

Guilin Zi Zhou Park

Zi Zhou landscape open up long history, the Tang Dynasty and twenty years (817 years), the provincial governor and Gui Gui observe the Pei Xingli Yan Ting built on the continent. Li Fei Ge, planting flowers and trees, open Guilin overall planning development and construction of landscape gardens precedent. Tang Dynasty famous thinker, writer Liu Zongyuan Teng Chau when invited to tour, as famous "Zi Island Pavilion", painted Zi Long Island beautiful scenery, praised the "Guizhou multi Mountain", made the steep vertical, Lin Li fieldwork, given the extremely Guilin high evaluation; "mountains back to the river", as one out of four, boast odd King show, salty, do not give traveled throughout the world who, only that it was. This is the victory hall, the armor in the world, put the best in the world together with the contact early to comment Guilin.

Guilin Zi Zhou Park

Zi Zi Zhou Island Park is located on the east bank of the Lijiang River in Guilin district waterfront, across the river and Xiangshan, Guilin is the youngest, it is the oldest park. This country will be King, human and cultural resources, concentrated essence of Guilin landscape and history and culture, is a set of ecological, cultural, tourism and leisure as an integrated park.

Zi Zhou is the most famous one oasis on the Lijiang River, which is located between the Lijiang River in Guilin and Lijiang River East Fork River, Zi Zhou surrounded by water, surrounded by mountains, every autumn, the continent in green, red and yellow autumn leaves dancing, "Zi Zhou leaves Guilin Qiu "Guilin scenery. Picturesque mountains, near water Hanbi, Sunrise fog on, is the most beautiful season in the misty rain, fog cloud yarn mantle, Zi Zhou shrouded in a hazy among the river moist, looming mountains, clouds traveling between peaks , like the rain on the veil enveloped the country, like a picture of a mix of ink and watercolor. Since ancient times, Zi Zhou misty rain was listed as one of eight scenic spots in Guilin, ranked second.

Guilin Zi Zhou Park

Zi Zhou explore the historic landscape, Guilin is the earliest history of the site can test gardens. Since ancient times, men of letters Zi Zhou is the resident elephant across the Holy Land. Park in the 2011 Spring Festival completed park opened, the park opened a new Amidst the lake, has a celebrity and Guilin exhibitions, poetry and painting Square, Yanyu Lou, elegant Takei, orchids Xuan, Yi idle Hall, Zi home Island Pavilion, Yan Ting, Liufang kiosks landscape architecture, set Liu Zongyuan, Pei Li line, Fan Chengda, Auspicious other historical figures statue, restored "Amidst Zi Zhou" and "Island leaves Guilin Qiu Zi" attraction, forming a waterfall down the rainbow, poetry and history, Maple Leaf Dan left, misty rain Hanbi, bamboo Chingjing, camphor Yong Tsui, secluded bamboo grove canopy, ginkgo drip gold, pavilion Fame, country and other 10 new moon in the water landscape, jackwood verdant, wind shaking bamboo, quiet situation, recreation health is the new good place for members of the public, has become the domestic and foreign tourists visit Guilin, a taste of the new bright spot in Guilin tourism culture.

Scenic Address: Guilin Seven Star Road No. 8 through area

Car lines: the Guilin area take the 11 bus to get off walk to Seven Star Park

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