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Guilin Longsheng Longji terrace

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Terraced Fields in Longsheng County, Guangxi peaceful rural village of Ping An Longji Mountain, 22 kilometers from the county. 80 km away from Guilin, at longitude 109 ° 32'-100 ° 14 'between latitude 25 ° 35'-26 ° 17'. Broadly known from Longsheng ri

Terraced Fields in Longsheng County, Guangxi peaceful rural village of Ping An Longji Mountain, 22 kilometers from the county. 80 km away from Guilin, at longitude 109 ° 32'-100 ° 14 'between latitude 25 ° 35'-26 ° 17'. Broadly known from Longsheng rice terraces, called Dragon's Back terraced narrowly.

Guilin Longsheng Longji terrace

Dragon Hill near km altitude, slope mostly between 26-35 degrees, the maximum gradient of 50 degrees. Terraces distributed at an altitude of 300-1100 m. Scenic area of ​​66 square kilometers, is divided into Chai Ping Zhuang Yao Hung Hang terraces and terraced two. Ping Zhuang village terraces of "seven stars" and "Kowloon Five Tigers" two well-known landscape, beautiful scenery and elegant; red Yao gold pit terrace "big community Melaleuca Ladder", "Western Hills Shao music" and "Golden Foding" three well-known landscape. Coiled up from the foot to the summit, but the larger an acre, while the small plug only two or three rows of seedlings, to form a "hill, such as snails," "mountains into the tower," "layers of terraced fields around the village, roads Bay Springs channels," the curve project. Terraces highest elevation 880 meters, the lowest 380 m vertical height difference of 500 meters. From the foot of the scenic climb will take about an hour, now open highway, winding and to be on the hillside.

Guilin Longsheng Longji terrace

Dragon's Back is a broad geographical terms, it has "Longji Thirteen Villages", which is said to be living in this area because the residents live on the dragon's back is named. Its scope includes scenic area Dazhai (five stockade), hamlet, New Village, cloth and other ethnic villages under the golden bamboo, yellow Luo Longji, peace and gold pit area live.

Longji terraced landscape, mainly in agriculture terraced landscape as the main body, into the traditional ethnic customs Zhuang, Yao and other ethnic minorities as one of the natural landscape and cultural resources factors integrated tourism area, Guangxi twenty-one attractions of the district one. Longji terraced landscape known as the "world is a must", terraced landscape known as the "Poetry Home", and it contains rich cultural terraces it has a monopoly of world significance. Longji terraced landscape with unique territory Longsheng Dong, Zhuang, Miao, Yao ethnic customs tied a boutique Longsheng tourism brand, Longsheng County tourism resources in the resource represents a monopoly.

Longji terraced rice is the world's outstanding cultural landscape, is dominating the three-dimensional idyll in a great Guilin tourism circle unprecedented. As a tourist brand of "star" Dragon's Back terraced picture often appeared on television, newspapers and a variety of advertising and promotional materials, to become the pride of China.

Guilin Longsheng Longji terrace

Terraced Fields of Ping Zhuang Yao Hung Hang terraces and terraced composition. Two terraces have the shape of gods, has picturesque mood, beauty and boldness of its large-scale, three-dimensional sense, the lines and the colors, rich in culture and protection of national integrity, for the world unmatched by terraces, called the world.

Where terraced unlike Terraced Fields as majestic, powerful, like a dragon, like Stretching without a break. It is really overwhelming momentum, holding hands circling terraces layer after layer from river rapids and on the foot of the Dragon, has been built to the clouds shrouded the hills (terraces built at an altitude of 300-1100 m), forming a vast magnificent terraces overwhelming population. Because of steep mountains, Mimizaza plots, like patches of "Interfax" embedded in the majestic steep "dragons", from afar, gleaming Dragon Mountain dynamic, the same as the dragon through the clouds and fog annexation mountains and rivers. Meandering queue traveling Ping Zhuang terraces strip, twist it all the way to a wild youthful vigor; gold pit terrace is the dragon of zigzag strips coiled into a ten-mile radius of the "sinkhole."

Dragon's Back terraced absolutely full of artistic charm also lies in its beauty. According to a section of hillside mountain ridge red curved circulation, charming, stretch, chic, world gathered here to become curvy world, permeated Mimi sculpture picture of beauty and music. Longji terraced fields of life like color itself structured. Spring, water nice and warm, dyed green; summer, seedlings closure line, Tender strong hand; autumn is golden and fragrant harvest theme; winter, dressed in black and white terraces have Snow prints a distinct color. Ambilight Longji terrace when the weather is also three times a day and everything becomes magic and confront Lan gas clouds, showing a different charm and delight, said Dragon tourist paradise, photography of the Holy Land, an aesthetic implication always unpredictable place, an Enchanting never take enough land.

Layers of terraced fields like a circle around the ring, reminiscent of Dragon ancestors arduous years to create Albert. Terraced Fields began building from the Yuan Dynasty, it is the first civilian Dragon jungle chant shouted out, puzzle out blood and meat. In Zhou Bian everywhere still in the era of slash and burn time, on the steep slope is hard to imagine, with excellent persistence and great wisdom, Dragon has created a miracle of earth shaking.

Terraced Fields life and aura that water. After all, Dragon's Back is a terraced water as water as the axis of context and wrote "great article." Since ancient times, people do this Dragon set a iron precepts strictly prohibited deforestation destruction of forests and water resources, water and soil damage is strictly prohibited burning wasteland. That used to warn warning gong sound echoed in this piece of blue sky for several hundred years, so have the Dragon how high the mountain, but also how high the water scene. Has a unique style of Dragon Ridge Terrace, was so much life in order after going through the vicissitudes of life, perfect.



Terraced Fields No. 1 and No. 2 has two scenic spots, No. 1 scenic spots above the east side of the village, far away. No. 2 is relatively recent. There are scenic spots between the No. 1 and 2 connected to a flat road, can see two of the most famous local Terraced Fields in the "seven stars", "seven stars" is the essence of Dragon's Back terraced fields, seven Hilltop terraces and a large hilltop terraces. The whole mountain is narrow terraces, while the ridge is now drawing contour lines. Terraced Fields up and a gold pit terrace. There are four Yao village, live from the No. 1 spot on the peace walk needed 3-4 hours. Not as safe accommodation, terraced slightly larger scale than previously, more pure and honest folk. Heping Township Longsheng County, southeast of the territory, there is a large-scale terrace group.

Terraced Fields include Ping North Zhuang Yao terraces and terraced two gold pit red area. Two terraces both drastic cutting back, another great accuracy carved small peck; both looked magnificent, and his mouth delicate artistic atmosphere. Due to different mountain lines, showing two mutually identical poetic painting throughout the domain. Both the south and the north, such as double-wall mirrors, constitute the North Zhuang and Yao red two cultural space, can be described as a combination of clever, reflect each other.

Longji Pingan Terrace Fields and peace across the two villages, a marching like a dragon, vault over a four or five miles long slope, vault a kind of wild-powerful force. There are "Kowloon Five Tigers" and "seven stars on" two unique landscape within Pingan Terrace Fields. "Kowloon" refers to the main vein Dragon here points out of nine small ridge, "Fab Five" refers to the slightly raised here five small hill. "Kowloon", "Fab Five" all terraces are coiled. "Seven" refers had deliberately left open to the seven days of the hill, is a small hill are stacked upright in the central block of the field, like the seven afar twinkling stars, curved guard piece Dragon Yueliangtian. Because "Kowloon Five Tigers" and "seven stars" exists, making Pingan Terrace Fields like a broom as King in the idyllic scenery, Hirata many fun and meaning.

Gold pit terrace Dazhai in the territory, where gold production because of the name. Gold pit terrain both a huge box of "sinkhole", yet also seemed like a palace Lu round cage covered with small-cap land. Bottom stood looking around, thousands of meters high "pit along" attached to a slope of a slope, the slope ran straight to the sky are many-tiered terraces. Stretching four or five miles of the crater that body, circled live like a dragon Qiu Qu. Pingan Terrace Fields and different, it is the presentation of the US A heavy expansion, and the other people shocked. In addition to scenic spots in the gold pit terrace legendary "Ssangyong grab treasure" and "Two Lions jump bar" two views, there are the newly named "Melaleuca Ladder", "Golden Foding" and "Western Hills Shao music" three landscape, constitute another away from the secular fantasy fairyland on the Dragon.



Scenic Area Address: Longsheng County Longji area.

Car lines:

1, take a direct fast class Guilin to Longsheng County (1 hour and 40 minutes), then turn Longsheng - Ping Parking (Dragon) shuttle to the peace village car park (about 60 minutes);

2, Guilin, take a shuttle to the peace village (Longji intersection), at the intersection waiting for Longsheng - Longji shuttle (shuttle away from Longsheng to Longji intersection about 30 minutes).

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