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Guilin lijiang Dreamland perform

OHTN2017-10-30Aix XinLe

Guilin lijiang Dreamland perform is Asia's first fantasy landscape scene of performances by world renowned art scene Chinese-day Creation International Performing Arts Company and the Hong Kong exchange Acer Asia Group "denounced fifty million heavily carefully crafted," and can rival Las Vegas the large panoramic landscapes show. Repertoire ballet performances and acrobatics using the perfect combination of great scenes, magnificent, modern choreography, lighting, sound stereo and mysterious, unique in Asia. Yang turned special stage and innovative three-dimensional scene of the whole show alternately changing a variety of dazzling wonderland Guilin stage, stage performances, interspersed with three-dimensional combination of high performance, so you really experience a fantastic mystery tour.

Guilin lijiang Dreamland perform

Lijiang River fantasy lineup: Set Chinese domestic teams in each group of more than 200 young actor, through Asia's first Las Vegas-style turn Yang stage, staged portrait by French dance in China which more than 200 actors, Russian ballet, American clown, Chinese magic, acrobatics and other programs into one, Chinese and Western. Allows you to "read a lifetime, do not look at life-long regret."

Guilin lijiang Dreamland perform

Lijiang River fantasy scenes and context: through modern sound, light, electricity and use of stage effects; the use of the perfect combination of ballet and acrobatics that Asia's first fully demonstrated the historical changes to the Lijiang River, landscape and cultural landscape Sentiment, since ancient times behave the legendary Guilin this magical land and that stunning beauty. In order to give people the enjoyment of the arts at the same time, the theme will be "Environment and life" through them, gives a profound inspiration.

Dream Lijiang River's strength in the past year or so, the dream of Lijiang were played nearly 500 games, received about 200,000 foreign tourists. In the audience satisfaction survey Municipal Bureau of Tourism held in satisfaction of the audience of more than 95%.

Lijiang River in Guilin dream meaning Shanqingshuixiu added new cultural content. She at the same time to further promote the excellent Chinese culture and art, but also the introduction of advanced international cultural marketing, operational concepts. She is not only in tourism, entertainment idea of ​​synchronization is also the concrete practice of the Chinese concept of cultural industry. All this, for the reform of Chinese literature and art will have a significant and far-reaching significance.

Guilin lijiang Dreamland perform

Lijiang River fantasy ballet and acrobatics using the perfect combination, the first in Asia; and in the auditorium of 1: 1 on a large panoramic stage and the first special stage turned Yang, the actor suddenly fly down from the sky and from the ground suddenly piercing, reaching very mysterious stage effects; fantasy Lijiang stage sound, lighting is not only China's first-class in Asia is also unique; Lijiang River fantastic quality entertainment beyond contemporary international tourism standards, the Chinese created a unique commitment not satisfied with the refund of the repertoire; new media toilet - will perform live on the toilet delivered to each of the small screen, so that every member of the audience not to miss the whole dream Lijiang River to enjoy the wonderful performances.

Where seen the show the audience acclaimed that this play represents the highest level of contemporary performing arts tour of China, both from an aesthetic point of view and stage effects; grasp in terms of artistic quality and taste of the public, has its own unique. The new aesthetic value, the dream became a dazzling highlight of Lijiang River in Guilin performing arts.

Scenic Area Address: Guilin, Guangxi Qixing District No. 95 (Dream Theater)

Attractions Transport: Guilin bus up by 6

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