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Xi'an "Square Master" life their festivals

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"Square" from the Tang Dynasty, when a regional division of Tang, Tang Chang'an as the starting point of the Silk Road, to accommodate a large number from West Asia, Central Asia and Muslim immigration. With the large influx of Muslims, Islam began to

The origin of Xi'an "Square Master" of

"Square" from the Tang Dynasty, when a regional division of Tang, Tang Chang'an as the starting point of the Silk Road, to accommodate a large number from West Asia, Central Asia and Muslim immigration. With the large influx of Muslims, Islam began to spread in China, in order to facilitate religious activities and life, according to Muslim mosque door, this layout from the beginning of Islam in China has continued ever since, each mosques are forming a "Square."

"Master Square" is the Xi'an area of ​​the Hui Muslims of a kind title.

Holidays, anniversaries

In Arabic, "holiday" called "de" Islam has two grand "de" Every year, the "Eid" and "Corban" In addition, the anniversary of Fateh wheat, white lats night, and so on Ashura festival.

Islam has a Master Square in the life of their own special holiday, to commemorate their ancestors in the festival, seek joy, Iftar donate food, applied to the poor people; they tend to sit too often think of themselves in the festival, regret past mistakes in order to achieve self good deeds, meet the new future. Therefore, the festival Square Master of rich and colorful, and full of self-cultivation as a result of the behavior of the public holiday has unusual significance.

The main festivals: Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, the anniversary Fateh wheat, white lats night, Ashura, St. Clement and so on.

Food taboos

With other ethnic groups believe in Islam, as its provisions derived from the "Koran" if required "temperance" and all alcoholic beverages in beverages; In the food sector, the prohibition against eating carrion, blood, pork, and non-chanting name of God and slaughtered, strangled, killed, fell to his death, and hilarious, and the beast leftover animals. Visible, mainly Muslims spiritual diet taboo is: harmful to health, unclean and do not perform religious services under the knife or die from something abandoned dead, were prohibited.

Derived from the religious significance of the provisions have become Muslims living habits.


Square Exalted are generally three meals a day, sub-morning, afternoon and evening three meals. Before the reform, most of them are at home to cook breakfast beef and mutton steamed, baked or steamed with Tuo Tuo fried pickles to eat, or with wax and sheep meat, there's old people like to eat hot with fried peanuts. People have to work in the morning, then had breakfast 6,7 o'clock; if not go to work, then to 9,10 points before breakfast. General hearty breakfast person, then lunch on the more simple. Lunch to eat beef steamed mutton people more, there are many families like to eat Tuo Tuo bun with cooking. Cooking dishes are generally relatively simple, such as Lotus white pork, pork celery, potatoes wire Vinegar, sour zucchini, spicy fried pickles, fried spiced sauce. Most dinner eat a lot of pasta, noodles species, have broken face (a kind of soup noodles), dry soup broken face, long face (spoken "more face"), lo mein, noodles cage, eat dumplings, steamed buns, baked buns, leek cake.

Now, with social and economic development, accelerate the pace of life, standard of living of the Master Square has been greatly improved, especially in the rapid development of halal restaurants on the Square of the human body, diet richer people of the Hui It provided the material conditions. Breakfast diet Market Square in all directions throughout the back streets have a rich variety of halal food stalls. The vast majority of people in the street to eat breakfast, more common cattle steamed mutton, lamb basin, basin miscellaneous lamb, wax cattle Rouga Mo, meatballs paste soup, milk fritters, cannabis tea, rice cakes side dishes, Shuijian Bao son, meat oil meal, pimple tea, jelly marinade, oil cake, caldron grain, bean curd, Jiang rice cakes, food boxes, meat boxes, and so on. Lunch is generally more abundant, in addition to the above-mentioned bubble steamed beef and mutton, lamb basin, the restaurant is the most popular noodles, beef noodles, a variety of handmade noodles, as well as Lanzhou beef noodles, Xinjiang pull strip, Niangpi, irrigation soup dumplings and so on, a lot of people eat cooking. Even eating at home, but also buy some of the food home to eat, buy some semi-finished products, such as buy back their own broth and cooked Tuo Tuo bun, roll, or buy a good hand side, Ma face home cooked food. Usually eat dinner at home, as in the past, or to pasta, many young people like to eat rice cooking; sometimes busy with work and do not want to cook or social activities, people often eat in restaurants.

Religious people "dress" ceremony

"Dressing", also known as hanging hanging scroll. Is the title of the Hui Islam by the Church school graduation ceremony, grant eligibility imam, Hui commonly known as "dressing."

Dress, from Islam, Mohammed legend had to go to Yemen to preach holy Disciples A sub-ink off, and he wears a green robe given to him, as if they were to go and preach the same to show responsibility, then the move classified as "Sunnah" handed down. So now the Church to Muslim students "dress" meaningful "for the Prophet Mission".

Dressing, students generally choose education Mosque and the Church schools, mostly held in the Eid al-Adha, Mawlid and the main Ma and so on. Its solemn ceremony, like the holidays. Dress this day, to invite the imam, the old village and influential celebrities and representatives of the neighbors Square to participate. The ceremony, first of all to the majority of Muslims summary report by the Imam Square, his teaching and teaching effectiveness, as well as the wearer's own academic performance. Taught "dress" and other valuables. Secondly, by the Imam Square, the old village, the steward (or Temple Management Director) presented the diploma himself, and dress him: give wore a crown cap or on behalf of the Persian Starr, give wore Arab style green gown (dress sewn by the families). Third, relatives and friends; students to the wearer Phi Hung wounded, like the Muslim youth in rural areas as marriage, toting a variety of colors and silk fabrics, to celebrate. Fourth, the wearer family and relatives and parishioners of this workshop, presented plaques to the imam, clothing and other Ji Nianpin to repay education. Fifth, the "dress" full pull to

Speech to the presence of all Muslims "Quran" and "Hadith" of the relevant sections, at the same time, like baby sory mention, Christians one by one and "dressing" Student touch hands, as a personal, admiration. So far, the "dress" Students will be officially made "imam" in the title.

After the ceremony, put some clothes on the Square on the spot imam please go to The Square mosque school. Muslims enthusiastic send-off, and has sent representatives to the destination. After some students who did not dress to please a timely manner, the Imam Square, students, representatives of the masses of Muslims should "dress" the imam sent home, the Imam Square and Imam dress walk side by side, others followed, while take the side like holy. To dress imam imam family members say modest courtesy, parents and other members of the wearer to express my sincere gratitude to the imam. Forward to welcome people say, "Color salaam" and prepare a hearty meal Levin, warm hospitality.

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