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Shaanxi folk on February 2 fried flour beans custom

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February, Rend. Her parents to give her daughter to send fried beans and fried bread balls. This custom was originally played at the time when the emperor Wu Zetian. Wu Zetian was sitting throne, Emperor offended miles, let Taibaijinxing not allowed to transfer within the East China Sea Dragon Jun rain for three years.

Guanzhong Folk fried beans February

Shaanxi folk on February 2 fried flour beans custom

This can be hard on the whole people. River saw dry roads, Kuaikuai crack, pray tell people God Pianxiang request field quickly falls soaker. Four played a Dragon Jun compassion, then with the request to the Jade Emperor to the next world some rain. Jade Emperor can not the speaker, the four rows Dragon king did not dare to rain.

But I do not know ye, blue sky suddenly float on a cloud, and then the wind was underway, he saw "rushing" of rain fell from the sky. People cheered: "Yeah rain is as precious as oil flows over the floor under it!!" Then some hand rain to quench their thirst, some decumbent to kowtow days, thanks to the old world of timely rain.

But who does not know, the rain turned out to be responsible for managing the Milky Yulong broadcast. He saw the world Tian drying died, people want to die of thirst, and four Dragon Jun petition but also by the accused, this continues the world would be finished. It is desperate, illegal purpose sowing rain to rescue people. I saw the Milky Way Yulong absorbing enough water to spit the world, people had this life-saving rain.

This matter was the Jade Emperor know, let Taibaijinxing the pressure to Taebaek mountain, also down by decree:. "Yulong illegal purpose guilty of day rules, steal sowing rain Chiaki sin; To return to the temple, unless the beans to bloom."

Taibaijinxing not defy Emperor decree, Bai put down to the foot of Dragon, Emperor decree also engraved on the rocks.

When it became known that the Yulong due to violation of sowing rain gauge is pressed to the day Taibaishan, I went to send incense, send tribute. When people see the rocks engraved with beans bloom only make the Jade Dragon God's words, the edge think of ways to make the beans flowering miles. It was the gold balls into the pot with the fire continued speculation, but speculation to speculation can not open flowers, so year after year in Yulong suffer miles.

One year, there was the old lady going to the Weihe River north Taibaishan to Yulong send tribute. When the popcorn for dry food offered to Yulong him, but called Taibaijinxing saw. Taibaijinxing thought it flowering beans, Yulong put back into the temple.

Yulong on the day, the Jade Emperor was furious, accusing why Taibaijinxing back Yulong. Taibaijinxing said: "You had made Road, Temple Yulong want to return, unless the beans to beans flowers now bloom ah.!" Do not believe he went to see the Jade Emperor, a look that was originally golden corn collapse bloom . You say you cheated you, this is the popcorn. Taibaijinxing inspiration, he said: "People may call this the golden curry, world corn beans called thing." Say a few words to the Jade Emperor lived. Taibaijinxing usurper Empress Wu went on to say, so what people sin? But for Yulong sowing rain, drought was in Jin, who gave us the time to respect incense it? Emperor listened to feel justified, then edicts Yulong reinstated.

Since then, the folk began February Peas fried customs, and some fried side will be singing: "February, fried peas, beans flowering Rend everyone Okura full, household Xiaotun flow. invicta day spilled oil, food and clothes have no worries. "

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