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Qin Terracotta Warriors visit the tourist Raiders

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The face of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the kind of uncontrollable surprise, addicted, intoxicated, is moved every attentive visitor can tap into, which is the most important sum of Shaanxi, the world will never have such a place to stand so much

The face of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the kind of uncontrollable surprise, addicted, intoxicated, is moved every attentive visitor can tap into, which is the most important sum of Shaanxi, the world will never have such a place to stand so much soldiers waiting for you for so long.

Now Warriors and Horses Museum covers an area of ​​over 20 hectares, of which 16,000 square meters Pit and Pit over 17,000 square meters of greenhouses and building a comprehensive exhibition building newly built exhibition is the main place, in particular, Hall 1, exhibited about 6,000 life-size terracotta warriors and horses, the aisle can also see a black mark that year major general Xiang Yu Xianyang fire. Figurines image of realistic-looking, well-proportioned accurately, thousands of thousand faces, and do not the same. Means of Creating fine, figurines and even soles of cloth shoes and clothes line is also pin density has caused, hair, beard, pine, there was a hint of anger or mouth or smile subtle expression, as if the face is to be applied the magic of ancient and rigid ranks of soldiers.

Qin Terracotta Warriors

- Qin Terracotta Warriors -

360 ° ring screen movie theater, dozens of rough-minute film describes the process from the Qin Dynasty unified China to destruction, and the scene shoot very ambitious, particularly from the powerful army to fight beside you 360 degrees, very impressive, just like you were in a pity poor quality speakers, seriously undermined the sense of the scene. But uninterrupted broadcast the movie, do not worry about missing sessions.

Scenic tour map

- scenic tour map -

Attractions reference information

Address: Lintong County East (37 kilometers away from Xi'an)

Tickets: season every year March 1 to 11 at the end of the year, full-fare 90 yuan, 45 yuan tickets; tour costs 30 yuan. Season December 1 to the end of February, unanimous 65 yuan, 35 yuan tickets; students, their certificates of servicemen, disabled card holders half-price disabilities.

Opening hours: 8: 30-17: 30

Scenic Tel: 029-81399001 81399128

Transport: From the Xi'an Railway Station, served by the "green tour 5" (306 Road) bus, 915 Road, 914 road buses to Terracotta Warriors Museum Station, a distance of about 35 km, takes about 1 hour. Because more traffic are very convenient, so there is no need to take a taxi up.

Self-driving is a highway along the west before the trip, travel 24 km (road toll 10 yuan), to reach the Lintong District, 3 km ahead, is the Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses. There are parking in front of museum, parking is generally 6 yuan / trips. The journey takes 30 minutes. When traveling by car along the west road, which road traffic well, in the non-peak traffic, fewer vehicles, the speed can reach 60 km / h, only 30 minutes to reach Lintong.

The largest terracotta Pit

- the largest terracotta Pit -

Travel Tips

1, a pit hole of terracotta located about 1.5 kilometers east mausoleum, no historical records. In 1974 local farmers stumbled across several fragments of pottery when drilling, so that shocked the world's eighth wonder was able to see a bright future. 1979, covering 16,000 square Pit sites Halls and pavilions open, and explore the Pit, we also found a number two on the 3rd hole in 1976. 1989 3rd hole opened to the public in 1994, Pit open to the public, which adopted a new method Pit excavation and display synchronized, so that visitors can witness figurines are a focus of archaeological workers little bit out of the clean-up scene.

2, the local amateur guide, general charges 10 yuan per person, many people may be cheaper, but the level of tour guides is uneven.

3, it is best not to go with the group, avoid being forced to visit some worthless man-made attractions.

Attractions relevant information

Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor in Chinese history, he unified China Albert, also Fenshukengru crimes, about the merits and demerits of the emperor, is still Historians have debated topic. His keen thinking, behavior fruit sleep, ambitious, good at trickery, while violent and cruel, ruthless, opinionated, profusion, all the First Emperor of years and always full of mystery. In 1974, Lintong District, villagers found the large and small figurines in the residual wells, thus political, economic and cultural situation of Qin Shihuang period of gradual military show in front of the world. 1979 National Day grand scale of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum grand opening.

Terracotta warriors close-range

- Terra Cotta Warriors close-range -

Rare in the world after the opening of the Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, and soon a foreign sensation, known as the "eighth wonder of the world", it is one of the most important archaeological discovery. Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses of its enormous size, powerful scenes, and superb science, art level, so that the audience amazed. Thanks to the ancient city of Xian Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, soon became one of the most important tourist cities in China. Domestic and foreign visitors have come here especially. Our access to foreign heads of state and other dignitaries, most of the Terra Cotta Warriors should be included in the agenda. So far as to, foreign tourists Terracotta Museum has received more than 40 million people, of whom more than 400 million passengers foreign guests, foreign heads of government level VIP 100 people, Prime Minister Prime Minister more than 250 people. Notably the US President Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, French President Mitterrand, Chirac, Queen Elizabeth II, German President for Erzuo Ke, Chancellor Helmut Kohl, under Japanese Prime Minister Gordon bamboo, Murayama and Emperor Akihito, Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew UN Secretary-General Ghali, etc., in short, are more numerous.

Terracotta Warriors pit Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum in the east side about 1 kilometer and a half, has made one, two, three pit III. Pit is found by local farmers drilling, after drilling has found two, on the 3rd hole. Pit largest, from east to west 230 meters, 612 meters wide with a total area of ​​14,260 square meters. In this pit buried some 6,000 life-size terracotta figures, has been cleared of more than 1,000. Body found such a large number of so many, so realistic modeling of figurines in the ground, it is an incredible thing.


- "Soldiers" look different -

These terracotta warriors and horses of high value in art history. Terracotta Warriors and Horses of shape, is based on real life and creation, artistic delicate and crisp. Figurines dress, demeanor is different. Light hair style, there are many kinds of gestures are different, facial expression is different demeanor. From their dress, facial expressions and gestures can determine is the official or soldier, infantry or cavalry. There are battle-hardened veterans long beard, but also young people early on the battlefield. Height of 1.96 meters generals figurines, towering upright, lost in thought, bursting with determination mighty look. That warrior figurines, head slightly raised, eyes looking straight ahead, but with a somewhat high-spirited emotional look childish. That wearing armor, the right hand spear, left by car warrior, gesture of showing that he is defending Chester figurines. In short, the figurines have distinct characteristics of the times of strong personality. These terracotta sculpture is a treasure trove of art, to add luster to the splendid ancient culture of the Chinese nation, but also to the world of art history complement a glorious page. Terracotta Warriors pit unearthed bronze weapons, sword, spear, halberd, a machete and a large number of crossbow, arrows and so on. According to laboratory data indicate that these copper-tin alloy chromium weapons after treatment, although buried in the earth two thousand years, the blade is still sharp, shiny, show that at that time already had a very high metallurgical technique can be regarded as the world's history of metallurgy miracle.

Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses offers a wealth of physical data for the study of the Qin Dynasty military, cultural and economic. Its excavation known as "one of the great archaeological discoveries in the history of the twentieth century." December 1987, UNESCO has been the mausoleum (including Qin barrel pit) inscribed on the World Heritage list. It is understood that, with the support of central and local governments, plans to invest two hundred million yuan Terracotta Museum carried out the second phase expansion project.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses into the hall, you will be amazed as two thousand years ago this underground army endless, they take up arms and military capacity of rigorous, take a man introduced between magnificent, a mysterious magic trance horses neighing, history fierce battle imminent screen. This is the great charm of classical realism, he buried an important page in the history of two thousand years of Chinese art to the world to show, in a way described as "no man has gone before, could be seen to" the mysterious chapter.

Terracotta Warriors in ancient China's art treasures, is the perfect embodiment of the Qin Dynasty realistic art, body tall, well-proportioned, vivid, realistic expression, can be described as thousands of thousand faces, lifelike. Magnificent military array, then reproduce the Qin Shi Huang unified China for the completion of the great cause and show of military medals and military might. It is called an A Unique pearl, because it has a thousand years ago the Qin Empire Xiongbing. A composition of more than 7,000 terracotta warriors and horses of the magnificent underground military array and the global attention, shocked the world. Terracotta Warriors and Horses has a distinct personality of the Qiang Lie characteristics of the times. These terracotta sculpture is a treasure trove of art, add luster to the splendid ancient culture of the Chinese nation, but also to the world of art history complement a glorious page.

Three kinds of attire terracotta warriors

- three kinds of terracotta dress -

Tourism attractions in the index


Largest rectangular, is a white to tanks and the main force infantry array. Opening in 1979, 210 meters long, 62 meters wide, 4.5 meters deep from the original surface --6.5 meters, an area of ​​14,260 square meters. There are 10 pit width 2.5 meters ramming wall, south and north Miankuo 9, in a pattern around the circumference of the corridors. Now excavations have unearthed more than 1000 pottery figurines, chariots 8, 32 pottery horses, all kinds of bronze nearly ten thousand pieces. According to the arrangement density of unearthed warriors were buried Terracotta Army Pit estimate of more than 6000. A top railing, easternmost 3 infantry figurines facing east, each column 68, a forward military array; followed by infantry fighting vehicles and white columns 38 constituting the passage military array body; figurines pit north and south sides and have a westernmost respectively, facing south, north and west side of the horizontal teams, the military wing guard and front guard. A good 2,000 years ago the ancient army array, they take up arms and military capacity of rigorous, imposing, overwhelming a sudden, you feel the history of the disappearance of distance, a mysterious force that you put into Hansha thunder, war car neighing of ancient battlefield, is "not before the ancients, could be seen to."


Pit in the north, plane slightly L-shaped, found in 1976, located on the north side of Pit about 20 meters, is the essence of Terracotta pit, Pit findings uncover the mystery of the ancient military array. What the strengths of 96 meters, 84 meters at its widest point from north to south, about 5 meters deep, covering an area of ​​about 6,000 square meters, four units: the first unit that is east of the highlighting in part by kneeling and standing bow Nu Nu warriors who composed ; second unit i.e. the southern half of figurines pit composed Sima chariot chariots square; i.e., the third unit only binding figurines pit middle car, the car long square, step, preparation of mixed composition cavalry figurines; fourth unit i.e. figurines the northern half of the pit by the large number of long cavalry square. Four organic matrix composition, a chariot, cavalry soldiers dull mixed grouping, into can attack. Retreat can defend, thorough, orderly, impeccable.

3rd hole

In the Northwest Pit, into a concave shape, warriors lined sanitation formation according to the arrangement, a symbol of ancient military tent, military array is a chain of command. 1976 found open in 1987, the smallest, 25 meters away from the Pit, about 120 meters east of Pit, three pit was "goods" -shaped arrangement. It is east-west width 17.6 meters, 21.4 meters long from north to south, flat structure "concave" shaped, deep 5.2--5.4 meters, an area of ​​524 square meters, equivalent to only 3.6% Pit area, 6.7 percent Pit area.

Bronzes Chariots Hall

December 1980 in the west of the mausoleum 20 meters excavated two large stained-copper car ride. Restored after October 1, 1983 External display. Two four-horse riding are single House. Assembled from the size of 3400 parts. Wherein II truck 3.17 m long, 1.06 m high, 65-67 cm high copper horse, length 1.2 m, the total weight of 1234 kg. The body is cast in bronze, gold and silver ornaments traveling 1720, with a total weight of 7 kg gold and silver. Fine craftsmanship, modeling realistic, is China's earliest era relics, driving with the most complete, highest level, making the most of fine bronze treasures, is the world's greatest archaeological finds of bronze.

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