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Xi'an photographic journey through the history of the humanities to find the beauty in Xi'an

OHTN2017-10-23Wes lee
I loved the city, loved the city bit by bit. A have free time I would walk around like this. Place on to a bowl of hot steamed morning bite, full of energy waves Xi'an. First look at the high courtyard where people live in third overall, go take a bell t

I loved the city, loved the city bit by bit. A have free time I would walk around like this. Place on to a bowl of hot steamed morning bite, full of energy waves Xi'an. First look at the high courtyard where people live in third overall, go take a bell tower and Town God's Temple to burn incense months, lap bike ride to the wall. Noon, eat and drink a thrill of climbing Cold Hamburger, Big Wild Goose Pagoda to see a fountain. And then went to Tang Paradise, and then to the Tang City for dinner, go near the pool about a sister. To blanket the night, wandering around in Datang. This day ye talk blanket.

Second place and the second high Courtyard House

High Courtyard

- High Courtyard -

China and Norway by the two countries focus on protecting historic district projects, traditional residential building typical --- Beiyuanmen Shaanxi Area Code 144 Takaoka Song House (High Courtyard) is open for visitors. Here you can experience a variety of cultures to show the form of Shaanxi paper cutting, shadow play and so on.

This is located in downtown Xi'an North courtyard was built in the courtyard of the high Chong, 1966, high Courtyard was nationalized. In 1999, this compound is listed as Norway and China focus on historic district protection projects, investment in the two countries and Norway, to the more serious part of the damage was renovated. In 2001, this residence is Municipal People's government announced the second batch of city-level key cultural relics protection units, and access to the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Conservation Award in 2002. In 2003, the Xi'an Chinese Painting Institute of High Courtyard was perfect protective repairs, and were mining and development of cultural tourism, showing architecture Ming and Qing Dynasties, home, brick ornamental aspects of art from Chinese and foreign tourists as well traditional houses couplets; has been shown by Tibetan culture from a variety of cultural and artistic production of Buddhist Thangka art form, Shaanxi folk paper-cut style, shadow play, puppetry and dance and other Han and Tang Dynasties.

Photographer favorite Xi'an Bell Tower building one

Clock Tower

- Bell Tower -

Xi'an is the country's military and political center of the Ming Dynasty, Xi'an Bell Tower in terms of construction, size, historical value or artistic value measure all aspects, both ranking the highest in the same building of the country. Xi'an Bell Tower is one of the most beloved architectural photographer.

Campanile built on a square base, brick and wood, heavy floor, three eaves, save the top corners of the form, the total 36 meters high, 8.6 meters high base, 35.5 m long on each side, an area of ​​about 1377.4 square meters, there are stairs circled. On the eaves covered with dark green glazed tile, paste the building painted, carved beams and painted rafters, topped with gilt ding, magnificent. It is the center of radiation to the east, south, west, north four street and were in contact with the city wall, east, south, west, north four.

Clock Tower was built in the Ming Zhu Yuanzhang Hong Wu seventeen years (AD 1384), due to an iron bell hanging upstairs named. When first built, the address in this Guangji corner, and tower confrontation. Wanli Emperor Wanli ten years (1582) presided over by the security patrol messengers Gong Xian, the overall migration bell tower earlier this address. Clock Tower was typical architectural style of the Ming Dynasty, eaves brackets, save the towering top, slightly at the eaves, magnificent stately.

Shaanxi cuisine Drum Tower entrance

Drum Night

- Drum Tower Night -

Drum Tower Drum Tower is the existence of China's largest, is located in the southern end of the city of Xi'an West Street north courtyard of the East and the clock tower sea. Drum Tower was built in the Ming Zhu Yuanzhang Hongwu 10 years, thirty-eight years of Qing Emperor Kangxi and Qianlong years rebuilt twice. Upstairs side of the original giant drum, drum daily timekeeping, so called "Drum." Shaanxi Drum north is the famous snack street - Muslim Street. Drum can be described as the entrance Shaanxi cuisine.

Drum Tower across the street on the north courtyard. Drum and Bell Tower is a pair of twin brothers, are only a half years, we embraced each other, as the ancient city of grace. Drum Tower is Hongwu thirteen years (AD 1380) built in, than the original bell tower was built as early as 4 years. House base area than the base clock tower building large 738.55 square meters, pass 34 meters high, as much as Xiong Jie beautiful bell tower. Ancient upstairs hanging bass drum, drumming city-wide strike, said the Drum Tower in the evening.

Why are you coming Temple

Town God's Temple

- Town God's Temple -

Town God's Temple in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, Xi'an West Main Street is one of the only two Taoist temple in the city, but also the protection of the state. 600 years, though after the vicissitudes of life, but still magnificent. Built during the Hongwu twenty years (1387), at the East Gate site within Jiuyao Street, Xuande eight years (1432) moved to build its present site, it was one of the three major world Temple, northwestern province of Cheng Huang govern the number, so "the Town God's Temple." Zeng Qing Dynasty corps repeatedly destroyed. Temple hospital scale, two major points temple and monastery courtyard, the only remaining Qing Emperor Yongzheng reign (1723) rebuilt a hall, eaves brackets, like the majestic view, topping glazed tiles, doors and windows of various Qian Yan fan grid relief design patterns, carving fine, fine pattern, the original plastic stand with a hall Cheng Huang, judge, and the like as kid. There are famous on its gate a plaque that reads "You come yet" four characters.

The best preserved city wall in Xi'an city wall in the world

Xi'an City Wall

- Xi'an City Wall -

Xi'an City area is located in the central area of ​​Xi'an, rectangular, wall 12 meters high, 18 m wide at the bottom, top width of 15 m, 2590 m long east wall, west wall 2631.2 m long, south wall 3441.6 m long, 3,241 m long north wall The total Zhou Chang 11.9 kilometers. There are four gates: Changle Gate East, West Andingmen, South Yongning Gate, North Gate Anyuan. Xi'an city wall is based on the Tang Imperial City built. Entirely around the "defense" strategy system, the thickness is greater than the height of the walls, solid as a mountain, sports cars and top of the wall can be drilled. Existing walls built in the Ming Hong Wu seven to eleven years (1374-1378), has been 600 years of history, is one of the most famous late medieval wall construction in Chinese history, China is the most complete ancient city wall of the building.

A symbol of Xi'an Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Da-Yan Tower

--Da-Yan Tower--

Big Wild Goose Pagoda, also known as Great Mercy Temple, located in the southern suburbs of Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China Great Mercy Temple. Grace Temple is located in the west because of the hospital, formerly known as Big Wild Goose Pagoda Jionji West Temple Buddha (Buddha that is the meaning of the tower). China's Tang Dynasty Buddhist architectural masterpiece.

Wild Goose is pavilion-style pagoda, 64.5 m-high tower, the tower is seven, tower takes the shape of a square pyramid, formed by the bay wood structure, bottom down proportionally. The tower has wooden ladder can pan and on board. Each of openings each surrounded by an arch, you can Pinglan overlooking. The whole building great boldness of vision, modeling Jian Jie steady, modest in proportion, Gu Pu solemn style, is relatively well-preserved pavilion-style tower. In the tower overlooking the ancient city of Xi'an.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an landmarks and famous monuments, is a symbol of the ancient city of Xi'an. Therefore, Xi'an central emblem drawn is this famous ancient tower.

Back to the Tang dynasty Tang Paradise

Datang Furong Garden

--Datang Furong Garden--

The whole garden is divided into twelve cultural landscape subject areas, in terms of the emperor, poetry, folk, diet, female, tea culture, religion, science, diplomacy, imperial, dance, door features a full range reproduction of the Tang dynasty splendid civilization . Garden pavilions, richly ornamented, including Ziyun floor, Ladies Pavilion, Royal Palace Banquet, Lim Court, Fengming nine days theaters, apricot, Lu Yu Teahouse, Tang City and many other attractions. Park attractions staged daily variety of exciting programs, including pray day encouraged to "teach Square Dance" court show, "Yan Ying Seduction" fashion show, Shaolin martial arts, lion dance, stilts and acrobatics. Night staged the world's largest water screen movie, set to music fountain, laser, flame, mines, water mist as a whole, give visitors the feeling of three-dimensional shock. Dream big theme park performance poetry and music drama "Dreaming Datang" magnificent atmosphere, and dream are magic, has been invited to perform in Singapore, by the Singapore President SR Nathan, Prime Minister Li Xianlong and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and cordially received strong praise. During the holidays, there are a variety of themed events occasion, surprise you joy 365 days. Tang Paradise with its unique charm and unparalleled historical position as the descendants of the ancestral roots Dream of cultural and spiritual homeland heavy Wensheng Shi, it will take you to the only Chinese Tang Dynasty cultural tours. Tang Tang Paradise City also opened this year, Tang big city can be recovered PROJECTILES.

Xi'an retreat near the pool

Near the pool

- near the pool -

China's famous scenic spot in the Tang Dynasty, Chang'an City in the southeast corner, because the water turns its name. Qin Kai said here in Africa, and have built palace called "Yichun Court", the Han Dynasty here Kaiqu, repair "after the Yichun Court" and "Le Tour Court." Sui camp when Beijing (Daxing City), Yuwen Kai chisel it for the pool. Emperor Wen said the pool for "Lotus pond", said the Court, as "Paradise." Emperor restore the name "near the pool" when, while Court still name "Paradise." According to records, Emperor lead when Chan water, the yellow drainage from the south of town to inject Qujiang, and build for the Paradise pavilion. Paradise Square occupies a city in the southeast corner of the lot, and highlights outside the city, surrounded by walls, the park a total area of ​​about 2.4 square kilometers. Park near the pool is located west of the water of about 0.7 square kilometers. The whole garden with water features as the main body, a piece of scenery, coastline twists and turns, you can go boating. Pool planting lotus, iris and other aquatic plants. Pavilion floor Diange looming between the flowers and trees. Tang Dynasty Chang'an spots near the pool as a regular open, people can have fun, to neutralize the (first day lunar month), on Pat (March the third) height; Zhongyuan (July 15), the Double Ninth Festival (September 9) and (at the end of a day) monthly dark day is also very busy. Now site is still in the pool, garden facilities have been obliterated.

Now rebuilt on North Lake (Hibiscus pool) and the site of Tang Paradise in Nanhu Park pool near the site of the reconstruction has been completed, near the pool reproduce the old style.

Most unusual beauty Datang Datang Night


- Datang -

Datang landscape Avenue is the central axis of a 1500 meters running north and south of the central sculpture landscape pedestrian street, on the distribution of Wang Sheng Shidi, historical figures, heroic stories, classic works of art and other topics nine sculptures, three-dimensional display of the Tang Empire in religion , supreme position in the field of literature, art, science and technology and to highlight the major powers weather. Dynasty monument is never sleeps landmark sculpture by Li Shimin saddle that subsidiary sculpture composition and surrounding composition: intermediate, Li Shimin powerful endspan high horse's get started, shaking the reins to be before it is too late lines, high-spirited; around trumpeter bearer half and half 24 man honor guard, drummer 2 and 3 each Wenchen closely hand in hand. Monument frontal body sculpture "Golden Years" words, back to Zhen Guan list of hundreds of words. According to the deputy director of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Institute, Professor Duan Kang introduced, the monument is that he and his creative team combines elements of sculpture Tang Dynasty and Western monumental sculpture creative approach carefully created to reflect the Tang Empire Li Shimin Wenzhiwugong pomp and prosperity. Monument body polish granite a warm yellow, and mounts the Li Shimin cast from bronze. Sculpture main north to south 36 meters, 18 meters north-south width, total height of 17.95 m, a total weight of about 8-10 tons. Asia's largest landscape Avenue transformation is complete, with Li Shimin, Li Longji, Empress Wu, Xuan Zang and other generation emperor, historical figures, heroic stories of heroes theme Datang sculpture spectrum to nine sculptures and a modern system of water features, lighting systems, three-dimensional the perfect combination of transportation systems, multi-dimensional reproduction Sheng Tang Fengfan. With Xi'an Concert Hall, Qujiang Museum, the grand opening Qujiang film city three major cultural venues, most unusual US debut Datang sculpture landscape pedestrian street in Asia, Xi'an new music exchange and other large urban commercial complex fully opened.

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