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Xi'an cuisine sour soup dumplings

OHTN2017-10-21Wes lee

Xi'an city, selling sour soup dumplings with noodles in Lanzhou, Lanzhou city to sell as much. Outsiders as long as a turn in the streets, you see, also the smell. Many sell sour soup dumplings have signs, even write a few words only crooked white with red, but big, so visible. Even without signs, mostly under the dumplings boiling water pot on the front of the store, but also often otherwise a steaming, fragrant hot and sour soup pot, so the only visible, but also the smell.

Sour soup dumplings

Sour soup dumplings, as the name suggests, in your sour soup. But dumplings is good. Large meat, sheep meat, seafood stuffing, has to sheep meat most popular. General handmade, are pinched and sold. Pay attention to filling large thin meat. It is basically a meatball. When kneading hands together, two thumbs inside a squeeze, that the dumplings were pimple-like lace. So also called lamb pimple, a large lump of meat. There is also a saying, called the dumplings is a matter of recent years, locals originally called the lump dumplings, Xi'an Hu County belongs to a kind of local snacks, called the big meat spiced lump, lump that is dumplings.

Xi'an night market in recent years, particularly hot, sour soup dumplings on a special night market is also booming. Look at the bowl of soup, very very red oil, smell a glance is very spicy very sour, taste one more body will sweat out of every pore, spicy sour you have to play around your tongue. People will say: "The old Shan was so sour to eat spicy food?" "Strange, talking about eating sour, people will think of Shanxi, when it comes to spicy food, people will think of Hunan, Shaanxi and very few people think of Qi. I do not know, eat on acid, Qin Jin rude; on spicy food, old Shaanxi is that "not afraid of spicy, spicy afraid, not afraid of spicy," the three factions in the "fear of not spicy" faction.

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