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Xi'an souvenirs hand weaving cloth

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South Zhenyuan village is located southeast of the town can be, Westwood 1 km south of the Northern Line, adjacent to the Changning, two townships south of benevolence, the village has 376 households six groups of villagers, more than 1900 people, farmland area 2400 mu. In 2006 my village was identified Xianyang City "One Village One Product" model village construction, attach great importance to leaders at all levels of provincial, city, county and support, through the joint efforts of the town and village cadres and the masses, South Village, can be hand-woven industry has formed a large-scale production, industrial management of a good pattern.

Wu Gongnan can hand-woven

- hand weaving cloth -

South can be hand-weaving village from April 2006 to begin development organization has nearly 300 households, more than 70% of the total number of households, the annual production of more than 20,000 sheets, with a total revenue of 600 million yuan, more than in the village 70% of total economic income. Hand-weaving village has become a leading industry, development prospects. At present, the products have been sold to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, Shaanxi outward Recommend precious gift.

Wu Gongnan can hand-woven

- hand weaving cloth -

In the Yangling Agricultural High fourteenth meeting held in November 2006, South Village, 50 looms can live demonstrations, and sometimes made a sensational effect. South can be hand-weaving village has been recognized by our customers, an avalanche of orders, product demand. At present, the co-production of bed linen, jewelry, scarves exported to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other regions and countries. Hand-woven linen and jewelry has become a precious gift of Shaanxi provincial and municipal leaders to push outward.

In order to further expand the scale and efficiency of hand-weaving industry, Murakami set up a "martial arts County, South Village, can be hand-weaving cooperatives", established a cooperative organization and laws of the society. Improve the information network construction agriculture and farmers technical training base construction, continue to strengthen the knowledge economy mass market education and technical training, the hand workshop-based processing model into the company + association + farmers modes of production, formation of special industries, and take the initiative to contact Xianyang Soviet painting company increased technological innovation and promotional packaging of the product, can improve hand-woven south of visibility. South Village may now develop a detailed development plans and goals. It estimated that by 2010, the total number of weaving machines will reach 900, the annual production of 40,000 sheets. Annual output value of 12 million yuan, rural per capita net income reached 5,000 yuan, martial arts have become successful experience of "One Village One Product" professional model village.

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