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Xi'an souvenirs ancient monument rubbing

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Xi'an Beilin collection of the Han, Wei, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties stele total of more than 2300, it is a vibrant place name of the monument calligraphy in China. Xi'an stele rubbings including Yen Chen, "Tang pagoda monument sense," Liu public rights of "Don occult tower monument," as well as works rubbings Ouyang Xun, Chu Sui-liang, Huai Su and other large calligrapher.

Monument rubbings

Rubbing is an important record carrier of Chinese culture. Where history, geography, politics, economy, military, ethnic, folklore, literature, art, science, architecture and so can find useful material. Generalized rice paper rubbings is to the surface of objects kept in the ink rubbing to record patterns and text, number, rich in content can be described as all-inclusive, such as bones bronze, stone epitaphs, Cliff, coins portraits. Rubbing mainly refers to narrow Beituo. Many have lost damaged inscriptions, due to rubbings handed down, to feel the original inscriptions of content and style, such as the Han, "Mount Hua Temple Stele", the Northern Wei Dynasty, "Zhang Xuan Epitaph", Soochow "Tianfa God Prophecy monument" and Tang Liugong rights "Song extension Shence Jun monument "and so on are all existing copies. If there is no rubbings, Lushan will be difficult to see the true capacity, then into "puzzle."

Late Tang Zhangyan far in the "art history in mind," Volume II "On Painting, work with, Rio write" wrote: "good home to home rice paper one hundred, use wax to prepare depict (Gu has rubbings magic bullet) ancient. Hershey Tinto painting, ten have seven eight pens look without losing track. rubbings also Yufu, that the official extension. Guochao stock, Hanlin, Mandarin, Mige, Rio write stopped working. when Cheng Ping of this Road even line, after a difficult, Adams spent getting things, so it was a very good extension of this person, the appropriate treasure. can hope it authentic, they have to stay for the validation. "this shows that long before the Tang Dynasty calligraphy rubbings the art has been quite low, and there are a number of part-time official institutions Tinto written.

In ancient times, rubbing skills due to the higher degree of difficulty, demanding, in Chinese culture is still a traditional craft. Chinese rubbings skill points south, north two factions, sent under another branch line. The ancient stone rubbings of calligraphy works mostly in the form of presence in the world. Since the Song Dynasty, "North South quote monument" simply summarizes the main differences between the north and south factions. Southern Pine focused on Calligraphy (ink calligraphy), the North sent the focus of stelae (stone calligraphy). Five random faction in north and south China for political reasons during the isolate, the South sent before and after the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Liu Song, Southern Qi, Liang, Chen five dynasties, after the North sent Zhao, Former Yan, Former Qin, Northern Wei, Eastern Wei, Northern Qi Dynasty, Northern Zhou , the same strain Sui, Tang and Song to two School in the status quo. South sent to the Soviet Union sent as a representative, Jin Chungang is Supai techniques on behalf of the master.

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