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Chang'an wangqu Temple ritual and folk festivals

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Wangqu Temple is dedicated to the general discipline under the command of the Han Dynasty Liu Bang letter. "Historical Xiang Yu Ji" describes Ji letter twice saved Liu Bang, Xiang Yu was killed, Liu Bang consequent is called "to Wong." "Moon" two Em

Wangqu Temple is dedicated to the general discipline under the command of the Han Dynasty Liu Bang letter. "Historical Xiang Yu Ji" describes Ji letter twice saved Liu Bang, Xiang Yu was killed, Liu Bang consequent is called "to Wong." "Moon" two Emperor times, in order to conform to the people, strengthen the rule, ordered "the Emperor" temple to "Cheng Huang" temple, dedicated to the discipline letter also made changes to the City God Emperor God, not only continue to preside over the netherworld of things, became the patron saint of the Western Han Chang'an City. And later the emperor called "total Cheng Huang", the temple is also always the Temple. Accept the sacrifice of the people listed in the country from "distribution zone".

To the Three Kingdoms, Jin, Northern and Southern war period, with the passage of time, coupled with the folk legends of apparitions Cheng Huang gradually spread, Cheng Huang faith has been strengthened, wangqu City God been constant attention, the festival continues to thrive.

Wang Chang Qu Temple worship and temple

When entering the Tang Dynasty, the country can recuperate and enjoy the halcyon days of the time, Cheng Huang ritual has become common practice, the various state, county generally worship their respective Cheng Huang, local officials regularly suffer droughts or natural disasters in places each year, one of the people on behalf of the City God worship and pray . As Zhang Jiuling says: "Cheng Huang is security, according to Meng Shu is," meaning the city and the city people are dependent on the protection of the City God. Wang Cheng Huang song next to Chang'an City, and even become the object of official public worship, we can imagine that the festival event.

To the founding of the Song Dynasty, City God was officially included Ceremony, becoming one of the gods of worship shall be carried out in accordance with national worship. "? Sung Si record eight" reads: "Since Bao, since Huangyou, ...... counties City God, pray induction, bestowed much, not exhaustive." According to Zhao when "Bin back recorded" record, City God Temple Mitac won thanks to the number or amount knighted as many as ten. Wang Cheng Huang Ji Xin Qu has been called "Zhong Yu An Hangong."

Yuan bestowed as a "secondary Germany Hyeonchungsa Kangji king."

Ming Dynasty, Cheng Huang ushered be fully demonstrated promote the golden age. Because Hong Wu Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang strong elected, Chenghuang faith reached its peak, Wang Cheng Huang song of course attention, is the Ming Dynasty called "loyalty Liehou" enjoy positive Mishina. The festival is more important and grand. Ming, Wang Song Cheng Huang Cheng Huang has been called the total 13 provinces.

Qing Dynasty also Idolization Chi Huang, the former system of eleven analogy.

After the Republic of China so far: According to the locals Zhao Dong Fu said: "Republic of China, February eighth day, eight villages roads wangqu four weeks on the road, surrounded by the same people, like ants from the North Temple, was flat wheat fields of ten ares. there juggler, entertainer, selling plaster, musicians, selling glutinous rice, sesame sell sugar, begging ......, trading hundred lines nothing is there. this piece of green wheat fields trampled like Luzhou run over and then, like the wheat field peasant household farmer says: 'say nothing to worry about, the City God bless us still receive wheat' crowd more and more crowded, not even been washed diffuse large Hao has become a flood of doing business and pilgrims World WANGQU village, north of Sheng village, South village, Sheng hundred eighty children are also sold well water mixed hanging, hanging dry, south of the fort - type Donggou take the springs have become a supplementary source of water. thanks to Hao river for people to face, hands, drink livestock. If the big temple courtyard, dozens of rooms are full of people, wangqu four villages, eight community households, families with free place, are also provided free of charge to pilgrims whole stay. temple Busch in the closing of a dozen wooden table, squeeze Full of people, after the table stood several dozen big vat, only to hear the management accounts of people sang: 'Wuhu, Anhui Li Er Shen lay five pounds ...... Busch edible vegetable oil, edible vegetable oil Henan Kaifeng Moumou pilgrims donate two half kilogram' .. after two days of light received twenty seven Busch Petrol urn "Zhao Dong Fu said:" before the hall dozens censer, shelf was filled with wax candles, not to pilgrims in front of the local draw punctuate on incense, worship place, simply put some pilgrims brought incense thrown all the way to the front of the hall set up in the cupola burnt, burning paper smoke filled the boil; coupled with bells, noisy sound, pairs sound of drums from around send incense, if the a large temple courtyard as much noise as the boiling pot churn the hustle and bustle. this is over, can be hard on the temple courtyard dozens of Tong Road, dozens of piled mound of incense mounted gray, they clean enough to lift only ten and a half of "According to local village officials say:! liberated, due to the construction of Xi'an communication Institute, former wangqu Temple was destroyed, after a priest take a small hut in the South to save his communication Institute the Temple of the root clock. After the "Cultural Revolution", the beginning of reform and opening up, the local villagers spontaneous fundraiser to raise before the removal of small huts, built three main hall so far. Wangqu town cadres Zhang said: Since the reform and opening up, the local government is very concerned about the construction and development wangqu Temple. Eighth annual Lunar New Year in February, the town government must send someone to organize and coordinate temple ritual activities, will continue to support the people recover Cheng Huang festival. Now conducted annually, and the increasing scale of the impact is more extensive.

The main activity line

1, ritual way: the ritual Cheng Huang, first select the highly respected "Jiguan 'to ritual. There ritual ceremonies were (also known as a concierge) master of ceremonies, the deacon Christine read the oration, declared chenghuang for people to bring well-being of the people gratitude, before it caused the sacrifice sincerity, and that some "financial modest, etiquette rusty, experience the odd glass" like the kind words, and requests continue to bless the gods, then put a sacrifice, according to the memorial service ceremony. Offerings are generally divided into seven categories, each category five, at the order of "earth, sacrifice, divination, fried, sea, dry tree." "Soil" signify "native things", produced mostly soil of the bottom thereof, lily, yams, taro and the like; "sacrifice" five sacrifice sacrifice; "Bu" i.e., snacks and other objects; "bombing" based frying pasta such as cannabis, fruit and other items; "sea" is the abbreviation of seafood such as squid, sea cucumber, etc.; "dry" contains ginkgo, lotus and other nuts food; "tree", compared with other fruits. This is the most common type of offering, in addition, there are "Antiques Festival" (with paintings, antique-based), "seaweed Festival" (all seafood), "Instrumental Festival" (music composed eight) and other form, mostly by the Royal Evolution from Fiesta. "Swing festival" has become the focus of worship ceremony in the City God the people most concerned about, but also embodies the cultural quality of the villagers and village comprehensive strength. There is a legal case before the sacrifice, Chen Cheng Huang tablets, India Yuxi, four treasures, check books and other objects, the front decorated with incense, candle holders and a donation box for men and women offering Baina Gong. Another deacon number of people and so on, offering merit in mind, with the distribution of "air" in red silk, to show grace is wide. After that, people pull to sacrifice a sheep, then splashed with boiling water to boiling to a sheep, or two, if the sheep body shake, it shows the City God has to take delivery of the worship of the people, riding a crane Xianyou go.

2, total sacrifice in the Temple were, its quaint magnificent temple architecture, large-scale, more than 460 meters from east to west, north to south over 320 meters, covers an area of ​​221 acres, can accommodate thousands of people worship, in the past as well as rooms for men and women in other provinces Temple held worship activities. The temple has a north-south length of 19 meters, 18 meters high building is very tall and majestic, beautifully carved wall to avoid the water god, the god of water beads have to avoid one, can stop Hao rushed into the river in the Temple folk legend.

3, the temple: in addition to the usual festival, the eighth lunar month every year, people from all parts Ji letter to commemorate the birth, the total came to wangqu Temple, Ji Xin sacrifice, in order to achieve the blessing of Cheng Huang. Due to large-scale, local merchants also take came here to do business, and gradually form a massive temple, there is drama, juggling, percussion all over, the fire agency and martial arts and other folk art performances on the temple, welcomed by the general public.

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