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Xi'an Zhouzhi Erqu etiquette

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Erqu etiquette which arises during the early Qing social change, he is Mr. two high integrity and "self-taught, self-esteem, self-reliance" is reflected in the quality of etiquette. Mr. two hated society at that time "no shame, no ethics," "those in

Erqu etiquette which arises during the early Qing social change, he is Mr. two high integrity and "self-taught, self-esteem, self-reliance" is reflected in the quality of etiquette. Mr. two hated society at that time "no shame, no ethics," "those in power" moral turpitude ills. That "Wisdom and Faith" natural high quality nature of the loss, even to the "violation of good birds near" the point, which should be moral etiquette training. He emphasized that the rituals as the code of conduct, and to salute a man unite in order to achieve "Ming salvation." Whenever you line two etiquette, you will naturally go to "repent", "practice is essential ritual practice," the stringent requirements of their position.

Two etiquette, fully reflects off of scholars mainly ceremonial practice areas, as well as "heavy ethics self-cultivation", "the actual, practical weight, re-gift Law" and other features. He attached importance to let students off school icon learn by "etiquette" in the ceremony, according to a board down the pitch Code system. He wrote, "elegiac" and other Rebun, scholar and off as ideological essence, simple language, with a distinctive off school characteristics.

Two etiquette, as his doctrine as "chief financial and bag, absorbing" in the tradition of the ritual basis, but also to absorb new ideas factors, concise, through valleys suitable for ordinary people loved.

In the Qing Dynasty ritual, it has been developed to its peak. Two rituals, the focus of the exhibit "elegant" feature. Sacrifice must be complete Lane Bi Jing, mind focused, showing a "sacrifice as in" solemn atmosphere, "mailer to material, said with propriety, Ann them with music," etiquette, lifting behavior, there are Lai Road, manners there are degrees, orderly, accompaniment of ancient music, ancient and tone, Wen Ming and elegant.

Two etiquette, after 300 years, it spread mainly among the people. Rural people's homes wedding, birthday, funeral, the third anniversary, worship, temple fairs, festivals and other activities, we should salute, and integrates with folk customs, and become simple and elegant, dignified and suitable for the masses to welcome the new fashion, to promote social harmony and progress Wen Ming.

Historical origins of two manners

"Ritual" in ancient China is a very broad concept, its meaning is very complicated. It is a "ritual that blessing", "provides a general term rules of social behavior, norms, rituals." But narrow to solve, the ceremony can be used as courtesy, etiquette, propriety generic term, refers to the interpersonal, social, and international inter the communication process, should have expressed mutual respect, goodwill and friendly norms of behavior.

The "ritual" is a generic term and the ritual, the two meanings it itself has inherent "gift" and external "instrument." Eli is the essence of the instrument, and the instrument is the phenomenon ceremony. Only the perfect combination of instruments and ritual, the ritual is complete. Two etiquette, it is two ideological and mass culture product of the combination.

Two doctrines and their spiritual source of etiquette, from the bottom of Confucius, Mencius were in, based on land (nine deep), King (Tan Siu Lin), and Longchamp (Hao), Zhu (Xi), inheritance Guan Xue (Zhang Zai) "Etiquette teaching" tradition, emphasis on "statecraft", while not without Buddhism and Taoism factors, absorbing. He advocated "Poor Richard extension of knowledge" to Ming, "real repair empirical" in order to apply the so-called "View of Application." And stressed that research "ritual", "courtesy" as the criterion gentleman behavior.

Lee two, seized the seven years (AD 1627) born, forty-four years of Qing Emperor Kangxi (AD 1705) and death, name spade, word Zhongfu, number two. Zhouzhi County west of people, young poor family, unable to go to school, in the mother's education, people borrow books to study, thanks to their strenuously, "hard masterpiece, without a teacher made" a commitment to early Qing Moral Education the famous thinker. The progressive trend in society in the early Qing Ming is not to advocate "repent", "View of Application", "sufficient food polite" and become one of the words. And "Huang Zongxi Zhejiang, Hebei Sun Qifeng" with the famous, the Bank said, "at home and three Mingru." Emperor Kangxi thanks to the amount "off Daru", and personally set the book "Chi exercise Gao Jie" side of the plaque, to Mr two.

Lee two for "I do not know Bianchen loyalty, and rushed around, Yaozei I do not know the right way, and wantonly rampant, foreign wantonly rampant greed, gentrification running became common" social ills, and since Song Ming, the Chapters of Confucianism as a simple science, the stream to float the word, as well as talk Mind, swim talk rootless bad style, reflect on Confucianism, Confucianism criticized aristocratic, autocratic tendency to restore the traditional Confucian "statecraft", "Kang Ji stars," the fine tradition and the basic purpose of advocating "View of Application", that "repent", "All men can Yao and Shun" doctrine. He set an example, the implementation of the civilian population of Confucianism, emphasis on "moral virtue, not a indecent assault", "to the ceremony as teaching", hope their polite, completed its "save the people being" to achieve "sufficient food polite" social ideal.

Qing Dynasty, is the creation of two ceremonial periods, mainly by two essays Mr. etiquette guide, words and deeds, to teach his disciples and Mingru, gentleman, scholar, the "two etiquette" to promote urban and rural. At that time, do it from the ceremony, the concierge can afford not many people. Encounter marriage, birthday, funeral, weddings and funerals and other ritual, do it from the ceremony, fashion show and a big all rich and powerful family. In order to make "two etiquette" took norms elegant, each spring and concierge famous all over the county, the county should be to converge two by Mr. guidance, through presentations, Exhaust, unified Lai Road, unified music, the ceremony Le took regularization. The rise of two manners, thanks to the then magistrate Luo Zhonglin weeks of attention. He is a courteous, attention to cultural, ethical code, understand the feelings of a good magistrate.

Not clear, by the Sun "nationalism, democracy and livelihood" Three People's Principles of new ideas. In 1912, Nanjing Pro

Government explicitly remove worship ceremony in the Confucius Temple, the diverted bowed three times. Also announced the abolition of the practice of worshiping and other social old-fashioned courtesy, mainly diverted bow. Therefore, as the two old-fashioned etiquette etiquette will inevitably be a great impact. But in private, due to the impact of the new trend of democracy, as dignified and elegant two etiquette but in the vast rural areas to develop.

Zhouzhi County of San Lane Liu Xixian learn etiquette are two successors, early schooling in Guanzhong College, and later studied with Zhang Guo Xingping fast, inexpensive trillion cattle Lantian Science Academic Affairs. After due since 1905 by the impact of democratic ideas, he has five times by boat from Hankou to Shanghai to learn, buy books, subscribe to Alliance "people", he returned to his hometown, in the county of St. Lane school run from the new school "St. Lane School school ", scholars from more than 50 people. Not only lecture "Four Books", "Five Classics", and the spread of new ideas, to two etiquette inject new content, "Rebun" continues the new trend. During this period, the county where the big village, both Mr. concierge. Temple worship, ritual festivals, weddings and funerals rituals, has been the convention, large and wealthy families held a grand "salute the main point." To commemorate Mr. two, each spring, the county famous concierge converge on two ancestral temple, held a "ceremony will" campaign, etiquette issues related to research, promote etiquette, elegance.

After the liberation, due to the attention of the Government to improve the quality of mass culture, in addition to the liberation of some of the old concierge, he presided over the ritual of some literate farmers in the village, take on the role of concierge, basically to do with a "salute within the village."

In 1966 the Cultural Revolution, two etiquette to bottom, is regarded as the "four olds" get rid of.

After the Third Plenary Session of order out of chaos, two ritual in urban and rural areas, springing, rapid development. A "civilized, compliance etiquette, well bred, promote harmony," the new trend is emerging. Two etiquette has become a grand and elegant, tastes, and fashion into a new agreement vulgar.

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Erqu etiquette which arises during the early Qing social change, he is Mr. two high integrity and "self-taught, self-esteem, self-reliance" is reflected in the quality of etiquette. Mr. two hated society at that time "no shame, no ethics," "those in…