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Xi'an features snack Babao rose mirror cakes

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This cake mirror objects as small as a mirror, but also as a mirror round, thick finger, no gain. Glutinous rice ingredient is finely pulverized, in such a small bamboo mat's toy Longti thin sheet iron, tamped Jiang rice, sprinkle brown sugar, sugar green and yellow, plus finely chopped green their names, a drawer of a drawer pile up like the pagoda-like, there is a treasure spire organ, until the time when steam cooked a punch, giving a long sound, and to the children heard. The author is no less a child luring past the sound, not deterred in the booth side.

Xi'an features snack Babao rose mirror cakes

- Eight Rose Mirror cake -

Stall it, the early years there was an affair of the furnace, where thirty-seven sell wonton when the lug is, the Qing Dynasty poem "Liu Yin Huai under clear day long, the burden also mirrors cake aroma." Put a small stove, set on a steamer, cover the pan with wood, three stacks of Longti placed in the top six, put a river rice, colored accessories, rose sauce or sweet-scented osmanthus sauce, black sesame, walnut and peanut flour mixed with powder sugar, some stress, but also put some dried fruit like raisins, probably some small children like sweets. Tiaozi block hanging wooden sign ahead, write eight Hokyo cake, cake write mirror.

Eight Roses mirror cake

- Eight Rose Mirror cake -

Childhood, and his father in the doorway rain Drum Tower, which has a mirror old man selling cakes, 60s, 70s and older, hair is silver, holding a wooden sign package of plastic bags before pregnant, the rain stopped, the old man carefully open the plastic bags, revealing the words "mirror cake" wooden plaque of two characters, was actually Mr. Yu Youren handwritten, while the father asked to buy a mirror cake aside, the old man on the flight origin Let's talk about this word, and word analysis brush momentum genre, with mirror cake forgot to do. In Xi'an, this is absolutely a lot of hermit. Few minutes, the drawer is already cooked, rice flavor and a touch of honey flavor slowly began to seduce you got into the nose, then the wallet a little hair of a ticket, the old master to come up with two drawers, from the mirror at the top of the cake, plug in the "Y" shaped bamboo. Dipped in their own special sugar, sesame, peanuts. Took the hands, bit off half years, I just feel rosin creamy, honey can penetrate into the rice to go, sweet but not greasy, light and delicious. Two mirror cake eating ...... Jiabu Zhu would like to discuss the two to eat, Daddy has long been tugging at the collar Lin Zou.

Eight Roses mirror cake

- Eight Rose Mirror cake -

Holds many lessons for the cake stall without mirror affair, and most of these tricycles, carrying these things, easy to walk. I love to eat sweets temperament does not change, each time passing Drum Tower, also have to be that smell again the temptation to buy two parking, but now, although the ingredients more, a bit worse than the previous taste, suggest that if the eat, or fifty cents a traditional style mirror cake, do not want to add the fruit flavors of strange food, the thing, it should not be called mirror cake, perhaps, now eat, in fact, is the memory of the past.

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