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Xi'an snacks Huanggui persimmon cake

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Huang Gui persimmon cake, also known as crystal persimmon cake, the flavor is one kind of food made with persimmon and face. West An Huanggui persimmon cake, with Lintong County production of "fire crystal persimmon" as raw material into. This persimmon is characterized by: peel, orange-red or bright red flesh, small fruits, fruit powder and more, seedless, fleshy dense, juicy, excellent quality.

Xi'an snacks Huanggui persimmon cake 

- Huang Gui persimmon cake -

The origin of Huanggui persimmon cake

Whenever the cool breeze, fragrance of Osmanthus season, Xi'an, Lintong streets, Fanpu share in the first will be a name of popular Huanggui persimmon cake, seasonal snacks. This Huanggui persimmon pie taste good, the shape of Gao and thicker, golden on both sides like the rising sun: pie heart soft like jelly, cinnamon smell smelling far, nearly Gan waxy and delicious food, not only for the young and the old city welcomes news music food, but the majority of tourists attracted foreign eyes, nose, mouth, tasting all Xinxinran feed their families eradicated. At this feast festival also tend to add a Huanggui persimmon cake as a snack meal. People taste the flavor of this ancient city of Xian Te some fine points, I praise, in the heart could not help but ask: how fine point so Carmel is created out of it?

There is a folk legend had this to say, in one day the air is crisp, Hongyan Nan fly day Caozhou Candidates should Huang Chao Chang Chin exam, not the first, and friends came together Qujiang relax poolside. He looked at the dilapidated pavilions, and my heart pondered: three managed to get all kind of satisfaction, or off the list, this is because the royal government corruption, bribery of public row so he thought of himself Changan road from Heze in Shandong to! witnessed the various scenarios: poor people's land royalty eunuch seizing and exhausted, they were famine years, everywhere are starving everywhere, times of hardship tragic scene, it was all due to the political affairs of corruption, dictatorship eunuch emperor was due to be ah! ignoring affairs of state, dissolute and shameless, but also letting eunuchs to the east and west city up usurpations, actually thieves, they are called "Temple City" ...... thus many, he can not help but think of the master, "Luo Pingzai" has remarks said to himself: "if you want to clarify politics, go officialdom road does not work, have to go the other way!" he was not deep to ignore this, and now does seem to be words of wisdom! Walked, suddenly shines, I saw in front of a garden in full bloom with slim Chrysanthemum, can not help but full of pride, casually recite Seven one, called "Daisy":

"Until the autumn to September 8, after the flowers bloom I kill. Cupola Hong array through the Changan, Curse of the Golden Flower."

Huang Chao returned to his hometown Caozhou (now Shandong Cao County North) Shortly after, Shandong, Henan, Hebei and Huaibei area has been suffering from severe drought, scene of utter desolation. Huang Chao people wish to be wide, raised high the banner of righteousness ...... A few years later, the rebels development to fifty or sixty people, and hegemony in three years (AD 880 years) attack Ketang of Luoyang, Tang Cheng-sheng attack Chang's "gateway" Tongguan. At that time the Tang Dynasty Tongguan defenders to emulate when Geshu Han Shih, the moment burning flames in the night, beacon towers along the forward pass by Changan, Tongguan still to report, Chang'an "peace." Chang'an city of Xi were frightened to stand every evening on Xifeng Daming Palace Pavilion overlooking the Li Yuan Temple in the mountains of "peace" war, meditation Coldest Winter in Peking, columns were listed bless, "peace" like the moon and the flames can stars, every day, up from Lishan beacon play! and all the people and the city of Chang'an Lintong and other places, but looking forward to the flames and decay on the top of the hill that Li Tang dynasty with "off"! They anxiously awaiting the "Sky General" Huang Chao early, led by Yijun arrival of some scholars still silent recitation with a "problem chrysanthemum poem" written when Huang Chao teenager:! "Sough westerly filled courtyard planted core cold fragrant cold butterflies difficult to him. If I was to open in a young emperor, newspaper and peach. "looking forward" yellow King "quickly overthrow the Tang Dynasty, all the people from the chill twilight Nuo Di car full of repeated bad thumb juvenile locust blossoms strontium drink? they are also thinking about what Treat yourself to something good team yet.

However, until the flames of extinction, Huang Chao rebel capture of non-stop to Tongguan Changan swiftly, people have not thought anything nice to reward the rebel brothers, it comes just because of famine, people's hearts indescribably anxious: " this the basket for cooked rice food and drink, in order to meet the king of yellow ah! but room without food, lack of silver ah hands! I supposed to do?! "

Any village Lintong County, is the birthplace of fire crystal persimmon, but in summer, autumn two crops are expected harvest, only a fire crystal persimmon tree like what got like Xian Qi, knot too big and complex, sweet like honey sugar, red Sai Manao, have really fond of Sharen. However, any old man looked like the tree covered with red lanterns of persimmon tree, my heart is still not too anxious: "If this beckon from red persimmon turned into rice flour, poultry meat like, you can use Treat the volunteer army, but ...... "then what do noon meal times, his big woman ready to roll surface, blending some wild plants to eat soup noodles, have been dug in the earthen pot again, and not attend add water, Women's stomach has been hungry, and he grabbed a soft thoroughly flayed the fire crystal persimmon is preparing to his mouth, accidentally, persimmon fell into the basin, and coated in flour! woman scared stretch a long tongue, she was afraid to knock out a large pot pipe down, not only did not play the old man who knows any woman a finger, but cried aloud to be good: "With, with tasty food reward volunteers to have the brothers!! "Women are confused Joji Jin Gang scratching their heads; the old man walked Qujian any punches either a sieve, called skinned woman with him, a whole full-screen punches poured into dry flour, knead with persimmon and from surface to, Soon knead into a ball and golden persimmon surface. Persimmon face rub home, however, waitin on the steamer steamed persimmon bread, or to find a long home without a griddle pan roasted persimmon cake Luocheng it, but that only made the father and daughter began to think about committing. Women's water Lingling big eyeball a turn, the first to say: "! I can only see Luocheng persimmon bread, because we did not give persimmon face laced with baking yeast sub-ah" are they going to live acting by the young daughter, so any take the old man to find out the griddle pan to the fire, rubbing from a mass of persimmon surface will stick to the griddle pan edge, a woman laid hold of her large hand and said: "haste to put inside, unleavened dough, and have to give Ao! Grease yard! "but the poor poor family households throughout the year are several collections of salt to it, where to wipe vegetable oil pot wow? Dengdeng Deng saw the woman walked over to the lodge clean cookstoves end to the lamp come after, the lamp edible vegetable oil in the pot to Ao wiped a persimmon bread inside a paste. All of a sudden, a rich sweet smell filling the entire yard, and climb walls, carried by the wind to four weeks neighbors, then people will have to taste and to smell, to any family father and daughter "learn." For a time, either whole village, the whole village Lintong County households have branded opened persimmon bread.

Huang Chao rebel when Lintong County Road rest on any village and the village along with the gift of the people who carried the child persimmon cake, with a bowl full of sweet-scented osmanthus fermented glutinous rice earthen pot, Treat "Yellow King" volunteer army. Huang Chao met with extremely impressed, saying Lintong persimmon bread as a "rebel good food", and ordered the baggage team of half rations points out, all the people relief, but also take the lead took off his yellow robe, to the lack of any old man draped clothing on, under the soldiers also have to follow the yellow king, take off excess clothing or take his Zhou Ji victims of the people. When the re-start drum-ming, Huang Chao hundreds of thousands of rebel soldiers of the dry food bags were filled with sweet and delicious persimmon bread. Rebel Huang Chao after eating cookies that both delicious and anti-hunger, the more enliven the spirit, morale is more exuberant, big bang to attack Chang'an, Xizong panic-stricken, fled to Sichuan to go. When Huang Chao army striker will keep firewood into the territory of Chang'an, Tang Jinwu major general Zhang Zhifang rate of civil and military ministers welcome the surrender of dozens of people in Baqiao. When Huang Chao rate of division into the city of Chang'an, Allure people set up incense table, Chen chrysanthemum, osmanthus and other autumn flowers, lined the streets to greet worship. Fun triumphantly Gui petals floating down the rebel soldiers of the head, shoulders and persimmon bread, fragrant.

The next day, Huang Chao emperor, the country large Qi, gold system reign in the Daming Palace Yuan Temple. People and repeatedly Xuan Yu said:. "Huang king revolted, this for the people, such as non-Lee does not love Rucao (you), but the home Rucao no fear," Xuan Yu is also the repression harm the royal family and the people of corrupt officials and "Amoy was owned by the people" (collection of fugitive emperor nobility and the suppression of property of corrupt officials and give to the poor people) and other decision-making will. And all the people listening to thunderous applause, all the rebel army soldiers listened to more jubilant, they are happy to eat something sweet-scented osmanthus stained persimmon bread, the taste more sweet. After eating, look for the reason, only to find that due to accidental stained Yuxiang scent of osmanthus due. Therefore, when doing persimmon bread, intentionally added Huanggui (end of dry osmanthus), persimmon bread and therefore have called: "Huang Gui persimmon cake."

Huang Gui persimmon cake making method

(1) The half cut pork suet large small square. The green their names, chopped walnuts, 250 grams of flour and take Huanggui sauce, rose sauce stir, then add suet butoxy, sugar, rub, when the various materials blended viscosity occurs, sugar Serve stuffing.

(2) stacking the chopping board 1 kg of flour, intermediate dig a hole. After persimmon stalks exposed skin, in the pit flour, chopped into first paste, and then hand the flour and mix with persimmons, creamy soft dough, and then gradually added to 500 grams of flour, rub into hard dough. The remaining flour dough sprinkled around, Serve persimmon surface.

(3) an agent take persimmon surface (about 50 grams), pat, 15 g of sugar into the package filling, persimmon cake made blank (2 kg flour bread do 80).

(4) The three griddle pan, poured into 50 g of rapeseed oil at the bottom Ao, where Ao flat blank cake. With a shovel inverted and gently press down, cover pan, and baked bake 5-6 minutes, when the bottom surface yellow, and then turned over the surface, was added 25 g of rapeseed oil, bake for 5 minutes until a uniform color on both sides of the fire, Serve.

Features: golden color, surface sticky sweet persimmon, Hong Huang Guifang.

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