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Xi'an Travel Guide Xi'an have to do things

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Next to the Bell and Drum Tower in Xi'an, there are many magnificent restaurants, those splendid and grand, you just look like a real authentic cuisine is hidden in Xi'an Xi'an Street alley, of course, you do not need everywhere in Xi'an to find, just

Delicious taste enough to visit Hui STREET snacks

Xi'an cuisine

Muslim Street Food

Next to the Bell and Drum Tower in Xi'an, there are many magnificent restaurants, those splendid and grand, you just look like a real authentic cuisine is hidden in Xi'an Xi'an Street alley, of course, you do not need everywhere in Xi'an to find, just go to one place - Muslim Street, Xi'an features can Bianchang delicious. Xi'an was undoubtedly the most famous gourmet beef and mutton steamed, Monkey House, with Sheng Hui Street harmony in the home are ringing Laomi old; Cold is a major feature of Xi'an, do not deliberately look for what the restaurant, the streets around Cold store; In addition, eating breakfast paste soup is definitely the first choice, and really delicious Hamburger.

Paste soup

Thick soup has cabbage, carrots and other seasonal vegetables, as well as a lot of meatballs. Meat and vegetables, absolutely nutrition. Eat taste in the mouth, pepper and spices very heavy, very unique. But this is not everyone likes the taste, not necessarily, but it features absolutely first class. It is said here paste soup bowls are sold daily limit, fails to designate. So, in order to satisfy their appetites, we must sacrifice the sleep.

Liu Paomo

Liu steamed bun taste good fried dishes, then stays the stomach also going to try. General sauté steamed dishes at most two mix and match, but here's the kind of material is very rich. One of the onions, garlic flavor quite, but also sprinkled with peanuts when pan, play a finishing touch. At the entry of the kitchen, separated by a glass pane, sitting in the shop you can see the chef raw water from the fire on the inside, very enjoyable.

Jia three soup dumplings

Sheep Street West is located in the western part of Xi'an is one of the largest snack this first names, font size loudest. Into the store, you can see the walls covered with pictures of celebrities, powerful campaign. Here clyster package: "Halal Taeshina, such as thin paper, filling tender Tangxian fragrant juice Sato", also eat very particular.

Now first steaming hot food to obtaining Jervis; second particular technique, at first clamped shut buns with chopsticks, and gently put on, swing around the cage gradually from the bottom pad buns, buns with a spoon hold bitten a small mouth, gently blowing out the sucked soup after the cooler, and then finally dipped adjuvant juice eat dumplings. Although the procedures are complicated, but if you do not do so slowly, it is very easy to be hot soup, it can be said to be "impatient eat soup dumplings." Only slowly enjoy, to taste the slippery filling, delicious soup strong, tough rubber band. Jia three Guantang package store signs in addition to steamed buns, sweet-scented osmanthus rice pudding taste is also very beautiful.

Teika small 酥肉

Snack Street is not all stores are open early in the morning, for example given small crisp meat, every day at eleven o'clock began operating. Yellow small container of a small bowl and crisp meat, the large steam released after a few hours, the oil layer of gold glowing surface of the meat, chunks of meat chunks looming, found outside a dish of meat wrapped in a further thin powder. Bite, tender and delicious, it is not entirely out of modulation with MSG taste. At this time, then the gravy on rice, then pour on this spicy oil, sprinkle with sesame seeds, taste sweet but not spicy. Meat and rice to eat, eat some crooked belly to stop there.

Mirror cake

The glutinous rice flour loaded cage diameter of about six centimeters in size steamed, steamed only a few minutes. Poured out of the cage mirror cake, three centimeters thick, vain and tender, if small round mirror shape, hence the name.

Other snacks

Persimmon cake: Jia Yongxin always a long line in front of the home, because here persimmon cake abnormal attractive. Huang Cheng Cheng, persimmon cake fragrant bright color, and taste sweet but not greasy, and stick to the teeth. The first to go when too full to eat, then went away and eat once, it still food for thought.

Rinse tripe: Located in the small Jia's cold rinse tripe sour plum ramp door, selected tripe big thick, material not only tahini sauce as well as garlic and chop pepper kind of things, eating up the slightest sweet. As long as a waiter with a small jiajiachang, they sent someone in front of you.

Street Snacks: Snacks several dates, walnuts, raisins, Rhesus monkey peach slices, banana slices, honey cakes cool, rose mirror cake, Baiji steamed, salted duck eggs and so on, lined up along the street, shouting voices. All the Hui residents to produce their own, their own trafficking, cheap and also clean.

Bell and Drum Tower to find a corner looking at beauty

Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Square

Eating food, wiped his mouth aftertaste side, rushed to the East Avenue, go to those who have fetters thirteen emperors heart of the Guanzhong woman.

Experienced the rise and decline of 13 dynasties, from the Banpo Wen Ming, during the proud history of the Chinese Western Zhou Dynasty, the Western Han, Sui and Tang are to here as the capital. This makes Xi'an added a lot of sense of superiority. And this sense of superiority and they inherited civilization moisture out of the woman, naturally do not have some charm, has a very unique tradition of the United States. Since ancient times, this land would no lack of beautiful girls, they Neixiu gentle, solemn virtuous, and men hardness and softness. Diao Chan is MIZHI person, concubine Shaanxi Hanzhong people, leaving a "play war lords," the story. There Luo Fu, that who knows the weight so that the walk are stopped eyebrows, country girls immersed in the emotion-laden state of Qin Dynasty.


Xi'an native women have not been fully disseminated a breath of modern Wen Ming. Women's quiet here tranquil, gentle, pleasant, though not every gesture, every utterance can clearly show the temperament to, they can always first make people a moment, then makes you feel a truth and artistically random revealed, the women here are born too lovely, he's gorgeous, like a bunch of newly hatched small stag mountains, timid and shy in the wild with a bold, cynical walking the talk with a smile, completely ignoring urban women's modesty, just vivid to express themselves.

Xi'an emphasis on hot and sour tastes, especially women. Vinegar can be beauty is said to eat more, so a woman's complexion soft white Xi'an. Xi'an woman beauty, but very few people go to the gym pumping iron, most people like aerobics, Mulan fans, but the most simple solution is to rely on dieting to lose weight, relying on food to maintain. Woman's innate beauty is really an asset, while the woman is the ancient city of Xi'an and pet elves, it is a monumental city landscape notoriously! Clock Tower is at the heart of the ancient city, but also shopping and tourist paradise. It is said that someone just had to post statistics will one day see how much beauty in the bell tower, the end result is nothing, because it is, but to see it all.

Listen desolate sounds of opera goods yellow ground


Shaanxi lasting appeal

Eat steamed mutton Xi'an, northwest of spirits products, come listen to opera a bar. Friends said that taste is too Gao Kang opera of Shaanxi people, even if not been to Xi'an, but also to chew the thick of this ancient city in Shaanxi's charm. So go to Xi'an, in addition to pay homage to the beginning of the imperial tombs, visited the terracotta warriors and horses, there are things one must do is to listen to opera. And Xi'an people saying that we must eat steamed drinking spirits, listen to opera, will be able to hear the desolate opera, you will completely fall in love with Xi'an.

Located in the bell tower of yisushe nearly a hundred years of history, it was founded in 1912 by playwright Tian Han called China's oldest arts organizations. Yisushe every Friday, Saturday 19:45 in the theater all the way to West Street performances chopping board, an electronic display screen lyrics. The famous opera repertoire, "Qin Qiong to buy a horse," Qin Qiong mighty appearance, singing unashamedly. From the potential abrupt, high-octave voice, straight into the house, then quickly slipped tone, and so forth, people followed the ups and downs, the Hopeless Heroes tragic dispersed into the air, so that the listener fall in Qin Qiong world, steeped in your pain experience.

Tang teahouse legacy of fine chemicals

Tang teahouse legacy of fine chemicals

Xi'an, must go to tea, this ancient capital accumulation since ZHOU Qin Han and Tang culture for thousands of years, seems to have been concentrated in a large and small teahouse.

Xi'an is the capital of the Tang Dynasty, and Chinese tea culture is originated from the Tang Dynasty and Everbright. Xi'an teahouse real rise of a few years before the project, but it has been very fire. Xi'an is not as highly Sichuan teahouse tradition, nor drink also have music as Beijing, and if Sichuan, Beijing teahouse more Chinese characteristics, and that Xi'an is somewhat of Chinese and Western. In Xi'an, the teahouse teahouse little direct call so and so, and so and so generally known as coffee language tea coffee or tea a certain language. Here tea, coffee, wine, drinks, meals can goods to, to sit in here is not only the Chinese people, there are a lot of all colors, "foreigners." Collection in the Shaanxi History Museum in the Tang Dynasty with an "envoy map" painted above many foreign officials stationed Don, everyone's face revealing a kind of friendship across borders. Now, in Xi'an, the teahouse, you can often see the reality of "envoys map", perhaps this is called Datang legacy, right?

Big Wild Goose Pagoda musical fountain Qinggemanwu fly splendor

Big Wild Goose Pagoda musical fountain

In the eyes of Xi'an, Big Wild Goose Pagoda is a place of worship and venerated. People say that in the quiet of the night you can still hear the melodious music, the sound of chanting that Xuanzang as if to convey the power of faith. The musical fountain at the foot of it too fascinating. As Asia's largest fountain in the square, watched Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Square fountain show all who pour drunk in her magnificent atmosphere, she seems to have become a new landscape of modern Xi'an. Some people even said, have not seen Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Square fountain, came to Xi'an also regret.

Chinese and foreign songs in one song after another of variation in rhythm with the music fountain and saw the strength, speed changes, sometimes wide, sometimes narrow, sometimes anxious, sometimes slow. Rows of water, while high, while low, while as the lotus blossom, like the dragon while dancing, while the image is being harp, while with heart-shaped, while a variety of patterns becomes triangular, five-pointed star, etc., while they like a rocket into the sky ...... colored lights sparkling in the map, bright colors. This forceful enjoying broad "water dance" it was in ecstasies, amazing!

Traveler Tip: Fountain commissioning date is Tuesday, is not open, the remaining time is 12:00 noon, 6:30 pm, 9:30 pm (open in summer time); Winter opening hours will be half an hour earlier, or if you encounter festival What special day, but also in 14: open 00: 00,16. 8, Hua Qingchi: a Regret left people listen

Tang Paradise vaguely dreams of Datang's Spirit

Datang Furong Garden

Paradise fireworks

Historically, the Paradise is a prestigious Royal Regency. Today's Datang Furong Garden was built on the original site of the Tang Paradise to Green T. House as the core, combined with lake views imperial garden style buildings and 300 acres of water, enough to make people do a dream return to Tang .

Ziyun magnificent building, the park is the largest and most magnificent Tang-style. When the Tang Minghuang was a history of Qujiang Assembly, boarding enjoy dance, gives a dinner of local ministers. Now you can watch this to the world's largest water curtain movie "Tang Dream." Water curtain movie composed by the three fan-shaped curtain of water, width of 120 meters, 20 meters high, is the catchment screen movies, music, fountains, lasers, mines, water spray, fireworks as one of the world-class water landscape. Showtime about half an hour, people from the visual, auditory, and many feel Datang, Datang dream history.

Traveler Tip: Park also fireworks, starting at weekends and holidays 19:00.

Shaanxi History Museum condensed history of ancient Chinese Wen Ming

Shaanxi History Museum

It has been said so: If you want to understand modern Chinese civilization, you should go to Shanghai. If you want to understand China's modern Wen Ming, you should go to Beijing. If you want to understand the ancient Chinese civilization, then, you can only go to Xi'an. And has a "Pearl of the ancient capital, the Chinese treasury," said the Shaanxi History Museum is the history of this Wen Ming concentrated expression of heavy ground. Especially for those ZHOU Qin Han and Tang admirers and researchers, Shaanxi History Museum is undoubtedly the best choice.

Entire hall in different dynasties divided into different regions. Relics of ancient times, nothing more than stone tools, pottery. To the Shang and Zhou, have a more civilized atmosphere. Western Zhou bronzes, mostly mysterious style, Strangeness. Turn the corner, you can see the mausoleum No. 2 Chariots of. Four bronze horse, muscle fullness, strong physique, alert God. Han Dynasty relics whole, but realistic modeling both exaggeration, appears vigorous forceful. Uniform fine lines and Emotion, calm and elegant tone, throughout the time that is just folks forceful, imaginative strong national spirit. To the "Yi Xi Kaiyuan heyday Day" Tang Dynasty cultural relics along with more beautiful decorative, the most representative is the Tang Sancai. To the Song Yuanming Qing, with the eastward Chinese political and economic center of the museum's artifacts are less obvious.

Riding a tandem bicycle around the ancient city wall

Riding a tandem bicycle around the ancient city wall

In Xi'an, the walls full of the Quartet, a torn steles, leading to the tombs of the meandering trail. Walls everywhere cutting the sky, then walk the entire contents of Xi'an city wall has become. Xi'an city wall are second to none in the country, if I do not walk the city walls, it means never been to Xi'an, the old part of the county has become the marketplace of life.

Xian Ming city wall

China Xi'an city wall is the best preserved ancient city wall, the expansion in Hongwu years (1370-1378) in order in the 6th century Sui and Tang imperial walls forming the basis of the expansion, Zhou Chang 13,912 meters. Wall 12 meters high, 18 m wide at the bottom, top width of 15 m, a thickness greater than the height. Was based on the basis of the Sui and Tang walls, its main purpose is to defend against a foreign enemy, so impregnable. And Beijing left the biggest difference is a few walls of Xi'an city wall thickness is generally greater than the height, and the top of the wall can practice sports. Walk in between the walls, you feel the wind coming is history.

In the ancient city wall, outside the city to see, to feel the history and culture of modern civilization gives you a sense of heart attack. Blend between the advanced Wen Ming beyond this moment, the walls thick with practical experience within the city walls.

Tickets: 40 yuan / person

Transport: From the train station by 5 Road, 611 Road can be reached. Take 18,215,603 South Gate bus stop.

Traveler Tip:

1) The best way to visit the ancient city wall is to rent a bike, single car 20 yuan, 40 yuan double car. At dusk the most beautiful.

Under 2) ancient city walls to rock: rock city of Xi'an, where not only the Xu Wei, Zhang Chu, Zheng Jun and other rock stars, and many rock and roll karaoke. Such as underground rock concentrate of Redback piano, piano oasis, South Gate bar, 1 + 1 bar and so on. In the North Central Provincial Sports Bar is also a layer of 2008-98 Xi'an rock base, known as the Nameless Highland Xi'an.

Look Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses sigh Millennium ruins

Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Stunning Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Terracotta located Lintong feast Xiang, 1500 m at the east side of the emperor cemetery. This is a vast underground military museum, known as the eighth wonder of the world.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses originally tied Yangcun Tong County, Shaanxi villagers found. Previously, there have grandparents deep underground legend "tile prince" of. In 1974, the villagers to drought, wells in the south of the village persimmon forest River, dug five meters deep in places, when even really found a "tile prince" - a clay sculpture of the head like. Just a cadre to check the progress of drilling, to see this scene, he quickly put the news reports to the County Museum. After several years of exploration and cultural relics department found that the extraordinary momentum of Terracotta Warriors and Horses finally show in the world. Visit the Terra Cotta Warriors themselves, how great and spectacular own feelings. There are guided tours will be more clearly understood, so this money do not save. Of course, you can listen to rub the cheek ...... especially recommended II Museum, showcases terracotta tunnel, first entered the hall II was immediately struck by its atmosphere and magnificent. Here each one is National Heritage, and the world down to the pit figurines agreed to visit only one former US President Bill Clinton, Clinton had wanted to use 200 million dollars to buy a terracotta State did not agree, but sent a imitation. In the back of the exhibition hall, a group of starting from the pit terracotta warriors and horses, specifically for close to important guests visit. Pit go out turn right into the 3rd hole, here it is a general figurines excavated pit, according to experts study, which should be Qin Jun's command post.

Opening hours: 8: 30-17: 30

Tickets: Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum Museum, effective from October 1, 2010 transition period ticket price is 110 yuan / person, regardless of light, season. Hundred play figurines pit museum, Ability and figurines pit after the completion of the museum intends to 2011, Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum Museum will implement the off-season 120 yuan / person (December 1 - the end of February), season 150 yuan / person (March 1 - the end of November) the price of admission, visitors need to visit the full recount four times, please keep the coupon clean flat.


From Xi'an Railway Station, served by the "green tour 5" (306 Road) bus, or 915 Road, 914 road buses to Terracotta Warriors Museum Station, a distance of about 35 km, takes about 1 hour.

From Lintong District, served by the 915 road, 914 road buses, 101 green, such as road, to stop the Terracotta Warriors Museum, about 5 km, takes about 15 minutes.

Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum Museum visitors to and from Laguna Mountain Park by the Terracotta Warriors Museum, with Admission free shuttle bus ride.

Take Time: 8: 30-18: 30

Pick Up Location: Terracotta Warriors Museum ticket office on the eastern side parking lot

Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum Museum Laguna Mountain Park East Gate parking lot 3, around the ancient city wall, riding a tandem bicycle

Hua Qingchi a Regret left people listen

Everlasting Regret

To Xi'an, Hua Qingchi play will be a must-see place, where not only picturesque, but more importantly is that there is a poignant love rumors. Here is the beginning of a long first met Emperor Yang of the girls, and is the place of love and Yang interpretation of the Covenant. Life and death, the national decline, broken home, she died, mutiny, is resentment? I hate? It is sad? Is joy? Hua Qingchi can only witness - regardless of the history play, how regime change, receded cloud of dust, not frustrating and tears and love their life and death - not the gentle hot spring water, the eternal romantic Hua Qingchi.

Traveler Tip: Park to Lishan mountain background, gorgeous landscape of large-scale historical drama "Everlasting Regret" is a spectacle, tickets: West and East are all seat 218 yuan, ranging from 258-988 yuan District seat.

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