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Xi'an specialties gourd chicken

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Gourd chicken Xi'an traditional dishes. Its choice of materials is south of Xi'an three Yao village "Japanese Japanese chicken", this chicken rearing year, the net weight of about 1000 grams, fresh meat. After clearing boiled, steamed, fried three pro

Gourd chicken Xi'an traditional dishes. Its choice of materials is south of Xi'an three Yao village "Japanese Japanese chicken", this chicken rearing year, the net weight of about 1000 grams, fresh meat. After clearing boiled, steamed, fried three processes, finished with crisp skin and tender, fragrant rotten known for the production of pure taste, known as "Chang first taste."

Xi'an specialties gourd chicken

- calabash chicken -

According to legend, Emperor gourd chicken begins official rites Wei's kitchen. Webster is very particular about food, extravagant, ordered his cook cooked crisp tender chicken, two chef fails, then whipped heavy penalties, the third chef learned the lessons of the first two accident, tying the chicken up, and then cooked. Not only do so out of chicken crisp tender and mellow shape of gourds, later kept it called the "gourd chicken."

According to the "Punctuation" and "Vincent's Diary" records: Wei Zhi was born in bureaucratic family, with the father and brother of shade, you as the Qing Xiang, flat step officialdom. This person sheltered, extravagant, extremely particular about dietary, there is "no rice wishes bones Shu, Yin Yuan Huan person shall be public kitchen" (Huan Qiu Wei Zhi national companies) said. One day, Wei Zhi Yan ordered his cook cooked crisp tender chicken. The first chef using first steamed, then fried the way the system out, Wei Zhi after tasting meat considered too old, did not meet the standard tender crisp taste, very angry, ordered the family chef will whip fifty and death. Taking second cook boiled, after steaming, the method then fried; crisp tender requirements are achieved, but the chicken toss through three processes, it has been torn apart, became pieces. Wei Zhi suspected eating home cooking, home cooking can not be argued that the servant has ordered his cook beaten to death. Zhi Wei awed by the despotic power, the other had to continue their home kitchen cooking. The third home cooking accepted the lessons of the last two home kitchen cooking, before cooking the chicken tied up with string, then boiled, after steaming, then deep-fried. Such cooked chicken out, not only mellow crisp tender, and the chicken-like gourd body intact. At this time, Wei Zhi was satisfied. It was later cooked chicken out in this way is called "gourd chicken", has spread so far.

Gourd chicken traditional choice of materials, with three south of Xi'an Yao village "Japanese Japanese" chicken. This chicken rearing year, the net weight of about one kilogram meat is tender. Production, through three basic processes, i.e., first of boiled, steamed after, and then fried. The cooked chicken steamed discharge basin people, add soy sauce, salt, ginger, star anise, cinnamon, wine, Add some broth, steamed into the cage. Fried strict technical requirements, vegetable oil burned eight mature, the whole chicken into the pan, spoon hand gently struck, fried about half a minute, until chicken is golden brown, remove and immediately pour the net with an iron strainer, then release the dish plate and serve. Another flower with a dish of salt and pepper Zuo food.

Gourd chicken features

1, whole boneless chicken, abdominal with scallops, shark fin, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, eight kinds of shrimp and other materials to fill, crisp tender skin, pure taste delicious. Gourd chicken known as "Chang first taste" to the shape of gourds named.

2, according to "ZU Xiyanghe heteroaryl" described: Chicken founded gourd home kitchen involved in Tangzha Shang Wei. Wei Zhi extravagant, extremely particular about dietary, ordered his cook cooked crisp tender chicken. After the first chefs use boiled fried, Wei Zhi after taste, too fleshy too old, this life retainers fifty chef whipped to death; the second chef uses after steaming boiled, then fried method, although crisp chicken tender, but the chicken off the bone into pieces, Wei Zhi too shapeless, they put the chef beaten to death; the third chef lessons learned both the front and tied up the chicken, then cook shaped like a gourd, mellow crisp tender, Zhi Wei drew much appreciated. Later, people put the cooked chicken so called "gourd chicken", it has spread so far.

3, "gourd chicken" has a long history, have been circulating for more than thousand years, known as Chang'an first taste. Golden color, shape of gourds, crisp skin and tender, fragrant pure taste bad, this product is not only widespread in the northwest area, the vast land of China, North and South Jie.

4, "gourd chicken" chicken-based material, named for its shape of gourds. "Gourd chicken" legend from the Tang Dynasty, through generation of chefs continue to improve, improve, becoming more perfect system of law. Dish complex process, and detailed operation. Into a dish body integrity, seductive scent. For flick chopsticks, family separation, crisp tender skin, delicious rich aftertaste. Chicken dishes are a rare treasure. This dish strong smell, on a seat, themselves in an aroma, known as "Chang first taste", 1988, by the Ministry of quality commercial food "GTA", is one of Xi'an Restaurant housekeeping dishes. Qin Chong nine super cooks make the best.

Gourd raw chicken

Ingredients: Net tender hen (1000-1500 g).

Seasoning: 10 g cinnamon, pepper 10, two star anise, strawberry 2, cloves 5 grams, galangal 5 grams, 10 grams onion, ginger 5 grams, 100 grams of soy, rice wine 25 g, sugar 10 grams , 35 g salt, 20 g flower salt and pepper, chicken soup 1250 g, 1500 g of rapeseed oil (actual consumption of 150 g).

Gourd chicken production methods

(1) the tender to the hens claws, nozzle tip, visceral, rinse with cold water, with a fine linen chicken bundled "gourd" like, into boiling water for 20 minutes, remove charged steam pots, and put into cinnamon , pepper, strawberry, aniseed, clove, galangal, onion, ginger, soy, rice wine, salt, sugar, add chicken (chicken as submerged degrees), remove the cage steam for about 2 hours, drain water, sorting net sauce residue, take down the rope, piercing eyes (to prevent the explosion of oil), placed in Article dish, chicken shape to keep intact.

(2) wok oil, Wang fire ninety heat, the whole chicken spoon hand pushed into the pan, whole chicken stand for 2 minutes, fry until golden brown, remove and drain oil with a slotted , into a large steak dish and serve. Pepper comes saucer, a knife, fork block, dip eat.

1. slaughtered chicken ham hair, gutted, washed, turn on the water float 30 minutes, in addition to the net blood, Duoqu paw;

2. Then put in boiling water pot and cook for about 30 minutes;

3. removed, cut rib on the leg, into the steaming pots, into 1500 ml of broth, chicken as to degree of flooding;

4. added rice wine, soy sauce, salt;

5. Place the onion, ginger, cinnamon, star anise put on the chicken;

6. reentry cage stir-steam extraction for about 2 hours;

7. picking onions, ginger, cinnamon and star anise, drain the water, cut the chicken along the spine;

8. wok oil, stir till the Bacheng hot, is pushed in the pot away from chicken, toggle hand spoon, until golden brown when, fishing colander into the oil;

9. The chicken breasts upwardly skim hand rope, gourd-shaped, Pa into disks;

Another small dish of salt and pepper with flowers 10. serve.

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