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Xi'an folk arts and crafts

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Folk crafts and toys, on the customs of the people living almost become one of the elements essential. Its production, through the ages, people asked for a number of artists, young and old, or in-rounder (such as face flower, embroider, etc.), or collecti

Folk crafts and toys, on the customs of the people living almost become one of the elements essential. Its production, through the ages, people asked for a number of artists, young and old, or in-rounder (such as face flower, embroider, etc.), or collective, or self made, in almost all urban and rural (town) of various markets, shopping malls (shop ), vendors, heteroaryl provided, various mechanisms are sold or made fine manual crafts and toys. And regardless of the usual New Year, anniversaries; and regardless of family dinner and nursing, enlightenment, preschool, school-age children need to enhance intelligence and so on, people buy and enjoy the beautiful, new crafts and toys, it is a free choice, not the conduct of the restrictions. It has also become a Shaanxi people's daily life, a hobby, an appreciation and enjoy the habit and custom, anyone insurmountable.

Hereby popular titles, and some of the more common origin as described below.

Xi'an folk arts and crafts

First, the sachet

Shaanxi people wearing "sachet", has a long history. Legend of Sui and Tang Sun Ssu-year civil treatment, leaving this "Dai sachet" drive the epidemic cite the United States for medical treatment, popular for thousands of years to form a constant vulgar beauty.

Production "sachet" silk cloth materials commonly used, built with fragrant spices, insects, fish and the like into various shapes, to be triggered, eyebrow, jaw, with the color line valve, lifelike, vivid. White cloth, silk can be made "crowing chicken" and "self-Crane", "white fat baby" and so on, color cloth, silk can be made into a variety of "Herb", "longevity fruit", "pomegranate", "fish Lotus" and so on; there's mascot made, "pumpkin", "grasshopper", "toad", "Shadow" and so on. Folklore legend, Liu Jin whole melon, mainly "pumpkin" ancient "pumpkin" to "tribute fruit", hailed as the mascot; "grasshopper" and various insects gregarious; "Shadow" was adhering Yu Heaven and Earth Reiki show, people hope Jian Xiang, wearing a "Shadow" has been mental Ping Heng. "Sachet" interior spice, containing mostly aromatic, brake force fishy smell or the like, such as Angelica, herb, Cyperus be valuable medicinal and musk.

Every spring and summer cross-section, yang malpractice hundred insect activity is frequent, the season most vulnerable to infectious diseases, multiple choice lunar folk later, especially the fifth day of the "Dragon Boat Festival", to give young and old, infirm wear a "sachet", sometimes on the back sleeve children do on the shoulders of a "crowing chicken" to "inspire children", as well as the evil force driving the epidemic.

Due to its simplicity "sachet" process, women and children Jieke needle, it is more popular. Since the late Qing Dynasty until several decades after the founding, the outskirts of Xi'an and Zhouzhi County, Hu County, Lintong, Gao Ling, Lam Tin and Jingyang, Mihara, into the sun and other places, as well as folk custom gift "sachet": the wife did not get married, always give her mother-in-law to do one or two delicate needle work "sachet" in order to please her husband's family admired. Lishan Mountain in Lintong County, the Museum of Terracotta Warriors exhibition market, everywhere you can buy have a variety of "sachet." In some counties in northern Shaanxi, the "sachet" folk do, also called "pockets" of. However, some equipped with fragrant drugs, some drugs do not install incense, is for players to wear, put some small pieces of needle to work as usual in the needle and use.

Second, the Tang Sancai mud Jiaojiao

"Mud Jiaojiao," also known as "mud people play" system a toy whistle, produced in the southern suburbs of Xi'an Walled fish, it is also known as "mud fish Walled Jiaojiao." This "mud Jiaojiao", Department of Civil artists extractive local soil, molded in a mold and then subjected to firing, painting, step cover made of oil. Coloring resembles Tang Sancai glaze, clean and smooth. "Mud Jiaojiao" a variety of shapes, figures have prepared Mu Guiying, Zongbao, Yu Taijun, Wang Baochuan, Xue Pinggui, Bowen Zheng, Qin Xianglian and other dramatic characters; there are small body fat baby, small animals, the smallest only inches It, in vivo loading whistle can be blown out all kinds of high and low tones, the tone, the popular masses and children, mostly for the purchase of gift items. Now sold all over the Northwest, Shaanxi is listed as souvenirs.

Third, the county dry mud colorful toys

Arts and crafts production, the dry Marin County, Shaanxi Township High Village making clay toys, prestigious. Production, they choose a kind of local cinnamon mud, loose sand appears, mixing water can be hardened without cracks. Production, first screening pulverized cinnamon mud, water was added and stirred into the mud, and then pressed into the wooden mold in a variety of images, to be coated on various pigments. This clay toys, mostly sleek, vivid, colorful, durable and not crack, farmers buy more hang it on the wall, or placed on the table, as an ornamental treasures. Gaojiazhuang is now able to produce more than a dozen types, more than 200 varieties, sold in Shaanxi and Gansu, Ningxia area.

Fourth, Qianyang handicraft

Qianyang is located in Shaanxi West House, national culture has a long history. Here urban and rural areas everywhere folk art, known as the West House "craft village." Their traditional crafts, such as paper cutting (scissors color, stained scissors, scissors sets, smoked scissors), embroidery (sachet, insoles, embroidery insoles, embroidered pillow), sculpture (stone, wood, brick, pottery carving, clay sculpture), lantern (day light, lantern, lanterns, lamps plant, animal lamp), cloth products (curtain, Maga, flowers account, one thousand umbrella), woven goods (straw, corn bran, Vitex knit, wire fabrics and wool), surface products (face flower, lotus song, peach, the cone, lion, hippocampus, gift), paper products (pavilions, boys and girls), a total of eight categories, hundreds of species of all kinds of handicrafts producers approximately million people, all over County township. There are widespread grilles, paper cutting, frog ear pillow, pottery lion, fight cloth vest, insoles, ocelots, sachet and so on. These crafts, modeling realistic, beautiful composition, popular with all walks of life both inside and outside the province welcomed by the people, and sold five northwestern provinces of Henan, Shanxi and other places.

Five, Xi'an embroidery

In embroidery crafts throughout Shaanxi, Xi'an enjoy domestic embroidery name. Xi'an embroidery, also known as "Qin embroidery", is based on the folk embroidery yarn is satisfied, explore, innovation made embroidered species. Its rich and varied needle, lines bold outline, embroider a variety of flowers and birds, decorative emergent symmetry and patterns, with strong local characteristics. Xi'an "Jin Jiang Embroidery" embroidered variety of products, welcomed by the domestic public. They embroidered Great Hall "Tang Dance" murals, 8 meters long, 3 meters wide, using 300 kinds of acupuncture, it is called giant embroidery today.

Xi'an Zhouzhi County, dumb Bai town of embroidery, a small group of manufacturers, the development of township enterprises in the county to today's pillar industries, the annual embroidery supplies at home and abroad.

Dumb Bo embroidery composition, line, developed in recent years to operate mechanic, delicate, beauty clever, bright color, various varieties of bedding products, such as bed sheets, quilt, bedspreads, table alone, pillowcases, etc., are in the 300 varieties more of the above, a representative of Xi'an exquisite handicrafts masterpiece.

Sixth, Dali embroidery

Shaanxi Dali, folk arts and crafts of embroidery, but also different from other county off. Dali embroidery as many as dozens of categories more than 100 varieties, non-governmental women wore "ten with a skirt," "embroidered shoes", "insole", "flower shawl" with marriage, children with shoes, hat, apron, Wai Wai, curtain used in the daily life, water bamboo, kang Wai, pillow top, quilt, bedspread and so on, which are made of embroidery. Dali embroidery is more popular in rural areas. Embroidery selection of mostly all kinds of cloth, silk materials and knit, embroidered patterns are mostly insects, fish, dragon, phoenix, lion, tiger, there are inter-character image, the delicate needle, clear, colorful, by the look. Many embroidery, have been sold to the market, supply stores across the province sold both inside and outside.

Seven Luochuan wool embroidery

Northern Shaanxi LUOCHUAN produce wool and linen fabrics, they produce a hair embroidered, absorption method and embroidery folk paper-cut, to draw various shape, described in wool and linen, and a thin line with a color bright , outline weave woven wall hangings and screens, it sketched graphics, figures, flowers and birds, dragon, tiger, etc., it is Gu Pu, straightforward, generous, urban and rural areas there are more than shoppers in recent years sold outside the province, has become fashionable , goods in short supply.

Eight, Tong Juma

Lintong County, Shaanxi Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum unearthed, is one of "Eight Wonders" world-famous, Qinling (Pit) unearthed Tong Juma, is the world's treasures. Tong Juma complex structure, ingenious, tour the audience full of praise. The Terracotta Warriors museum of domestic and foreign tourists, up more than hundreds of thousands each year, "Lishan Terracotta Craft Factory" After careful research, produce Chinese craft boutique "Chariot", the Department of antique traditional techniques and high technology made treasures, exquisite workmanship exquisite, lifelike image resembles, small and sigh for the landscape, was designated as domestic and foreign tourists souvenirs and gifts.

Nine, Lantian jade pillow, jade

Lantian County, Shaanxi Province, ages known as "jade town", produced jade, turquoise green, brilliant crystal through, especially in the production of "beryl" famous, Lantian jade pillow, jade is one of the treasures, one of the best.

Produced jade pillow, mostly for long-shaped tiles, plate-shaped, zoomorphic or concave shape, folk regarded as heatstroke, fitness share. Other Yu produced, Yu Yan, Yu glasses, Li Yu, jade bracelets, jade seal, etc. up to one hundred categories, thousands of varieties. Lantian is due to be enjoying all walks of life custom, buy, gift jade has become a trend, so through the ages, and sales do not decline, particularly after the founding of strong, now Lantian jade is listed as an important zone countries, all kinds of jade produced , and more was designated as souvenir.

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Xi'an folk arts and craftsFolk crafts and toys, on the customs of the people living almost become one of the elements essential. Its production, through the ages, people asked for a number of artists, young and old, or in-rounder (such as face flower, embroider, etc.), or collecti…