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  • Xi'an cuisine beef and mutton steamed bun

    Xi'an cuisine beef and mutton steamed bun

  • Xi'an tourism souvenirs

    Xi'an tourism souvenirs

  • Xi'an folk opera Qin-qiang

    Xi'an folk opera Qin-qiang

  • Xi'an snack Qin town of rice skin

    Xi'an snack Qin town of rice skin

NewsWheelchair also stretch groping touch actress ass! Former President George Bush to apologize

2017-10-26Wes lee0

Wheelchair also stretch groping touch actress ass! Former President George Bush to apologizeMasters of sexual assault scandal snowballed day rolling snowball. Following kinky wolf Hollywood producer Weinstein has been exposed, and now have come forward to accuse the actress was now a 93-year-old former president George Bush, "sexual assault"!…

CultureXi'an Huxian song

2017-10-24Wes lee0

Xi'an Huxian songHuxian song has a history of recorded history, dating back to the middle of the Ming Dynasty. Known as: Kang Hae Jin party sit down job, and each room together Rui Wang Jiusi and other eastern US households du film, relying on sound Kabuki Hanyin…

CateXi'an traditional food crispy beef pie

2017-10-20Wes lee1

Xi'an traditional food crispy beef pieXi'an court crispy beef pie, also known as "Melaleuca beef pie" has gone through twelve hundred years of history, in the Tang Dynasty, the imperial palace cake who points during the Rebellion, the palace chef wandered to the private sector, in Chang'a…

CateXi'an cuisine Jiasan soup bun

2017-10-21Wes lee0

Xi'an cuisine Jiasan soup bunThird, the city of Xi'an Jia celebrity. Came to Xi'an, you are to go visit them anyway, Mr. Jia three, go taste halal skills and Meilen US-hwan Mr. Jia three people's thorough. Find Jia Third, even if you find a real snack. Xi'an snacks and more, "Gu…

Travel routesXi'an, the ancient capital of winter travel with you anywhere

2017-10-22Wes lee0

Xi'an, the ancient capital of winter travel with you anywhereFrom ancient Greece to the south the majestic Acropolis rainy town; from the Sahara to Antarctica Crescent Dunes stretches of ice wall. Compared with the planet, the city we live in a day, but the sky on a dry well. Only a few tens of carrier lifetime, th…

CultureXi'an Hu County North Rural folk drumming drums

2017-10-25Wes lee0

Xi'an Hu County North Rural folk drumming drumsHu County North Township percussion, refers to the traditional percussion Huxian northern countryside. Cheng Huang society focused on three villages, located in the south bank of the Weihe River, Mei Ling and down the dock. Dawang which are: large Wang, N…

CultureXi'an Yan Liang nuclear carving art

2017-10-24Wes lee1

Xi'an Yan Liang nuclear carving artAlso known as nuclear carving stone carving in China has a long history, from the famed literary Wei Iraq "nuclear Zhou Ji" wonderful description of view, nuclear carving art in the Ming Dynasty had reached a broad and fine combination to a high level.…

CultureXi'an folk opera Qin-qiang

2017-10-24Wes lee0

Xi'an folk opera Qin-qiangOpera originated from the ancient Shaanxi, Gansu area of ​​folk songs and dances, is the growth of growing up in Chang'an in ancient China's political, economic and cultural center, through the creation of generations of people formed gradually, because…

CateXi'an cuisine braise Mashi

2017-10-21Wes lee4

Xi'an cuisine braise Mashibraise Mashi is a little twisted dough roll with stewed vegetables feed the system, Shaanxi Guanzhong area is most famous. It contains, braised hemp food by the Yuan Dynasty "bald bald hemp food" evolved from the tradition…

Travel routesFeel the breath of history, Xi'an Ruins Park Theme travel

2017-10-23Wes lee0

Feel the breath of history, Xi'an Ruins Park Theme travelCold cold kiln kiln ruins park site is located in the southeast corner of Xi'an Qujiang New District, Qujiang close to Heritage Park, and Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang Paradise and Datang across the water. Heritage Park is one of the six projects Qujiang N…

CateXi'an snack biang-biang noodles

2017-10-21Wes lee1

Xi'an snack biang-biang noodlesIn the Qin Dynasty, Xianyang street was selling biáng biáng surface; an old man often peddle carts, sometimes chopping wood for fire and scoop water from the surface and at the roadside or in the Weihe Weihe side rack pot, add boiling water to the pot sur…

SouvenirsXi'an Lantian specialty jade

2017-10-26Wes lee0

Xi'an Lantian specialty jadeChinese famous jade "Lantian" Chi of Chinese and foreign, has a long history. Nearly extinct traditional Chinese jade was rediscovered name, reproduction annals mysterious charisma, hard jade, color Banlan, shiny and moist, fine texture, a multi-color j…

CultureXi'an Yan Liang new stunt suona

2017-10-24Wes lee0

Xi'an Yan Liang new stunt suonaSuona is an ancient folk musical instruments, has a long history in China, the "Cultural Revolution" relatively prosperous ago, during the "Cultural Revolution" Four Olds had once disappeared. 80 years since the reform and opening up larger and the gr…

SouvenirsQin Terracotta figurines imitation products Xi'an souvenirs

2017-10-26Wes lee0

Qin Terracotta figurines imitation products Xi'an souvenirsQin terracotta warriors and horses excavated and exhibited sensation in the world, known as the "eighth wonder of the world." Qin terracotta warriors and horses unearthed all pottery, pottery horses with a real person, a real horse of similar size, carv…

CateXi'an specialties wax juice meat sandwich

2017-10-21Wes lee3

Xi'an specialties wax juice meat sandwichHamburger, derived from the ancient city of Xi'an, famous snacks, with Chinese-style burger in the world. It is actually a combination of two wonderful foods: meat juice, Baiji steamed. Hamburger meat juice together, Baiji steamed as a whole, mutually co…

Travel routesXi'an Tours Raiders

2017-10-22Wes lee0

Xi'an Tours RaidersIt is China's oldest streets. South Street is the city of Xi'an widest and most bustling commercial street, and one of radiation from the bell tower 4 Avenue. 670 m long, 60 m wide road, sidewalk 10 meters wide. An underground crosswalk ends. Xi'an is…