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Xi'an Datang Furong Garden

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Tang Paradise, located south of Xi'an Qujiang Development Zone, and Big Wild Goose Pagoda Sea. It is in the north of the original Tang Dynasty Lotus Park site, modeled on the imperial garden built in the Tang Dynasty style, is China's first comprehensive display of the Tang Dynasty style imperial garden-style large-scale cultural theme park, it covers an area of ​​acres, water area three acres, with a total investment of 1.3 billion yuan. Park built Ziyun floor, Ladies Pavilion, Royal Palace Banquet, apricot, Lim Court, Fengming nine days Theater, Don City and many other antique buildings, is the largest Tang royal buildings, the building is well-known by the Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhang Jinqiu master design. The park has the world's largest outdoor Hong engineering, wherever you go, you can smell the delicate fragrance; have the world's largest water screen film and water features performances, sound, light, electricity, water, fire as a whole; is the first will be the people's vision, hearing, smell, touch, taste the perfect blend of the five senses theme park; the largest development base Tang feast - Royal banquet house; the country's largest cultural park there are poems of the Tang Dynasty show the sculpture as well as a full range of playback location Chang'an City trading activities - Datang market. The park is divided imperial culture, female culture, poetry culture, imperial culture, tea culture, dance culture, food culture, folk culture, cultural diplomacy, cultural Buddhism, Taoism culture, children's entertainment, cultural landscape door, Shueisiou performances fourteen landscape cultural District, showcasing Zhaohui Tang Yao Quartet spirit, bright and colorful, not to arts and culture unparalleled, Tang Paradise officially opened on April 11, 2005 (three days of lunar month), that is the beginning of the park opened ushered in a number of important people in front of Taiwan KMT Chairman Lien Chan and People First Party Chairman James Soong.

Xi'an Datang Furong Garden

Xi'an Qujiang located in the southeast corner, from Qin Han to the Sui and Tang dynasties lasted up to 1300 years as the Royal Court ban, a Chinese classical garden architecture and a master.

Qin, the use of Ridges and white, beautiful natural scenery landscape features Qujiang region, Qin dynasties opened the famous Royal Court ban - Yichun Court, the Qujiang become an important part of the Royal Court ban Shanglinyuan.

Xi'an Datang Furong Garden

Sui Dynasty, Daxing city (Xi'an) leaning Qujiang built, and Qujiang center, construction of the Royal Court ban, because hibiscus planted in water, renamed "Lotus pond", "and then into the (Beijing) who are watching the play ground. " Qujiang become part of the capital, the nature of Paradise also by the other Court Palace on the outskirts of the capital of Qin Han, the Sui Dynasty imperial garden into the capital of.

To the Tang Dynasty, Qujiang entered a period of prosperity. Paradise was turned into the then Royal Court ban - Hibiscus Court (also called Paradise), and fourteen years to build the Green T. House, Choi Ha kiosks and other important buildings in the Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan. Emperor can always go for the Qujiang Furong Garden tour Fortunately, merry, specifically along the walls of the palace built by the folder to Paradise City. Every Qujiang General Assembly to bring the Tang Minghuang concubine hundred officials to board Paradise Green T. House with the public, Chang'an City turned out, all gathered in Qujiang feast swim, Datang grand evident.

Tang Paradise with its unique charm and unparalleled historical position as the descendants of the ancestral roots Dream of cultural and spiritual homeland heavy Wensheng Shi, it will take you to the only Chinese Tang Dynasty cultural tours.

Car lines

Address: Yanta District in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province Dayan end Tanan

Car lines:

City Taxi: Taxi fee Xi'an cheap! Initial costs are $ 6, after 3 km, 1.3 yuan / km. From the railway station, usually about 20 yuan can.

Tang Paradise Simon (Regency Gate) - bus station

Bus route: 21,22,23,24,44,212,224,237,526,609,715,720, overnight Line 4, 4 swim, swim 9

Datang Furong Garden Gate - bus station

Bus route: 21,22,23,24,212,237,307,601,609,715,720, overnight Line 4, 4 swim, swim 8

Car lines: West Tongguan highway - Village Square Interchange - Ring Expressway - Qujiang overpass - three trillion Road - Tang Paradise to the destination.

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