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Xi'an specialties wax juice meat sandwich

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Hamburger, derived from the ancient city of Xi'an, famous snacks, with Chinese-style burger in the world. It is actually a combination of two wonderful foods: meat juice, Baiji steamed. Hamburger meat juice together, Baiji steamed as a whole, mutually co

Hamburger, derived from the ancient city of Xi'an, famous snacks, with Chinese-style burger in the world. It is actually a combination of two wonderful foods: meat juice, Baiji steamed. Hamburger meat juice together, Baiji steamed as a whole, mutually contrast, will each taste to the limit. Steamed fragrant Rousu, food for thought. Meat juice has a long history, famous Chinese and foreign, is very popular. Hamburger long history has won a good reputation. Rouga Mo wax juice and related food series won several generations of customers of all ages, with countless customer consumer group.

Xi'an specialties wax juice meat sandwich

- wax juice Rouga Mo -

Rouga Mo, is called from Old Chinese, it is an object front, meaning "meat in the sandwich bun." Hamburger outsiders for the first time I heard that, all that is wrong sentences, how can the meat steamed folder? This is related to the ancient Chinese, Hamburger, in fact, is the "meat sandwiched bun." People do not need genteel speaking archaisms, plus Xi'an impatient, frank, eliminating "in" word, shouted lunch, just eat noodles do not chew as fast or slow there, the world-famous steamed mutton, eating when you can not worry, it is the opportunity to chat with friends reminisced while breaking bread. Bun breaking stress is as small as possible, do not use the machine breaking bread, juice, soup seasoning before they join so steamed, stir with chopsticks can not eat back and forth, otherwise the flavor greatly reduced, it is not easy to heat, stress eating from around a a layer a little bit "nibble", served with parsley, garlic and chili sauce can be adjusted to taste fresh, have foreign friends that the rest of my life eating beef and mutton, there has never been such a rich experience. Before people called "Hamburger" to "bun with meat", the dialect sounds like "not with meat", "not with meat", not with meat how to do? On a hurry, called into "Hamburger", which sounds much better.

Xi'an specialties wax juice meat sandwich

- wax juice Rouga Mo -

Wax juice Rouga Mo production methods


Streaky rib meat, self-rising flour; materials: wine, soy sauce, sugar, pepper, salt, cinnamon, geranium, ginger, star anise, pepper, broth.

1. Wash pork cut into chunks, then blanch removed, cut into Ding, you can last a good stew and then chopped.

2. Deal with diced into another pot, add broth, cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, pepper, salt, cinnamon, bay leaves, ginger, star anise, pepper, fire boil, turn a small fire, slowly stew, some long time will be better, if not time, but also to ensure the two hours, the salt is preferably placed after the last close stew soup substantially dry.

3. stewed pork and time do not forget the face Good, Good leaving groups come forward fermentation time, with the amount of warm water and the powder spontaneously Good, cover, wrap or enclose, aside for fermentation until the dough become twice as large as the original. (If not self-rising flour, then you need yeast with warm water bloom, and then into the flour into the dough.)

4. dough and put them into the chopping board, knead until smooth dough, the dough is divided into several small parts, each have round rubbing, and roll into a round cake.

5. Heat the pan, do not put oil, turn into roll out the pie, small Huoluo can be cooked, baked to be careful when looking at, do not forget to turn it over, the time can be baked a little longer, The best baked to crispy outside and soft inside. Can also be branded to only half-cooked, then get the oven roasted, grilled step in order to save us eliminating the need for direct use Huoluo cooked.

6. For a start has been chopped meat, you can now eat steamed directly to the folder, if it is a large piece of meat stew, now you need to minced meat, cut side edge can add marinade, like to eat parsley , you can also add parsley.

Main features: crisp and delicious, salty and juicy.

Nutritional value:

Wax juice Rouga Mo, quick and nutrition, the body can fully provide the necessary protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, mineral nutrients and water six. Ping Heng diet not only to nutrient Ping Heng, but also to acid-base Ping Heng.

Nutritional snacks proposals (a): meat and steamed vegetables clip clip bun, porridge with the food, so that not only the acid-base balance and maintain blood neutral to slightly alkaline. And promote the absorption of vitamin C and fat-soluble vitamins. For the human body to provide energy and essential amino acids, vitamins, high-quality protein.

Nutritional snacks proposals (two): bran or pastry with meat folder bun, porridge with the food. Porridge can not only raise the spleen and stomach, but also promote the absorption of nutrients. Bran, dough provides essential carbohydrates, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, and also contains lecithin maltase, amylase, proteolytic enzymes.

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