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Xi'an gourmet meatballs paste soup

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Xi'an paste soup at this place it is divided into two types, one is from Henan to do, Shaanxi Nobody else called Henan paste soup, also called the diced paste soup. One is to do local Muslims, known as meatballs paste soup

Xi'an paste soup at this place it is divided into two types, one is from Henan to do, Shaanxi Nobody else called Henan paste soup, also called the diced paste soup. One is to do local Muslims, known as meatballs paste soup.


Xi'an gourmet meatballs paste soup

Henan paste soup of very ancient origin, the information at hand can be found in several of view, most of the rumor class folk, have said Zhou Dynasty, has said that the three countries have said Song, also explained generations. Zhou Dynasty is probably unlikely that belong to will be attached to the Rougeng fear is like food pull. Three said, unsubstantiated, asked Cao Cao, less credibility on the first three points, Henan paste soup the main seasoning of pepper, press the "Punctuation" says: "Pepper, a Mo Jia Tuo country , call for ignorant shoe support its seedlings trailing stems very weak, leaf length half inches, there are thin strips and Ye Qi, end of the strip, in pairs, which leaves morning twilight, together for the wrapping of its children in the leaves, the shape of the sub-Han pepper, to spicy, adopted in June, people today are using meat tray as Hu's. "pepper was introduced to China in the Tang Dynasty. One that only three countries to raise their estimates while pretending to be in. Song said on a quite credible, paste soup because civil snacks, books rarely involved, according to fat personal research, ancestors paste soup should be hot and sour soup and meat gruel, press the "Peaceful Benevolent Dispensary Council "widespread view in the Song Dynasty, warm fragrant dry food Lijiaruxin drugs, estimated to be the prevailing social trends, therefore paste soup be improved on the basis of these two foods on. Take hot and sour soup hangover function, digestion, adding meat is probably more levels in order to meet the people all tastes and qi tonic, supplemented ginger, pepper, star anise, cinnamon and other spices spicy qi, Shugan Xingpi. Therefore the main Henan paste soup taste is sour and spicy. Until the Jin and Yuan Dynasty, the Central Plains board swing, rivers and mountains to the north of the Yangtze River and more relegated Di Yi hand (wording here is no prejudice against minority compatriots.). Gold and Mongolians accustomed to eating beef and mutton, mostly paste soup at that time in order to survive and adapt to the times, made improvements will follow. As for the subsequent widespread, Henan were estimated with more natural disasters, refugee migrations have a great relationship. Practice is quite simple, add water and ginger, fennel and other spices with mutton soup, frying good gluten, tofu skin, with pink, yellow and the like materials with high heat and boil, then open the pot, add water wash gluten (surface on the slurry after precipitation of the gluten washing water) thicken, dilute adjusted thick, add pepper, allspice and mix well. When eating vinegar and sesame oil, sprinkle coriander, chili oil transfer, hot and sour taste is based, delicious supplement. Adorned with time, eat fritters, cakes, pancakes and other pasta.

Xi'an gourmet meatballs paste soup

Muslims paste soup, presumably inspired by the Henan paste soup starts from the traditional Hui Hui Cai began to improve, but before the articles there mentioned, Han gathering place in the catering industry but also want to pursue outstanding, it only can work hard in the seasoning, therefore reject the sour, salty switch to adapt to the northwest are more against the background of mutton soup, beef soup flavor. Boiled beef and mutton which was the Muslims of traditional items, rich spices and heat master goes without saying. The components of pepper flavors reduced to more highlight meat and vegetables taste. Abandon stingy Henan throw into the little diced :), more commonly used by Muslims more atmospheric beef meatballs (minced beef and noodles together, under boiled), more taste and reality. Increased materials, add cabbage, potatoes, carrot, mushrooms, yellow, yuba, melon, etc., the time order of different materials, be sure that each of soft and hard vegetables properly, there appears to sell, crystal clear sense and feel of . Had to wait until the boil, even the cauldron placed in front of the stove, the master chef stirring the pot in one hand, one hand on his hips began to yell: meatballs paste soup ~ ~ ~. Walked up to a bowl of paste soup (must be very much meatballs), pouring sesame oil, chili oil covered, let's use a bun Tuo Tuo, Tuo Tuo this is common Muslims pasta, bread fear of a diameter 20cm, 1cm thickness more, really a solid. Break apart and soak into the soup, the lamb ^ Paomo careless than more, breaking the thumb size will almost Section, each with this hobby. Hungry fat man had a torn Tuo Tuo six also threw down ....... Then clean sweep generally hot dial into the mouth when eating naturally can not stir chaos, so that the soup spilled, Xi'an old saying, eat paste soup, eat left in the bowl of soup is spilled, even closing bowl the little boy will look down on you. A cold day to eat a bowl sinks, just feel a surge of heat from within the chest and abdomen loose straight into the pores of the skin at the end, sweating out the porch, the more a person northwest of pride began to spread out from the chest.

Attachment: Henan paste soup simple system of law

Ingredients: noodles, lamb, sheep bones, seaweed, day lily, noodles, mushrooms Vice materials: onion, ginger, aniseed, cinnamon Other: Pepper is essential for other common: salt, chicken, etc. The first step: paste soup the most important is the soup, put lamb cut into Ding, and then put the bones crack into the onions, ginger, aniseed, cinnamon cook, the best casserole, usually 2-3 hours. Step Two: When you can stew and face, wash gluten, gluten washing ...... too much trouble, you figure it out on their own, or ask the elders at home, all while enhancing family communication. Note Do not wash gluten water drained, and this is the main raw material, spare Sheng Guo Lifang next to the big. The third step: the seaweed, day lily, noodles in wok fried, put a little soy sauce, so out of the soup nice color. Step four: the instrument allows to enter the main steps of the - (stirring remember while burning, or gluten Hu pot of water that) the gluten water to boil, add lamb and mutton soup cubes, boil until the roll open the fried too good seaweed, day lily, vermicelli, and then thrown into the pot gluten torn block, get out on the ok ~ fungus this time we can put up, and then take water and pepper look, put the pan (this is more even without agglomeration), sweet and salty salt on it according to their own taste, the last drops of sesame oil. This got. When eating put vinegar.

Annex 2: Hui paste soup simple production method

Naturally, this is first-come, beef pot of soup with the bones under the meat sauce, Aohao put aside. Ground beef, mushrooms Mo, Ling Fen, egg, pepper, salt, chicken stir. The first balls were out of a deep-fried. Cook meatballs with croquette than save, the furnace Ye Hao master :) prepare a cabbage, carrots, potatoes and other vegetables. Tang Duiqing underwater boil the meat, cut into small pieces hob potatoes, carrots cut into small pieces. Throw in the pot boil, then boil and so on. Put a pepper. Wait until the potatoes and carrots are almost cooked, then put something like cabbage good cook. Half a bowl of marinated Qianfen playing into the pot. A small fire continued to stew for a while. During stirring constantly. Throw balls pot, add salt, wait a pot open on the line. Pan add sesame oil, chili oil.

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CateXi'an gourmet meatballs paste soup

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Xi'an gourmet meatballs paste soupXi'an paste soup at this place it is divided into two types, one is from Henan to do, Shaanxi Nobody else called Henan paste soup, also called the diced paste soup. One is to do local Muslims, known as meatballs paste soup…