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Xi'an Specialty museum worth a visit is recommended

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The museum is the essence of human culture converge, the Xi'an has 100 museums as a city museum, a lot of precipitation and historical essence of a valuable asset.

The first national museum is open year-round in the evening: Xi'an Museum of Tibetan source Horwath

Xi'an source Horwath Tibet Museum

Xi'an source Horwath Tibet Museum has just opened near the country's first museum open in the evenings throughout the year, but also the first one hundred Xi'an museum.

Xi'an source Horwath Tibet Museum is located in Xi'an Qujiang Datang southern end of the Tang Dynasty City Wall Ruins, museum during the day in addition to, the implementation of open evenings in summer is open from 9:00 am to 10 pm, winter opening hours are from 10 am to 8 pm, provides an excellent tourism and cultural landscape of the night came to enjoy the night viewing of residents and tourists, but also for the ancient city of Xi'an added a deep cultural atmosphere.

Xi'an source Horwath possession of the museum as a private museum of Art is mainly responsible for the collection, storage, exhibition and research. Museum exhibition area of ​​over 1,000 square meters, the basic display including "America's history - Chinese jade culture exhibition" and "Po phase solemn - Buddhist culture exhibition." Recent thematic exhibitions organized by the "Water Wizard - Crystal Exhibition", "a talent - Jade Hongshan Exhibition", "Eastern Dawn - Hongshan Culture Exhibition", "bright colors - especially ancient gold and silver Exhibition "to demonstrate to the audience of different historical periods, different nationalities unique cultural art.

Shaanxi Guanzhong authentic old style: Xi'an Guanzhong Folk Art Museum

Xi'an Guanzhong Folk Art Museum

Guanzhong Folk Art Museum, located in Chang'an District of Xi'an famous scenic spot at the foot of South Mountain, covers an area of ​​493.882 acres, with a total investment of 5.7733 billion yuan. Hospital-lying South High North, patchwork, South title Wutai Mountain, Cuihuashan east, west and zoo, botanical garden, flower garden, in the north there are mountains tourist highway senior goes through, from Xi'an Museum Center less than 30 kilometers.

Construction of Guanzhong Folk Museum Ming and Qing garden as the main building there are folk heritage exhibition area, the ancient town resort, cultural celebrity activity area, Guanzhong Folk Culture Research Center, Convention Center: folk culture exhibition areas: built exhibition hall, exhibition Gallery, Heritage and the Treasury, with tens of thousands of large-scale Tang, Song since the stone carving art, folk art, folk relics, celebrity pictures, Ming and Qing houses as the main exhibits, demonstrating the traditional charm of the folk customs, art, cultural objects, emergent cultural treasures Guanzhong folk features.

Millennium feel shock: Daming Palace Site Museum

Daming Palace Site Museum

Construction of the Daming Palace National Heritage Park Conservancy and Exhibition achieved combined. Daming Palace site due to the long-term farming and construction, has become the entity and some underground layer of rammed earth rammed earth platform, through Heritage Park structures, labeling, interpretative signs, green landscape of ruins the whole show.

The park also features Daming Palace Site Museum, permanent exhibition titled "Flying Cloud in Fengcheng palace - Daming Palace ruins and protection of historical and cultural exhibition" exhibition features all kinds of antiques 268 (group), with a wealth of background data, system status display of the history of the Daming Palace Daming Palace national Heritage Park construction project.

Park is located in the center axis of the landscape of the underground site museum, the building area of ​​about 10,000 square meters, which broke through the traditional way of showcasing cultural relics, historic introduction of real performances, the interpretation of the history of modern fashion. "Sun and Moon Daming Palace" is a collection of modern and classical performances as one of the Tang Dynasty costumes. The use of performance clothing, music, stage art, lighting and other means of reproduction of a bustling and prosperous Tang Dynasty, Tang told female emperor Wu Zetian day life situations through modern fashion T-stage show, Tang culture will spread around the world.

China's largest stone stacks: Xi'an Beilin Museum

Xi'an Beilin Museum

Xi'an Beilin located in the famous ancient city of Xi'an, Three Studies Street (due to the Qing Dynasty Chang'an school, government school, located here Xianning learning derived from the name). It is in North Songyuan two years (AD 1087) for the preservation of "open into a stone by the" established.

Beilin Museum is one to the collection, research and display of ancient steles, epitaphs and stone work-based art museum known as "China's largest stone stacks" Xi'an Beilin calligraphy hotbed, treasury through the history of the State Council in 1961 the first promulgated a national key cultural relics protection units, is the country's 18 state-level special tour to visit the AAAA tourist spot and one point in recent years has been included in China apply for "World Heritage tentative list item."

Xi'an Beilin Museum is based on the use of "Xi'an Beilin" on the Confucian Temple in Xi'an ancient buildings from the expansion, now more than 11,000 pieces of cultural relics collection, display consists of three parts Beilin, rock art and other cultural exhibitions composed, focused collection of ancient Chinese calligraphy for the name monument and stone sculpture boutique Han and Tang Dynasties, including Huairen "set of Wang Xizhi holy church order," Ouyang Xun "Huangfu birth monument," Chu Sui-liang "with the state holy church order," Yu Shinan "Confucius temple monument," Yan Zhenqing "multi pagoda monument "" Yan Family temple monument ", Liu public rights" occult tower monument, "Huai Su" possession of real law public posts, "Zhang Xu" off Thousand Character Classic ", Tang Zhaolingliujun, northern Shaanxi Han portrait stone.

The city's art gallery: Shaanxi Provincial Museum of Fine Arts

Shaanxi Provincial Museum of Fine Arts

Shaanxi Provincial Museum of Fine Arts Yes Yes currently the largest in western China a Museum of Fine Arts. Shaanxi Provincial Museum of Fine Arts collection function as a protection, display display, academic research, quality exhibition, aesthetic education, cultural exchanges and services, mainly to protect the collection, exhibition and study of ancient art showcase relics, classic modern art, contemporary art works Shaanxi folk and fine art. It is a plastic arts museum.

Shaanxi Provincial Museum of Fine Arts collection for the national collections. The main collection of works of art class with Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, watercolor gouache, craft, calligraphy, sculpture, paintings, rubbings, folk art and so on. Which focuses on collection of Shaanxi and the western region of modern and contemporary fine art works, Shaanxi folk arts and crafts boutique and related literature.

Shaanxi Provincial Museum of Fine Arts now has outstanding contemporary paintings on display in Shaanxi, Shanxi outstanding contemporary calligraphic works on display, and open all the year round.

Looked through the vicissitudes Xi'an: Xi'an Museum

Xi'an Museum

Xi'an City Wall Museum is located two kilometers south of Xi'an, the famous Tang Dynasty Pagodas building as the center, covering about 254 acres. Museum in 2007, was completed and opened on May 18, the construction area of ​​1.6 million square meters. Museum Pagodas to the national cultural heritage as the center, according to the overall cultural appreciation, tourism, service three functional areas integrated design. Overall appearance with round place for the creative concept, architectural style reflects the traditional Chinese culture and ideology, was named one of the top ten Xi'an future landmarks.

Xi'an Museum collection of artifacts of different ages Xi'an 130000, of which there are three or more precious relics country 14400, and a considerable number of cultural relics unearthed in the week, have a major impact on the Qin, Han and Tang dynasties in Chinese history. Museum debuted more than 2000 kinds of cultural relics. In addition to traditional display showcase style, but also reflect today's show uses a variety of techniques and technologies Hi-Tech electronic imaging, audio-visual technology. Display the contents of the museum display from the basic, thematic displays, temporary exhibitions of three parts. Basic display of "the ancient capital of Xi'an," as the theme, the ancient capital of Xi'an, 13, a thousand years of history buildings are the main line, highlights the history of the development of capital Xi'an. Buddhist Statue Art has a special display of "Po phase solemn" in the title of the "three true six grass, Lou month cut the cloud" as the subject of ancient paintings, ancient jade to "Heaven and Earth Spirit" in the title, with "stars Li Daqian "as the title of the stamp and other display; temporary exhibitions by the" Gyeonggi legacy "in the title, will be exhibited for the first time relics related to municipal districts and counties.

Xi'an, a visit must-see: the Shaanxi History Museum

Shaanxi History Museum

Shaanxi History Museum covers an area of ​​about 70,000 square meters, is a national history museum, is also China's largest and most modern history museum. Tang Museum is a group of buildings, in order to display the historical process of China for clues inside is divided into three exhibition halls, more than 3,000 pieces of cultural relics on display, all dynasties unearthed in Shaanxi cultural relics, so that people feel the ancient Shaanxi splendid culture, Chinese history to relive it again. Reminded that Shaanxi History Museum is free of charge throughout the year, but limited the distribution of free tickets daily limit of 4000 (prior to 2500 when the daily limit of 14, in the afternoon limited to 1500), the far end, be sure to catch the early going of friends.

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