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Xi'an Meihu drama

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Tune eyebrow households belong to the body, also known as "music drama", "melody", also called "fan beard", widely popular in Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, and southern Shanxi, western Henan, Shaanxi and Hubei junction Kawakita at othe

Tune eyebrow households belong to the body, also known as "music drama", "melody", also called "fan beard", widely popular in Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, and southern Shanxi, western Henan, Shaanxi and Hubei junction Kawakita at other places, Shaanxi Guanzhong most common.

Xi'an Meihu drama

"Good on good month" stills

Meihu play tunes tunes, mostly formed by absorption of Folk Folk Song of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, generally after a child's play house and stage show two stages of development. Chia-ching, Dynasty, there appeared social classes Yang Yunzai classes, after the party back to the child class, Guangxu years, Yanglao four classes north of the Weihe River eyebrow households appear. Guangxu Dynasty to the early Republic of China, the development of height, the legendary artists' opera afraid and eyebrow households Taiwan, "Mei Fengxiang households social classes appear only reached 22, sand concave classes, West Village, Ban White, the White House recessed classes, Chen Cun classes, etc., East House eyebrow households are also more than 20 criminal Huayin church building classes, such as bamboo Meiyukou classes, Huaxian old concept of Taiwan class, North sable classes. Guangxu years, Fuping Wang Jing incorporation of a "new plumage spectrum" recorded a song with words and lyrics of more than 240. Since the late Qing Dynasty, the emergence of East, West, Middle, South, North Rd song play. 1940, Shaanxi-Gansu-public performance troupe began with the traditional brow drama of modern family life, while absorbing eyebrow households artist Lee Bu, director enhanced strength, and Communication Arts DaiTu, cultivate An Zhijie, Zi, Huang Junyao, He wilderness, Li Gang, Wang Zhiyi, and other program-wing new generation of eyebrow households. People bold and innovative theater company, began to reflect modern life with traditional eyebrow households drama form, created and performed the "Twelve scythes" "you like", etc., from eyebrow households spread throughout the country, is recognized by everyone.

Xi'an Meihu drama

"Liang Qiuyan" stills

After the founding of People's Republic of China in 1953, the Shaanxi Provincial literary mission changed to Shaanxi Province eyebrow households group, incorporated in 1955 in our hospital, set up user groups eyebrow, Chang'an County has absorbed artist Huang Zhongxin, Xi Cui read other students and recruit training . 60 years of mining reproduces the traditional repertoire of more than 520, and edited and published "Meihu music," "Mei Qing Qu family" "eyebrow households Tunes" and so on, emerged exchange shop Wu De and other second-generation actor eyebrow households.

Meihu singing euphemism delicate, beautiful sounds, expressive deep, pathos and grief. Opera costumes Jian Pu, broad-brush makeup. Show real action, to life. The overall style is more modern. Melody rich, "72 major, 36 minor," he said. Major sad story to sing the main tune to sing happy story based. Now eyebrow households singing music refined to more than 50 tunes. Musical accompaniment to the main three-stringed lute, flute complement Banhu and sea, then gradually adding the erhu, playing piano and wind instruments stringed West. Percussion and percussion, both draw on local drama vary slightly. Eyebrow family has always been the majority of working class life, work, love, marriage, funeral funeral and other aspects of romance for the tone, its traditional repertoire is very rich, by the 1950s, the early non-1960s excavation finishing, count more than 500, mainly there are "Lian selling cloth," "Dawn bird", "every door Yin", "young and old to change" "Ann send rice" "fireworks champion" "sick baby sister," and so on, adapted according novel repertoire of "ancient city will" " Du "" Tattoo Encouraging learning "," fire horse "" breeze Pavilion "," eight Yi "and so on. After the founding of finishing the adaptation of the traditional repertoire of "Lian selling cloth," "Du", "Qujiang Showgirl" "Butcher champion" and so on, Yan'an period, and created and performed after the founding of the modern repertoire of "twelve sickle" "we like "" husband and wife literacy "and so on.

Meihu melodious sounds, strong artistic appeal, geographical spread wide, has experienced hundreds of years of development and evolution, making it more perfect, more attractive, not only has a strong mass base in Shaanxi, but also to neighboring provinces evolution and spread until take root and bloom. Music is a form of eyebrow households of tunes associated sets of body, the Syrian story is about a series of eyebrow user tunes concert series together to complete a full story. Its form is more flexible than other forms of chamber operas plate changing, with the development of the story, the emotions of performance is very comfortable, and the convergence is also very smooth and natural.

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