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Xi'an folk art Paper cutting

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Emerging from the mid-Qing Dynasty paper-cut so far on the development of the well-known form. Inheritors Zhu Suling Zhao Fengxian childhood studying under the old grandmother, aunt Wang Sulan learning paper-cut art. Art of our country is widespread crafts clip art, has a long history, with a clear artistic characteristics and regional artistic features of democracy. Paper cutting is one of the most popular Chinese folk art, according to its archaeological history dating back to the sixth century AD, but people think it actually began even earlier than this time hundreds of years. Paper-cut commonly used in religious terms, and decorative plastic arts and so on. In the past, people often made of paper and different patterns of object-image portraits, together with the deceased for burial or burning on the funeral, the practice sometimes can still be seen outside China. Paper-cut art generally have symbolic significance, it is part of this ritual; moreover paper-cut is also used as worship their ancestors and the gods with offerings ornaments.

Emerging paper-cut works - Year of the Pig rich map

Emerging paper-cut works - Year of the Pig rich map

Now, more paper-cutting is used for decoration. Paper-cut can be used for decorating the walls, doors and windows, room and pillar, mirrors, lamps and lanterns, etc., can also be a gift for decoration purposes, even paper-cut itself also as a gift to others. People also often before the paper-cut embroidery and painting as a model of art. Shaanxi folk paper-cut paper-cut is a new system, based on the folk art of paper cutting in northern Shaanxi, the Guanzhong and southern absorbed into the paper-cut art practices in local folk art, paper-cut art to form a unique style.

Emerging paper-cut works - every year more than

Emerging paper-cut works - every year more than

Content emerging folk art are: character (auspicious, dance, totem, dramatic characters, etc.); animals (zodiac chart, the top five chart, birds, animals, etc.); Fig wedding, birthday chart, all kinds of birds and flowers, but also paper-cut works reflect modern life. Having a main production: size scissors, knife, punch for, smoked lights, drawn paper and pens.

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