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Xi'an brick Process

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Brick is engraved text on the tiles, design patterns, not only do bear in mind, but also for decorative construction purposes, this brick, is more widely used in urban and rural areas in Xi'an

Brick is engraved text on the tiles, design patterns, not only do bear in mind, but also for decorative construction purposes, this brick, is more widely used in urban and rural areas in Shaanxi.

Brick sculpture has a long history. Far generations epitaph Wei, Jin, Northern Zhou, Han, Sui, Tang, Song in more than a Zhuanke epitaphs. According to the "yellow Sansuke a correction" contains: Fu Lai Han Dynasty palace ruins, Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Management Committee excavations have unearthed "Xia Yang Fu Lai Fu make provision; and non-polar world," 12-character Seal tiles (Fu Lai palace ruins, now Han Chi Chuan zhen County outside the South). Sui Dynasty, "Li Ming all brick mind," engraved on the "big dimension Sui Dynasty, has been ugly Year in February, June Dingmao Saigon, Daxing County, Yongzhou Shengxiang Min Lee Ann have to bear in mind." Bearing in mind this unearthed in 1954 in the eastern suburbs of Xi'an Guo Beach. Tang Dynasty, "Liu Tong's wife Wang Zhiming brick" on the seal of "Tang Yong Yuan" words. Department unearthed in 1955 in the western suburbs of Xi'an Tumen small village. (Note: The above two are quoted from "Xi'an Beilin" 50). Since then, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing and Republican era, brick house gable widely used in southern Shaanxi, northern Shaanxi and the middle of the temple in front of the screen wall and gable houses, etc. and civil dignitaries home.

Shaanxi brick

- Xi'an brick Process -

Southern Xixiang deer age temple front screen wall has a wall 10 meters high and 11 meters long, the wall of the base layer 7. The first layer of brick "moire", the second layer of the middle brick "Peony Ssangyong grab treasure" pattern, both sides of the brick "lotus flowers" and "Double Dragon play cloud" pattern, screen wall inscription: "Yi dynasty-year-old has unitary (dynasty twenty-nine years), (1849) Lam Sui month (June) reconstruction. " Week walls decorated with bamboo, plum, peony, pomegranate, day, month, brick bridges. The door to the main hall forecourt things mill wall has a square brick pattern on the seam, FIG. 150 cm high, 250 cm wide. East wall Zhuanke "den map" inscription: Qing dynasty, twenty one year (1895) Pan Xian book; the Western Wall Zhuanke: "Pine month Peony" Sentences: "May the day be exposed heart flowers, pine case of wind shadow moving ground "inscription:" when Ding-year-old has created muong xia month, up early would like to question. "

Xi'an Great Mosque, located in the northwest corner of the Drum Tower feel lane. This temple was built in the Emperor Li Longji Tianbao first year (742), a lot of the Ming and Qing Dynasties expansion. Large screen wall screen wall around the door and the doors to the halls and corridors, gate, etc. Beilou have a large number of carved brick square. As the prayer hall lined with doors to within three meters high and 3 meters wide square fine relief, north wall carved with lotus, Yang Liu pattern and the title poem:. "Green Leaf down the embankment, turn on the water in flower Xin Wan western border Lotus Ning net mouth. " South wall carved with grape arbor and a poem: "there had been the Western United States, like Han Chen to, intended for the house with peach, fresh fragrance several charges guess." Carved peony, magnolia pattern in the 2-foot-high mountain station of the south wall, four feet wide range. Beilou on the door and are carved with fine Bogut, flowers, such as Creeping, poetry, and other types of painting pattern. These brick, are finely ground after carved from the seam on the tiles. Shaanxi territory of the temple, more than a brick process.

In addition, Tang village moneybags Heritage Site and Jingyang County of Wu widow, social and other moneybags tree Yao, Yu Ming, the building houses the wall flowers Qing era, the house side, have a large number of fine brick pattern. The more rich people in the grave with the epitaph when Zhuanke couplet and buried people.

Xi'an brick brick made by artist Wang Tailai boutique, Fanggong Qin, Sui Qinglong Temple, Tang Daming Palace and the Imperial palace, mosque Xi'an six major groups of more than 2,000 pieces of fine knife, large-scale. In 1988 part of the works on display in Beijing, hit the capital, after visiting state leaders inscription: "a must", "a strange" and so on.

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