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Xi'an tourism souvenirs

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As one of the important cities of Xi'an in northwest China, rapid economic development in recent years to enhance the continuous development of business, shopping very convenient. Xi'an, a major shopping district is characterized by highly concentrated, so for tourists, shopping can be quite convenient. Whether it is to buy the necessities of life and journey, or local products and specialty merchandise, you can buy all around the city center.

Xi'an tourism souvenirs

Xi'an main shopping streets:

1, College Gate Culture Street which sells four treasures, calligraphy and painting, all kinds of souvenirs.

2, Hui Street sells all kinds of local products, handicrafts, souvenirs.

3, Jiefang Road - East Street - Bell Tower - South Street - along West Street, is a strong business atmosphere of the shopping district, modern shopping Lin Li, bringing together a number of high-end department stores and various specialty stores, and several large supermarkets.

4, Big Wild Goose Pagoda Cross surrounded by computers, digital products and accessories professional market, several large digital stores.

5, the hamlet business district in addition to a large department store, the store get together or trend where young people shopping paradise.

6, road rehabilitation and textile market mainly large wholesale all kinds of clothing and commodities, have a good eye and the effort bargain will be here to buy many good things cheap. But the market environment a bit messy, not recommended for foreign tourists to shop.

Tou souvenirs

In Xi'an, Shaanxi can buy many of the famous native products, such as walnuts, pomegranate, thick wine, crystal cakes, cured beef, thick wine, etc. Huanggui. These specialty in the major supermarkets are generally open area to have a specialty sales, eliminating the need for tourists looking for trouble. There are many Muslim Street in operating a variety of specialty shops and specialty dried fruit, pastries, can be counter-offer.

Some handicrafts and souvenirs, such as a variety of sizes replicas of terracotta warriors and horses, paper-cut works of art, Xun, Hu County peasant paintings, etc., but also tourists buy a souvenir or gift to friends and relatives to share. In some of these crafts department store Piyou counter sales, but relatively expensive; College Gate and Muslim Street where many stores selling such items, and can bargain.

Imitation Qin Tong Juma - Qin Tong Juma was in China in 1980 archaeologists excavated the eastern side of the mausoleum of two large painted Chariots of. Qin Tong Juma lifelike image imitation, real ones, both to meet the shopping needs of Chinese and foreign tourists, but also enrich the treasure trove of arts and crafts. Price 40 to 150 yuan.

Imitation Qin terracotta warriors and horses - With the discovery and exhibition of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses replica is becoming the ideal souvenirs and gifts foreign tourists. The varieties suitable for galleries, museums and other displays, but also for home furnishings, decorations, gifts friends and relatives. Price 40 to 100 yuan.

Tang Sancai imitation - imitation Tang Sancai vivid, the characters full of personality, horses and camels with a touching artistic charm and unique style. Price 40 to 800 yuan.

Monument rubbings - Xi'an Beilin collection of the Han, Wei, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties stele total of more than 2300, it is a vibrant place name of the monument calligraphy in China. Xi'an stele rubbings including Yen Chen, "Tang pagoda monument sense," Liu public rights of "Don occult tower monument," as well as works rubbings Ouyang Xun, Chu Sui-liang, Huai Su and other large calligrapher. Price 40 to 100 yuan.

Painted clay - Fengxiang painted sculpture is a kind of folk arts and crafts. It is stirred into pulp and clay plasticine, previously prepared mold, translated into the green tire to dry, white powder bottom, followed by color coating, polishing and painting Serve. Clay mostly hollow round plastic body, there are embossed pendant, both children's favorite toys, also in Shaanxi tourist souvenirs. Price 40 to 150 yuan.

Green porcelain - Yaozhou celadon glaze reproduction of the Song Dynasty celadon Yaozhou, richly varied decoration, pattern-based plants and animals, painting colorful, elegant novel, a variety of tableware, tea, wine and home decorative items and so on. Price 40 to 900 yuan.

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