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Xi'an Yi-sushe

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Xi'an yisushe formerly known as "Shaanxi Ling Society", founded in the second year of the Revolution, that is 1912, so far nearly nine decades of history, is one of the world art scene of the three oldest drama club. Li Tongxuan its founder, Mr. Sun Renyu such as Sun Yat-sen's League members, because of the "change our habits, auxiliary social education" for the purpose of running a company, it was renamed "yisushe", is the earliest opera training to foster artistic talent, culture and education opera arts groups and performance practice of combining. It is the first time the script build fruitful in the opera drama, only 80 years, more than 800 plays written this. The most famous innovations of staff: Fan Zidong, Sun Renyu, high culture and other support. It was first established opera drama club culture, operations and training combination.

Xi'an yisushe

Shaanxi is one of the oldest operas in northern China, is known as "Chinese drama originator", which is fine singing Guang, bold, your lungs need air, God can party together in the sound, it does not sing opera called "sing", and called " Roar". There was a Henan, to bring opera to Shaanxi, Xi'an with a broken doll bet on the length of Qin Yu, Henan, Shaanxi after the roar few times, the neck is not straight on, leaving it "to me it really Shaanxi anxiety, singing opera my neck YY to sing "joke.

Shaanxi XuSheng impassioned, Hao Yun long, angular editor cotton, Harlequin is born dead froze, Health, Hao, net, ugly tone of distinct, different, fully embodies the character traits of Qin Qin.

Was here, I do not know how much a staged opera drama, whenever talking about Xi'an yisushe, I will think of a person, that is Mr. Gao Pei branch, according to seniority I should call him grandfather, due to the passage of time, have not met only by understanding the opera master, something yisushe president of the narrative in some of the elderly in.

At the end of 1937 the Japanese invasion, the national crisis, Xi'an yisushe in Beijing, Xi'an continuous staged "a broken" "Give me my Country" and other patriotic preach against the enemy outstanding opera plays, but it was crazy Japanese invaders and traitors revenge.Japanese planes raid the ancient city, in flares traitors "guidance", the multi-bombs "targeted" invested yisushe. Theater roof was blown turn, drama club five workers and their families died!

Yisushe all the cast and crew, under the leadership of Mr. progressives, playwright Gao Pei branch, to seal molds, united as one, to the stage for the position to play for knives and guns, he staged a vigorous "sake" anti-Japanese drama, arouse the people, unity and resistance in the bright side of the banner erected!

The face of the Japanese bombing, yisushe all the cast and crew did not fear and retreat. With grief we feel after the funeral of the victims of the bombing of employees under the leadership of president Gao Pei branch, but also into the intense anti-Japanese propaganda. "Theater was destroyed, the people in Xi'an mess. Drama Club decided to stop rehearsals, anti-Japanese propaganda non-stop. Therefore, drama club every day to send us back 10 bun, came outside the city's southern suburbs Guanyin Village (now near Wenyi Road) of the dugout to continue rehearsing a number of anti-Japanese repertoire new at the time of this national crisis, some of yisushe old and new intelligentsia is heart sick national crisis, the creative mood was greatly excited. at this time, although the environment is very difficult, but they created a series of many script ideas of patriotism, of which three Feng Jie "join the army" Hao Xintian "civilian revolution" and so on. Especially with Fan Yangshan "battle of the Yangtze River," "bloody Yongji" "the North of the Great victory," "national soul" "shepherd boy Aventure" and the most famous, known as the war of Resistance five Steps. "

Xi'an Yi-sushe

Shortly after the Xi'an Incident, Second Cooperation rolled together, Yan'an writers and artists set up a brewing war correspondent group and go to the front field troupe propaganda show. In early July 1937, the CPC Central Committee approved the establishment of the Northwest AFS, a famous writer Ding Ling director, Kang Da members are mostly students.

In early March 1938, AFS was ordered to come to the front Xi'an, Shanxi, to carry out anti-Japanese propaganda work. They will help with the rescue against the enemy in the Eighth Route Army in Xi'an office and under Xi'an, we lived in a middle school near Lianhu Park, the venue specially selected in yisushe.

"In the negotiations on loan yisushe theater, when he was president of the high training for combat service support due to the group do not know much, so to agree to charge a small rental fee. But when she saw the Corps comrades, actively took to the streets posted anti-Japanese slogans and propaganda against the Japanese newspaper drama, acting time and packed, applause, slogans sound one after another, high-president moved so popular, especially to see the service group when opening the show, in addition to actors, orchestra leaders and other personnel have participated in service work, such as ticketing, check mark, odd jobs the whole package down. all this makes high awareness training support services group played a fundamental change.

He yisushe the members at the meeting, repeatedly asked us to serve the group as a 'pear model' to learn from their spirit to endure hardship. And often with emotion, told yisushe other colleagues: 'The first time I saw such a good army! 'Then, yisushe AFS actors and actors mingle quickly. During the show, yisushe actors act in harmony with the AFS, and actively help rehearsals, make-up, clothes and gifts play a supporting actor. When the Corps played opera, and some actors sick, yisushe actor Xiao Guohua replace immediately staged. Parting, Gao Pei branch resolute decision to waive the 700 yuan Chang Zufei Corps payable. Later, when the Corps left Xi'an, yisushe also specifically gave a full AFS student, Dan, net, scandal head-funded anti-Japanese propaganda work. Later I heard that this is the Shaanxi-Gansu first complete opera outfit. In 1985, when Ding Ling Xi'an, but also particularly thinking about high culture support and ease customs agency, and had come to yisushe, happily he visited the scene of the year. "

Special Note

1, the general weekend yisushe Theater will perform, but the show specifically what to ask in advance or better. Interested people can go take a look at the contents of the track to go back to review theater experience, even if do not understand also able to understand the authentic aria only here to fully experience.

2, like to listen to opera friends also can go to the Development Center of Shaanxi Opera yisushe next door around here monopoly opera about a variety of DVD, tape and related products.

3, located in downtown Xi'an high Courtyard Xinglong Lane 42 is a high-Pei branch of one of the founders yisushe former residence of China's most renowned theater, to repair the Qing Dynasty, rooms on both sides of the hospital are "half a house cover "in Ha house with residential characteristics typical of Shaanxi, interested friends can go to visit.

Traffic Guide

Scenic Area Address: Xincheng District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, 282 West Road (near chopping board Street)

Car lines: Xi'an within a mere 11,12,606,608,611 road waiting for the bus to get off the bell tower, go from the chopping board Street or go all the way from the west about 100 meters to get there.

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