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Travel Daren recommended Backpackers Xi'an three-day Travel

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Xi'an, the ancient name "Chang" is one of the world's four major ancient Wen Ming famous, ranking first in China's ancient capital, capital is the longest in Chinese history, capital most dynasties, the greatest impact of the capital, is the Chinese nation cradle, birthplace of Chinese civilization, the representative of Chinese culture. She was once the center of the world, full Han dynasties, the Tang culture spread throughout the world. Such a place, how not appreciate!

D1: Downtown conventional route: Beilin - Walls - Drum Tower - Muslim Street - Museum - Big Wild Goose Pagoda - Datang Furong Garden - Small Wild Goose Pagoda

Xi'an City Wall

Xi'an City Wall

As soon as you can go to those shops or stalls to taste, then travel to the Bell Tower and Drum Tower Beilin, anywhere in the Xi'an area generally to the Drum Tower Bell Tower or bus. Belfry east far ahead Luomashi through the pedestrian street, not far from the Forest of Stone Tablets. After Beilin, it reached the South Plaza (Yongning gate), on the walls of 40 yuan per person, which is China so far the oldest preserved Ming Dynasty city wall, Majestic, worth a visit. Bicycle on the wall, can not hurry revolution around the walls. After down from the walls can go back to Muslim Street to eat lunch. Mutton desert heard so much who wins, the soup dumplings, fried jelly and the like. Southerners may not used to eating mutton soup smell, we recommend each sample point only a bowl, first try, good point again, otherwise they will be a great waste. After lunch you can take the bus to the Museum of History in Gulou station.

Da-Yan Tower

Da-Yan Tower

There are 610 road trip to Xi'an tourist buses, this train will most attractions in Xi'an string together, the train station is the starting point of this train, there are these places along the route, the Office of the Eighth Route Army (revolutionary education base, Premier Zhou has lived here during the war) - Small Wild Goose Pagoda (monk was here translated texts, but many quiet than the big Wild Goose Pagoda) --- Tai Hing Temple (to get off - Mosque (Drum tower, Bell tower also here) walk 200 meters West, Buddhist temples) - Shaanxi History Museum (dazzling artifacts, like artifacts and antiquities dealers the best friends to visit, from Tai Hing Temple without visiting the car, go east along the road, cross the road continue east 400 meters on to the back door of the Museum of History, around to the main entrance on it) - big Wild Goose Pagoda (a symbol of Xi'an, the monk was here translated texts, in addition there is a large Grace Temple is located, but many people, it is recommended Do plethora plethora of expensive and pointless) - Emperor Qin Palace (terminal, Xi'an film Studio to make a movie of the construction of man-made landscape for many years, it is best not to go), if the 610 road tour buses there anything missing words, it should be the monument Forest, the Forest of Stone Tablets is a paradise for lovers of calligraphy, ancient monument good numerous.

D2: Eastern Tour: East Railway Station Square bus - Hua Qingchi - Terracotta Warriors and Horses

East Railway Station Square bus to Huashan, after two hours to reach Hua Shandong gate, then take the car to Huashan cable port (fare 10 yuan / person). I suggest that you try to put the Huashan late journey, because Huashan very strenuous, back legs certainly varying degrees of pain. This will affect other attractions to visit.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Terracotta Warriors and Horses

East Railway Station Square to the Terra Cotta Warriors line, fare 6 yuan / person to Hua Qingchi, if the straight reach Terracotta Warriors and Horses is 7 yuan / person, but they recommended first Hua Qingchi, because Hua Qingchi doorstep bus to the Terracotta Warriors 3 yuan / person. Hua Qingchi Tickets are 70 yuan / person (your right), guide fee is also 30 yuan.

Hua Qingchi spa is worth a bubble, the scenery is also good, very suitable for photography. Lintong Lantian very well-known, the price is not expensive, you can buy, of course, the price depends on the level of the individual bargain.

Hua Qingchi

Hua Qingchi

Hua Qingchi out the door to take the 306 terracotta warriors and horses, in fact, on his way through the mausoleum, there are interested can get off to visit a friend in time. They all visited the terracotta warriors and horses, how great and spectacular own feelings. There are guided tours will be more clearly understood, so this money do not save. Visited the Terra Cotta Warriors, he will have to go back a little Ji Nianpin, shop good stuff, of course, is a modern imitation of scientists from research according to the terracotta warriors and horses in the mud, each one is National Heritage, Clinton wanted to use 200 million dollars to buy a terracotta State did not agree, but sent a imitation, it is this the. Money can buy a home collection can be purchased at the door of the store, remember to bargain, the general asked five dollars a box (note the box), it is estimated three yuan can be traded.

Famen Temple

Famen Temple

Famen Temple is a place worth going inside the underground palace and museum treasures are worth seeing, while impressive is the contribution made by the people for the protection of cultural relics. I left to go personally relevant historical experience. East Railway Station Square is also a car. 25 yuan / person, about two hours by car, train about eight or nine head open. About two hours by car. Famen Temple to get to see the museum treasures, because the baby inside the underground palace museum treasures are on shift. Museum treasures to be sure to hire a tour guide, or see the baby do not know its value and origin. Famen Temple tickets will implement one-vote system, 120 homes can visit the Famen Temple, Famen Temple Museum and Dagoba three spots.

Famen Temple >>

Travel Tips

Food: Off The most common human basic pasta, in addition to steamed bun, I am afraid that "chili oil surface (biangbiang face)." In addition, feast, Qin town Liangpi, beef steamed mutton, lamb wax old child at home, Hamburger, Hulu, meatballs Hu soup, candied steamer cake, steamed stones and other food, visitors can selectively taste.

Chili oil surface

Chili oil surface

Shopping: Xi'an major modern leisure attractions, shopping, snack Street: Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Plaza, Datang, Chanba ecological zone / hamlet, East Street, West Street, South Street, North Street, Luomashi pedestrian street, road rehabilitation Golden Flower / pink Lane, Telford Lane, Muslim Street.

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