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Xi'an folk singing and dancing worship god

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Fire agency, as the most ancient custom in China has a history of thousands of years, it comes from the ancient land of worship and fire, is the ancient totem worship and witchcraft product is ancient times, people used to worship the worship conducted religious activities. "It" is the land of God; "fire", ie fire ancestors, the legendary Vulcan. Can evil refuge. Worship the god of song and dance ritual, meant to pray for good weather, bumper harvest.

Shaanxi civil society fire

- Shaanxi civil society fire -

Civil society fire activity

The term first appeared in the Song Dynasty's fire. "Tokyo Midtown" volume eight records: June 24, Huan mouth Erlang birthday, music studio located on the front terrace erlangmiao, the "community fire was on top of the terrace." In the Han, Wei, Northern, Sui and Tang dynasties to the Southern Song Dynasty, Imperial New Year's Eve also retains a large Nuo, after which gradually replaced the fire agency and into the fire agency. Song of fire visible civil society are all-inclusive, spectacular. By the time of the fire agency worship, witchcraft, Nuo, acrobatics, music and dance, the army drama, folk acrobatics and other components. Every lunar month to fifteen, village organizations will organize the festival, idolatrous, there is a pole, get jump, jump rope, sumo, clappers, little singing, cock fighting, said the muddy words, juggling, business mystery, co-Sheng, bones Joe, Joe sumo, prodigal son, drama, science as students, Cho knife, loaded ghosts, calendering drum, brand stick, Taoism and the like miscellaneous opera performances.

When fire performance, facial masks, essential. Fire agency mask the origin, according to Shaanxi folk artists introduced, Zhou Dynasty, King Wu of Zhou Bing Fa, army line to the unicorn mountain, was stationed at the foot of the Grand Preceptor blocking the path. Jiang Ziya meter on the heart, let the soldiers put on a magic day battle shouting the mask, all mighty demon, like heavenly down to earth. Wen Taishi I do not know true and false, that God, broke camp and fled. Folk after the matter had passed by a ghost face painting folk customs, and gradually integrated into the community fire. Academia is generally believed that the origins of Facebook is the time of the Qin Dynasty and exorcism dance. Nuo is the ancient ritual of the times, "Nuo" This is a legendary bird, after being personified, become a ritual performances. Nuo dance is a dance of religious exorcism epidemic in the Zhou Dynasty Sacrificial formed the basis of, and obvious features of Nuo, is wearing a mask dance.

The main types

Teeming with folklore and drama story as a theme, to show a story by one or a group of people, a story that is a turn fire agency. People want to paint the fire agency mask, wear clothing fire agency, agency holding torches stick. Teeming tour speech is generally Spies first, followed by the fire agency flag, handguns team (artillery), flag team, fire team, and finally the percussion. Community fire according to their performance can be divided into two types of fire and fire modeling agency performance agency, modeling agency fire main display character modeling and process; performing community hospital for the presence of the main fire fighting hit show. The main types of community fire, the fire agency cloth, back fire agency, the horse's fire, car fire agency, core fire agency, the Sierra Club fire, the fire agency mask, the station's fire, the fire agency stilts, blood fire agency, black fire agency and so on.

Core fire agency

Core fire agency can be said that Chinese opera characters artistic style of plastic arts, which is based mainly children, the children were dressed as colorful costume history, mythology dramatic characters, and more for the chivalrous hero figure; and children "bundle, bang , stick "firmly fitted on a stent design iron (commonly known as the core), the bracket is generally heaped three characters, some more layers, the hob cover clothing, hanging volley like character, actor Akira small height Huangyou, crumbling, breathtaking spectacular, giving the impression to shocking. The "core" stress is too "high, panic and dangerous, hanging" feature; the "core" is being carried by several early brawny, the core is now mounted on the vehicle or directly below the core installation wheeler, slowly swim show, for people to watch.

Fire agency Face

Teeming often people shouted "theater", or "pantomime." Teeming role of performer is the stage debut in the form of travel exhibition, the audience recognize the role of appearance of relying on the mask. Fire agency Face is appearance and character traits of departure, with the sun and moon lines, fire lines, vortex pattern, frog pattern and other ornamentation of different combinations of performance of the character's personality; to color identification figures loyal, evil, good, evil, Zhong as red, white as rape, positive black, yellow is brutal, as wilderness blue, green for the instrument Xia, wild evil, silver demon God. Baoji fire agency mask, with its long history, mystery, profound cultural connotation, massive scene, has been widespread concern in academic circles, has become the highlight of Shaanxi folk activities during the Spring Festival.

West House fire agency

Shaanxi Baoji areas, people commonly known as West House, is one of the fire agency Face Art Shaanxi regional representative. In particular Longxian and fire agency Face Baoji County, spread a long history, Facebook strange shapes, bright colors simple, strict attention to ornamentation, and complete multi-spectral kind, represents the highest level of the West House fire agency Face. Baoji county red blood Shazhen fire agency is even a kind of national community fire only reservation Shaanxi, it is a leap year every show time. Red blood shazhen fire agency is Water Margin Wu Song killed Ximen Wu revenge story as a theme, performing mainly with an ax, the guillotine, scissors, chain cutter, awl and other piercing instruments and other bad guys Ximen head, the fire agency the contents of bloody terror and very realistic, so called blood fire agency. The village is said to be unique skills, the site is confidential, the general makeup of the village temple, guarded the door, other people are not allowed to close, and pass child-female.

In Shaanxi, the fire agency is known as the core, stilts, Chikuma, Han Chuan, the lion, dragon and so on, is a by-playing, modeling, artistic skills to win. It is through the action of a variety of difficult and strict idea to let the actors playing historical figures and modern characters, the story of the formation of a combination, giving a strategically advantageous position, surprisingly thrilling artistic appeal. In particular, this closely together of art and opera, derived from the ancient land of yellow, has a long history and unique charm. Lasted for thousands of years the fire agency, it has become an important annual Baoji in Shaanxi cultural practices in the first month. Baoji therefore known as the "Hometown of China's fire."

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