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Xi'an folk opera rod puppet theater

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The middle reaches of the Yellow River in Shaanxi Province in the eastern part of northwest China, east across the Yellow River in Shanxi, west of Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, north, south, Sichuan, Chongqing, south-east and Henan

The middle reaches of the Yellow River in Xi'an Province in the eastern part of northwest China, east across the Yellow River in Shanxi, west of Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, north, south, Sichuan, Chongqing, south-east and Henan, Hubei border. The province's geographical north to south, something narrow, north-south length of about 880 km, east-west width of 160 to 490 kilometers. Xi'an has a long history, national culture famous. Is one of the important birthplaces of ancient Chinese people and Chinese culture, is the center of several dynasties political, economic and cultural history of China, the Chinese nation is the earliest history Wen Ming to the world, and is the shrine of modern Chinese revolution, for the Chinese people the survival, reproduction and human history Wen Ming has made a unique contribution.

Shaanxi rod puppet theater photo

Xi'an rod puppet theater photo

Xi'an rod puppet distributed across the province, especially in the region off the many social classes, as well as Hanzhong Yang County of Shangluo Danfeng County and Luonan County. The famous rod puppet Republic of China social classes are: Hu Lantian County, Xi'an Cao baby puppet class, Danfeng County to shun classes, puppet Hongxi social classes, Chang'an County Mazi and its sub-class puppet king to come, Koto puppet classes, Xingping County town of mulberry wish the original puppet classes, music classes educating society puppet, puppet Xingping County Township Tian Fu classes, Luonan County Liu Zhongxi puppet classes.

After the founding of the party under the guidance of the principle literary "A Hundred innovation," the puppet arts Xi'an has been greatly developed, according to incomplete statistics puppet social classes was nearly 80, the early 1950s, people puppet government support Chang set up a puppet drama artists and peace puppet drama club, drama club changed state-owned Chang'an, Xi'an Province, changed its name to artistic puppet theater, and later changed its name to Xi'an Folk Arts Theater.

Xi'an rod puppet of appliances and related products

Xi'an rod puppet most characteristic is the "inner rod puppet" stick hand puppets in both clothes, Central stick is (a length of about 80 cm, diameter 3 cm thick under thin pine sticks, at the top of 75 cm a 20 cm long horizontal loading, 8 cm wide, 2 cm thick wood do shoulders one in front of the center of the shoulder has a hole and a small hole nozzle liner for the puppet head through line), hand stick (two 75 length cm, about 1 cm in diameter, solid bamboo, bamboo root downwardly bent 30 degrees at 66 cm Zhushao the top of the tube with a wood engraving fist, left and right fist sub central circular hole has a handle ready for installation, props, etc.)

Prepared Xi'an puppet: the first choice Yang Mu or willow carved into eight-inch circumference head type, and through the thin plastic and dirt dilute glue spreads even outside the head, filled with a scar which, the polished according to the characters features from colored painted.

Puppet show is an artistic lifts, Xi'an rod puppet is held in the left arm sticks (also called life bar), right hand steering stick. The left hand middle finger, ring finger and little finger of the stick in her hand puppets, behind which the thumb stick against it, for catching finger puppet liner and nozzle lines, the right stick is put manipulator hand stick left and right hands after the stick, the roots on the palm, the thumb, index finger puppet master right stick, left middle finger and ring master stick puppet, puppets with the magnitude of the operation, two hands in the right hand stick may be longer or shorter, It can be high or low.

Chiefly on four drums (ie newspaper drum) dry drums, drums, percussions, gong, small gong, big cymbals (also known as dumpling) small cymbals (also known as fan sub) banhu, erhu, dulcimer, fighting Weng, cello, flute , suona, number.

Carving tools: ax, plane, iron gauges, chisels, flat shovel, sand paper, wood saw, etc., graver (medium and small), wood, awl.

Drawing tools: paint (black, yellow, red pigment of various materials) Langhao pen.

Props costumes are: Sheng, Dan, net, ugly, wigs a variety of roles, clothing, headwear.

Representative of the repertoire

"Chop Li Guang" Synopsis: When Zhou Li Wang, Li Guang Hui Zhao Zheng Fan triumph, Bai Yan Li Wang celebration. Luan horse lords refused to accept the fight with Lee, Ma Li Luan front teeth knocked out. Ma anger, and sister of murdered Ma Fei, Li Wang to enter slander, Wang Li Li Guang cut. Li Gang fight toward his brother, killed Ma Luan Xiong sister, pro-Li Wang Ji Li Guang, sealed Li Gang, the parties break.

"Hit the town station" Synopsis: Ming Dynasty Ancestor years, Mr Lee if the total of eight town molested the daughter, the Ministry of Shang Shuwen celebrate Baodabuping, accidentally killed the child if Mr Lee's. If Mr Lee played on the holy cross-town Hua Ting Wang magistrate hearing. Lee bullying, row magistrate court. Wang Chen crime row of the courtroom, the eight overall town and beat Li Ching if full, clear and to intellectual exploration. This drama also known as "Akie month." The "hit town station" a break long popular.

"Chopped yellow robe" Synopsis: Song Taizu satisfied Han Sumei Wei Fei, his brother Han Long rely Guojiu rampant trend, Wang was Peking Zhengen beat, Han Long palace and sister reconsidered, while Zheng Dynasty drunk beheaded, his wife Zheng Tao Miharu revolted siege Bianjing, consort Gao Huaide kill Han Chuang Shi Xiongmei Palace, Song Taizu in a yellow robe thrown off the tower to Taosan Chun, Tao thousand knives cut gowns to vent their anger, retreat. ? The play, also known as "cut Zheng En", "Peach Blossom Palace."

"Zhou Ren back to the House" crafty narrative Ming Yan Yan Song's godson years coveted the wife of Du literature, literature and then falsely accused Du Lingnan their exile. Du literature before leaving to care for his wife kneeling Yi Di Zhou Ren. Du literature Menke flatter east informant, thanks to years of strict official Zhou Ren Xian Sister make it. Zhou Ren and his wife secretly reconsidered, in order to play the wife of his elder brother's wife, Yan offered in years, he carried Sao flee. Yan Fu's wife to kill thieves is not serious, committed suicide. After the release Du literary injustice snow return, see Zhou Ren, Nuze. Du pain literature wife came forward to say the whole story, the truth is beginning next year. "Road regret" is one fold.

Xi'an rod puppet show basic features

1, significant geographical features: Rod puppets are Xi'an unique theatrical performances, reflecting the people and culture of Xi'an, the local rural culture is a important part of life, has a strong local color;

2, spread wide development: as easy to perform, props simple, easy to understand the content of the show, so widely distributed social classes, widely performances. Where worship, festivals and folk activities have to hire a puppet show, mainly fewer personnel to spend inexpensive, small and easy, both fun and affordable, entertainment and entertain the people of God, welcomed by the masses;

3, singing old show atmosphere: the art of puppet opera singing adhering to the characteristics of both Gao Ang agitation, shortness Qiang Lie. Especially the painted face singing, to love moving, full of exaggeration. Rod puppet performances is simple, straightforward, delicate and profound;

4 performances in various forms: Xi'an puppet has eclectic, absorbing characteristics. Its unique artistic style, line of business roles meticulous division of labor, puppet head carving Vivid, performing delicate, expressive movement, the majority of the audience favorite;

5, heritage order: rod puppet Xi'an is unique, in addition to performances by artists, the perfect puppet plastic arts and operating skills also attract a broad audience of important respects. Rod puppet even about 3 feet high, equipped with three levers, two affects the hands, head and body a dominant performance.

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