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Xi'an Zhouzhi Bo embroidery dumb

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"Higurashi break and flower Johnson, compete for a small twist to bed described. Embroidered Anxiang Chun garden, attracted Huang Ying under wicker." End Yin Tang Dynasty poet Hu can make the song "Ode embroidery", so we can not help but think of the

"Higurashi break and flower Johnson, compete for a small twist to bed described. Embroidered Anxiang Chun garden, attracted Huang Ying under wicker." End Yin Tang Dynasty poet Hu can make the song "Ode embroidery", so we can not help but think of the ingenuity of the girls Feizhenzouxian weeks out fine embroidery embroidery.

Came around Zhouzhi County, Shaanxi, not difficult to see the family, embroidered room, sun field ...... girl gathered in small groups. They sang opera, the first to wear embroidered organs, such as ginger bud that tender fingers, swinging up and down like a butterfly whipped, rich beauty of dance. Look at the fine embroidery, eye-catching color, pattern novel, unique embroidery stitch pieces, can give people the beauty of art to enjoy; that blossoming peony as if Han Xiang with a smile, that the wings of feathers fly Chunyan like to shake that the magnificent mountains and rivers as you feel, that graceful Chang E to leave the moon floating in the air like a mortal ...... come.

Zhouzhi Bo embroidery dumb

- Dumb Bo embroidery weeks -

Zhouzhi County is located in northwestern Shaanxi Guanzhong Plain, South Qinling, North Bin Wei, is under the jurisdiction of Xi'an. Zhouzhi historic, ground fertile material abundance, beautiful mountains, beautiful scenery, rich products, known as "golden weeks" reputation. Gyeonggi Han and Tang is a powerhouse when, in the final jurisdiction of the court directly. Zhouzhi women embroidered good manual dexterity, since ancient times like a purse embroidered ah, ah what Guodu away. Or embroidered shoes, dowry and other supplies, it also decorate the walls of embroidery known as "embroidery town," he said. Zhouzhi embroidery has a long history, which is closely linked with the long history of the county mulberry silk. Here a mild climate, suitable for ancient mulberry sericulture, silk silk smoke, which in the "Book of Songs" that is recorded. "Systematic Research" people when it comes to the Western Zhou Dynasty embroidery, painting and silk reeling scene. Ancient "Book" records here: "painting clothes and skirts embroidered" There are six kinds of embroidery pattern. The description of the Zhou Dynasty, slave-owning aristocracy weeks, the popular embroidery. Weeks unearthed cultural relics, spinning wheels and bone needles, etc., where you can get a glimpse of our ancestors mulberry sericulture, pumping silk silk, embroidery sewing situation. Qin Han dynasties, in the east of the county has a broad Shanglinyuan Heihe, Yang Xiu grow Palace, five oak Palace, the Palace of grapes, shot the bear Palace Museum and other museum. Documented intrauterine applicator with pepper and mud walls, magnificent and beautiful adorned the above types of embroidery. Referred to as "house does not form material not exposed wall shape, the balloon algal embroidery, network attached to lun." "Wood ti embroidered clothing, soil cover Zhu Zi." Middle Western, wealthy landowners also a large selection of original exclusive Royal embroidery, embroidery decorated the walls and even the living room. Weeks to get embroidery trend of the first. Sui and Tang dynasties, Gyeonggi weeks as the capital of embroidery spread to the countryside weeks. Done weeks Xian Wei Tang Dynasty poet Bai, in the mouth Luo Yi (now Luo Yu Xiang) office, wrote that "embroidered at the whisk to see." Had done "embroidered woman sighed," poem, a poem: "Even Luo Li pattern embroidered jacket, the proposed rates sister-conscious New Year Spring Hope Rao account, who can take advantage of a daily effort puzzled frown knot needle, thread line difficult to wear.? tears face beads. although not with embroidered bed embroidery, embroidered bed with no know. " The world-famous Tang Dynasty "Silk Road", the south line through the northern Zhou Zhiping original. Changan embroidery from here to across. Tang Dynasty palace embroidery directly affect the weeks temple decorative embroidery. Arranged within the fine embroidery, such as streamers, buildings, tent, umbrella, tent tables, pads and the like embroidery groups, sophisticated technology. Their elders, presided, said soil, monks, nuns dressed in costumes embroidered crystal, it is very beautiful. Ming Dynasty opera drama troupe weeks to install, used, are embroidered by the folk embroidery. Weeks to custom, female red embroidery is a top priority. Rebuilt "Zhouzhi County," will be listed as female red embroidery The first craft. Village, said the girl was embroidered women, called for the boudoir Xiufang. Nongyan there: "silkworm old wheat yellow, embroidered women get out of bed," the sentence. each Village has a "dare to boast needle clever fingers" embroidery work. The county folk also spread the fun "learning embroidery" songs: "Your toddlers will write, my sister Zhahua woman would tie peony, pomegranate sister bar, the bar will not rest Third Sister, fight. kang cotton spinning to the end, someone in the future to you Yeah! "so, all the girls are learning embroidery, embroidered race, Qi Qiao Festival every year, Weaver beg God to teach embroidery and other arts, is an ancient folk traditions and customs. But in the old days weeks we have not been able embroidery as an industry can not flourish. After the founding of New China, especially since the reform and opening up 80 years, it has opened up broad prospects for embroidery Zhouzhi County.

Zhouzhi County of embroidery industry quietly rising in the west of the county, especially dumb Bai town. Dumb Bai town formerly known as Bai. Li Shimin hunting now, enjoying the breeze under the shade of cypress, shaded by long-term unwavering. Taizong Jingwen: "Why the" cypress silence?. Taizong laughed and said, "Bo really dumb too." Since then, dumb Bai town got its name. Dumb Bai town used to be the "Silk Road" South line of the first leg, is the largest town in western Zhouzhi County, business development, accessibility. Since the embroidery industry needs less capital, less production inputs, short, quick income, so people take the lead, people would follow, as accurately. Initially, the production of embroidery can only be sold on the market dumb Bai town, many people do, the local sales could not finish, you need to open up new markets, so should be shipped appeared salesman called "Erdaofanzi" after the acquisition with to the provinces and municipalities to sell, and the good sales of raw materials around the back weeks. Zhouzhi why ancient and modern embroidery wind is not static, embroidered Fatchett? Because there is a unique advantage of access to the north and south of her location, the North-South integration techniques, embroidery cater to Western. In addition to the customs clearance is also "beak", most of their girl to be married local girls have exquisite embroidery auspicious patterns on the sheets, quilt cover, pillowcases, aprons, curtains, insoles and other dowry goods to be married. So that her in-laws, husband, aunts, neighbors paraded his deft craftsmanship. So, the girls to work fine athletics, promote the development of Zhouzhi embroidery industry. It can be said, embroidered dowry, keepsake in each one contains the girls love.

Embroidery for the development of the cause, it soon developed into a pillar industry in Zhouzhi County economy. Zhouzhi county government adhere to the correct guidance, actively support the principle, to take timely measures, from capital, technology to market and support. And held many exhibitions crystal embroidery, the little "embroidery" more open the more tender and beautiful. In 1995 Zhouzhi embroidery total income of nearly 200 million yuan, production of more than 100 million pieces of practitioners has 18 towns, more than 40,000 households, more than 50,000 people. Only dumb Bai town embroidery market, every three, six, nine set the date, there are more than 5,000 embroidery on the market stalls. Local and foreign buyers come together from all directions. County embroidery production company, "Qin card" Artex embroidery, flower-shaped Su, fashionable and sophisticated choice of materials, excellent workmanship, embroidery annual output of 200,000 (sets), products exported to over 10 countries and regions. Annual production value of nearly billion, quite the county agricultural output value of 71%. Embroidery has become a pillar industry in Zhouzhi County.

Zhouzhi Shaanxi folk art embroidery crystal wonderful work, on behalf of Qin embroidery origin. It is the Soviet Union, Hangzhou, Hunan, Sichuan and other national name embroidered different, it has a strong odor of local and regional specialties. Embroidery mostly Xiuhuazhentou, curtains, tablecloths, tablecloths, bed Wai, apply, with the insole and around the like. Compared with a three characteristics: 1. Yiping needle-based, acrylic line with large flowers in the big picture, not only colorful, simple and generous, the style concise, sophisticated composition, bright colors, rigorous stitch, embroidery clear rationale, unique. An embroidery a painting, both magnificent bold masterpiece, but also exquisitely delicate little pieces, full of national characteristics; 2. Inexpensive, generally cheaper than the South embroidery nearly half; 3. Delivery; send goods home, good service, so well received by consumers and minority people welcome foreigners liked. Part of the embroidery have been exported abroad. It is expected, in the course of modern technology combined with traditional folk art in Zhouzhi embroidery surely an even more splendid blooming flowers.

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