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Xi'an a few special food street recommended

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Barley Street Hui snacks Street

Xi'an a few special food street recommended

Is a famous ancient city of Xi'an Muslim snack street, it is the only business Hui snack food specialty market. The whole street unique architectural style, colorful snacks readily available. Located in urban areas due to the heat, but also inhabited by Muslims, the whole street people coming and going all day long, steady stream. This street has many stores are open 24 hours a day, whenever you go, so you can always eat satisfied.  

Snacks: horse home cured beef and mutton, beef and mutton wax old child at home, Ho marinade jelly and so very authentic, notoriety, and the Doctor, clyster buns, wheat kernels porridge, dumplings, casseroles, persimmon cake, fried jelly , Islamic meatballs paste soup, Niangpi, beef and mutton steamed, grilled fish, roast meat, rinse tripe like. Muslim roasted here is also very good, such as fried melon seeds, fried peanuts, beef marrow fried noodles, is most welcome.

Hours: Day and night, pick to eat.

Address: West Street Qiaozi mouth even the word north of the southern section of Barley Street

North Guangji Street Hui snacks Street

Here is one of the places Xian Hui snacks are concentrated where the old horse home steamer cake King (northeast corner of Ma belongings word No. 205) retort Xi'an is one of the famous snack cake, many NPC come all the way here just to eat the horse just came out on the warm home steamer cake, that is delicious and affordable, plus the boss warm and thoughtful service, a constant stream of diners here during the day.  

Snacks: horse home steamer king cake, Liu chicken, old iron home flavors cured beef and mutton, King Kai Lisi persimmon cake, old Xu Huang Gui persimmon cake, old Liu steamed beef and mutton, lamb old white house basin old Liu fried dumpling, Ma Haggis lamb, old Liu tamales and so on.

Opening hours: during the day until midnight

Beiyuanmen Night Market

Snack varieties: Fung Ka casserole barbecue, barbecue particularly special, Lin floor settle cooking, baby-barbecue grills, to Hitt snacks, sweets store old Ukrainian family, army baby Spicy barbecue, fried Li, a benefit-noodle, Lan barbecue, barbecue sea, Guan Tang Jia three steamed buns, beef and mutton fry Shaanxi first bowl steamed Hall, Lao Jin basin lamb home, settle old traditional pastries.

Hours: 6:00 am to

Large leather Academy Night

Snack varieties: a true floor snack, Wang Dumpling House, a vegetarian snacks, snack floor four treasures, Seven barbecue, old iron cattle steamed mutton, tamales old Liu, Jia sweets shop (plum, flood canal), Mu Sa casserole, steamed museum old child at home, will be small crisp meat, Wen Qian Toto bun, steamed Jia's Toto, Ma Haggis lamb and so on.

Hours: 6:00 am to

East Street Night Market

Xi'an is within the larger a night market, are about more than 50 stalls, a very rich variety of snacks, Shaanxi flavor-based, both across the country snacks to suit all tastes. Varieties of snacks: snacks throughout the flavor, all kinds of cooking, casseroles, noodle, Spicy, hot pot, steamed buns, dumplings, roast fish, rinse tripe, beef steamed mutton, food stalls and so on.  

Features: Chang Kee Guangdong traditional hot pot, often credited snacks, often credited Mala Tang, Jin An rinse tripe, Six barbecue grilled fish, small steamed buns Lee Hall, home cooking Luo, Xie mind noodle casserole, dumplings settle down, longevity even hemp and so on.  

Hours: 6:00 am to 

South door slightly Night Market

Xi'an, one of the larger scale of the night market, every night, the whole street lights, crowded, have no shortage of diners before each booth, snacks species is very rich, to meet the tastes of tourists. 

Snacks Variety: country snacks, dumplings, casseroles, rice noodles, Spicy barbecue grilled fish, northeast bacon pie, Qishan Sào face, pulling faces, hemp food, hot pot, shabu-shabu and so on.  

Features: Li Lao noodle casserole, Little Sichuan Mala Tang, fat Sao barbecue grilled fish, Kings shabu, etc., is always packed.

Hours: 6:00 am to

Construction Street Night Market

Varieties of snacks: snacks throughout the flavor, there are noodle casserole, Spicy, fried dumpling, dumplings, cooking, food stalls, barbecue and so on.

Features: Don dam fish stall, Chan Kee noodle casserole, Lee Kee Mala Tang.

Hours: 6:00 am to 

Cypress Night Market

Snacks Variety: country snacks, all kinds of cooking, food stalls, Spicy, grilled meats, fish, dumplings, noodle casserole, pulled noodles, ramen and so on.

Features: Asian food stalls Xin, Xin Mala Tang Jun, Kings barbecue, grilled fish, etc., due to the choice of materials fine, tasty, affordable and attracting countless repeat customers.

Hours: 6:00 am to 

North New Street Night Market

Varieties of snacks: snacks throughout the flavor, all kinds of cooking, noodle casserole, spicy hot, grilled meat fish, rinse tripe, even hemp, all kinds of pasta.

Hours: 6:00 am to

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