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Xi'an Flour to do the flower art

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Xi'an Flour to do the Flower called "flower bun" "flower bread", widespread in Shaanxi folk. Face flowers four seasons and eight relatives rituals of life in dealings essential gifts. When the Spring Festival, the daughter of her family to get marrie

Xi'an Flour to do the Flower called "flower bun" "flower bread", widespread in Shaanxi folk. Face flowers four seasons and eight relatives rituals of life in dealings essential gifts. When the Spring Festival, the daughter of her family to get married, to Jiujia nephew, grandson grandmother to send flowers surface; unmarried daughter to her parents and sent to face flowers; among other relatives and friends also sent flowers face. It can be said face flower is a tie that binds family relations, is the most extensive use of rural Shaanxi Folk gifts.

"Otani volume" Hua county in Shaanxi

Otani volume is tiger, dragon, fish, tiger a distance, close look at the endless variations. Steller is the shape of birds, make eye daisy, Pisces as eyebrows, nose for bird lying; Long was decked out various facets of flowers, such as "Erlongxizhu", "magpie trouble plum", "Dragon and Phoenix", " lotus Takako "," pomegranate Peony "," Zodiac ", with its implication mostly wish good luck, happiness and longevity, early Takako and other folk connotation.

Otani volume

--- Otani volume ---

"Steller ravioli" Shaanxi Heyang

Steller ravioli is Tiger's facial features separate production, steamed and combined inserted in the ravioli, plus crab, flowers, birds, etc. in order to luck.

Steller ravioli

--- Steller ravioli ---

Variable baby tiger

Tiger is the baby becomes human and animal complex, folklore: "dragon, tiger raise, eagles scaffolding." Tiger baby is to change children long tiger gas, and can get the tiger god bless. Face flower commonly known as "flower bun", popular in China and the Yellow River in Shaanxi Guanzhong rural wide, it is one kind of popular food delivery and exchange of folk art culture. Face both highly ornamental flower food supplies, but also reflect the folk art style. Guanzhong rural weddings and funerals, four seasons and eight relatives and friends of the precious gifts.

Variable baby tiger

--- baby tiger change ---

"Yaowang" Dali Sang village

"Yaowang" Face Flower, magnificent, Gu Pu humble interest. Yaowang its pinch the shape of the building, raw and cooked by steaming member, are integrally assembled, the theater of the temple, temple floor, on both sides of the temple iron flagpole, arches, lions, before and after the house, people umbrella, two dragon Shou-side shock of manual hole (bedroom), more than ten species, accounting for an area of ​​about 2.5 square meters, including theater, around the house are 50 cm high and 40 cm wide, imposing majestic. In particular temple, richly ornamented exterior arches, ancient state of glory, jumping roof, floor Yan Xiang end, body posture comfortable leisure, Xuxu vivid, and then reward that lions tigers, eyes, Wei Biao state Bing, Yan Zhen hole, others hard into, rather momentum northwest wind volume sand.

"Yaowang" exterior walls are thousands of white plum flowers veneer, like ivory, jade carving, like pear blossom proud place, like a flower in front of the world, look dazzling, fully and artistically, context coherent, vivid imagery and clever Tiancheng .

"Yaowang" side spent the provincial, city and county repeatedly won the first prize in the contest, known as "China must" and the provincial television station, CCTV rich in thematic face flower connotation, mix style, rough vivid, exaggerated variants: some magnificent, some white jade; there is a large one meter high, use thirty-four pounds plane made; little is exquisitely carved, only a few centimeters big. Animals, birds, fish and insects, historical figures, folklore, have been brought to vivid art form in the hands of hard-working peasant woman.

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