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Guangzhou Nansha Wetland Park

2023-02-07Aix XinLe

Guangzhou Nansha Wetland Park is located in the southernmost tip of the Pearl River estuary in the West Bank town of Guangzhou Nansha District Wanqingsha between eighteen and nineteen Chung Chung, known as the "Guangzhou kidney." Nansha Wetland wetland, formerly the Pearl River estuary beach, in the last century of Reclamation Tian Zhongcheng land, through artificial modification years of science, gradually formed a "blue waves, trees, lotus fragrance, Wan birds soar." beauty.

Guangzhou Nansha Wetland Park

About 200 hectares of core area tour, planting patches of mangroves, reeds, attract a variety of birds of paradise thrive in this regard, the formation of the Pearl River Delta, a rare bird paradise. Every winter, tens of thousands of silky starlings flying in winter from the north, tens of thousands of birds, 24 species foraging in this habitat, including the very rare black-faced spoonbills, white spoonbills, black-winged stilt such as ducks and flocks of herons standing. To attract more variety and number of birds in the park feeding, shelter, breeding, planting mangroves to maintain ecological planting reeds on a reed marshes acres, with large-scale cultivation of ornamental flowers, forming a spectacular charge King, with excavation of approximately 25 km river twists and turns, to form Qushui maze. In this tour, you can enjoy "Qushui reeds, birds interest mangroves, boundless expanse of lotus color the United States, one bird Le Tour Yau." The Italian territory. In 2011, after a referendum, Nansha Wetland Park "Wetlands night to sing" was named one of the "new Guangzhou Eight."

Guangzhou Nansha Wetland Park

Scenic Area Address: Nansha District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province town Wanqingsha Bay 18

Bus routes: Take 11 South, 23 South Holiday Travel Express, 25 bus to the south.

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