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Xi'an cuisine beef and mutton steamed bun

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Steamed beef and mutton, beef and steamed mutton steamed foam collectively, generally referred to Xi'an steamed mutton, mutton, steamed, wok is the boiled beef and mutton add seasoning, soup spare, then Tuo Tuo bun break it into bee heads, add beef or mutton, fans, etc., it is made by cooking broth, having a rotten meat Tangnong, feed to mellow, tough soft palatability, fat greasy characteristics. In Xi'an, beef and steamed mutton Hulu, Fentang sheep known as the "three bubble."

Xi'an cuisine beef and mutton steamed bun

- beef and mutton steamed -

Mutton Xi'an printing man in the street just past their breakfast diet, not on board something presentable and acceptable, and now it is not only the "Chinese snack", and has been among the state banquet. In Xi'an, the size of the restaurant business Paomo everywhere, a lot of people in Xi'an, a few days do not eat steamed, and feel it is not comfortable. The size of the foam bun shop table crowded with men and women, and makes breaking a bun, enjoying the aroma of steamed taste, the ancient city of Xi'an has become a food culture landscape.

Mutton origins can be traced back to the 11th century BC the "cattle and sheep soup" that is cooked with beef and mutton soup. Western Zhou Dynasty had the jelly as a king, princes "ritual dishes." According to the "Song Book" records, when Mao repair of the Northern and Southern sacrificed because of this jelly must taste, so too was hit called officer, and later promoted to Guanglu doctor. Palace of the Tang Dynasty City restaurants and is also more common jelly, while the Northern Song Dynasty official Su Shi Fengxiang year, but wrote "Qin cooking CD jelly," the poem. Yuan Dynasty, with the Mongol army to Xi'an to settle a large number of Muslims, that specializes in the production of cotton will be tough tendons Tuo Tuo sweet bun after breaking off pieces of the cattle and sheep broth to cook the delicious stir.

Chong Zhen years, Xi'an steamed mutton franchise cow "Tianxi House" in Qiaozi mouth opened by the chef chefs Ma Construction Bank, business is booming, world-famous ancient city. Following the "Tianxi House," and has emerged "Tongshengxiang" "Monkey House" "Yi Cheung House," "a building" "DINGXING Spring" "old child at home," more than a dozen steamed Museum, they compete to delve into their own characteristics, so Paomo skills improving.

Xi'an as the most unique cuisine in 1989, "Sheng Xiang" beef steamed mutton Department of Commerce awarded the "Golden Tripod." Today, the old "Tongshengxiang" "Monkey House" and emerged in recent years, "Andrew Square" "Master Square" bubble steamed beef and mutton are named "Chinese snack", all diners at the door every day. And more all over the streets of Xi'an, the Hui, Han and other ethnic compatriots business, large or small Paomo restaurant, like on the Square "old Liu," "old white house," White Deer "old car home," and so on, also a busy day and calmly delicious well-cooked, the Xi'an people and past guests enjoy a delicious food.

Mutton production, Lomo addition, there are processing osteosarcoma, boiled pork, fishing meat, meat, breaking steamed, boiled bun processes.

Flesh and blood processing

The lamb (or beef) picked clean the bones, cut into chunks, put clean water in the pool, to wash away the blood, changing the water and then soaked for two hours. The meat is then scrape dirt, rinse with water, then immersed into the water for 1 hour and lights can be flesh-colored. Sheep or cattle backbone skeleton into another pool soak 1 hour, and then change the water soak 1 hour, remove, rinse, Zacheng from about 20 to 23 cm long segment.

Boiled pork

Pot add water, stir to boil, add the bones, then boil. After the addition of alum, stir and boil for half an hour, skim foam. The cinnamon, strawberry, Dahongpao pepper, cumin, ginger, galangal, star anise loaded into a net bag, tie the bag into the pot. Wang fire After 2 hours, the leather pieces placed down on the bone, boiled three to four hours add salt, meat pressed plate, capped, low heat. Keep the meat pot ajar. Stewed about 12 hours, to rotten meat Tangnong.

Fishing meat

Opened the lid, remove the meat plate, skim the oil slick, the iron from the meat fork insertion pot soup, meat slightly loose. Left hand diameter of about 40 cm long flat bamboo skimmer, meat fork right hand, the leather pieces of meat down on fishing colander, and then turn buckle meat plate, the plate washed with water several times broth, the meat surface clean. This method will remove all the meat, and let cool.


Cooked meat into portions rib fat, sinew, scalp, sheep eyes, mouth pieces, tendons, belly top. When eating, the customer can radio singly, and may be more. According to the customer by cutting with a master fillet with a good selection of accessories, back to the end of the table, after checking the customer "see food" can cook steamed. If you want to eat more meat, but also then to a cook, called "a double."

Breaking bread

Steamed mutton and eat cooked meals and dishes in general different, which requires not only cook baked bun, boiled pork, meat, cooking the links and other steamed superb, meticulous, and requires patrons to eat comprising Paomo basic, i.e., to "will be breaking," "eat."

Breaking bread was not too big, not too thoroughly cooked, tasty soup is difficult; nor too small, too small will be boiled paste. Bees to break it into the header size is better, so breaking the bun, to facilitate cooking, easy to tasty, smooth chewy steamed after boiled, tough soft palatability.

Cook steamed

Traditional cook steamed, in addition to "single-do", is about braised lamb soup, made from foam from food eater, there are three methods used. First, the dry bulb. By cooking the soup completely penetrate the bun. Cook steamed, tendons and tough, soft and strong, no bowl of soup, steamed meat eating soup that is finished. Second, mouth soup. Boiled bread, cakes, soft, light, steamed after eating meat, soup bowl remaining a big mouth, so called "mouth soup." Third, water siege. Wide large soup boiled, steamed boiled, tendons, light, loose, multi soup bowl, the intermediate is steamed meat, soup surrounded, so called "water Siege." Three kinds of cooked steamed, are delicious, eat, eater free to choose according to feeding habits.

Eat mutton, not welling up in a bowl with chopsticks back and forth, from one side and little by little "nibble", so as to taste the rotten meat, mutton, rich, delicious soup, mellow, fat but not greasy children to taste. Eat properly served with parsley, soaked with sesame oil and garlic chili sauce, distinctive flavor. Fresh juice before drinking a bowl of soup with braised made "soup", will feel more fragrance mouthful, aftertaste.

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