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Xi'an folk custom, The mirror hangs on the door

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Hanging mirror, an evil folk method. Families with patients or other calamity occurred, after the exorcism with other methods, then suspended kang mirror on the wall, or suspended on the door that case Fiend neither the door; there are some people year-ro

Hanging mirror, an evil folk method. Families with patients or other calamity occurred, after the exorcism with other methods, then suspended kang mirror on the wall, or suspended on the door that case Fiend neither the door; there are some people year-round and hanging mirrors or door kang wall, thinking that evil may be towns. There is a folk legend too!

Xi'an folk custom, The mirror hangs on the door

According to legend, there Zhong Kui people in Chang'an City Grace Temple and put the ring next year, he went to a test of never won. At that time the Emperor to choose the person in command of a military commander Zheng Xi, Zhong Kui that, they went to a test, the results of the article and martial arts have had a first name, Zhong Kui very happy, went to the successful candidates, who knows the Emperor saw scream said: "! Oh so Chougui, quickly blasted the temple." front of the temple guards crashed on, do not ask indiscriminate put doors slamming doors of the house, then a touch Zhong Kui died on the throne room of the dragon pillars.

Zhong Kui's death, lingering, often to the Emperor DEATH, scared reign nightmares. No way he will be modeled on French children's fathers Li Shimin, the doors to the palace portrait posted Qin Qiong and Yuchi Jingde. But Qin Qiong and Zhong Kui Tak are not rivals, still reign nightmares every night, Zhong Kui always a dream to come to his troubles. He will be playing a wrist, taking letters "Yin Temple" approach, he issued an imperial edict. Speaking Zhong Kui superior martial arts, Zhongxiao country, students were not sealed, refuses to peace. Now called "exorcism General", can be over the line of the netherworld, cut in addition to evil ghost.

Zhong Kui is an acute man, I thought the emperor acknowledged his mistake, he does not wish to take the trouble to see Yan Wangye decree. Who knows Yama saw decree furious, accusing the Emperor is headed. The world to get people here, fire there, in order to struggle for power, how many ghost demon rampant, you do not try to send someone to get rid of the doors instead sent to the underworld. I do a hell of possession of swimmingly, but also let Zhong Kui what to do. Zhong Kui said back then: "Do you really want to get rid of the demon ghost, faint on the first addition to this king." Zhong Kui think if Hades reasonable, Chang went to the Imperial palace to find the Emperor.

After Emperor sent away Zhong Kui, that everything is all right. When this day is the Imperial palace to sleep, suddenly they found the doors to his horror, the dragon roll off the bed, kneeling down to beg for mercy. Zhong Kui holding a sword, eyes wide open, pointing to the Emperor, said: "You are faint evil ghost, Yan Wangye told me to put you beheaded." Emperor listen to words, kowtow mercy, let Zhong Kui give him repentance opportunity. Zhong Kui thought, if North Korea did not cut his head, the things messed up trouble. So I agreed as long as he truly repentant to spare him. Zhong Kui said: "You King, to be next to repentant heart, the heart must be precisely, according to the heart to be cast side mirrors, always shine on the heart and promote your sincerity..." Emperor listened and promised to do so.

This annual Dragon Boat Festival, commanded by the Emperor cast a bronze mirror, mirror clean and bright, the back of the cast of "long years", describe the Dragon Emperor and the theme. In addition to his own hanging, but also thanks to the pro-ministers, asking them to Zhengxintai mirror to mirror is the line, not to misbehave, so they ushered in the Tang Dynasty "Kaiyuan Golden Age."

The matter reached the people, the people know the doors are cut drive the demon ghost generals, on imitation bronze mirrors hanging on the lintel in, take the name of "avoid demon mirror," "evil mirror." Now, in some places you can still see the ruins and this "mirror."

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