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Secret Terracotta Warriors and Horses why did not coach

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Household names of Qin Shi Huang, due to the complete reunification immortalized, due to the implementation of tyranny was scorn. Qin dynasty existed for only 15 years, his eternal dream of the emperor would have been destroyed. Be emperor system, affecting the Chinese emperors for thousands of years. Not only Emperor's life experience, life, merits attention, so many mysteries death of Qin Shi Huang also attracted much attention.

Secret Terracotta Warriors and Horses why did not coach

Emperor Qin Shihuang thirty-seven years (210 BC), known as the "lasting one" died in his fifth East tour on the way. Qin Shi Huang perhaps destined to be controversial in the history of a lot of character, his death as his life and this ingenious, also caused controversy later. Currently historians have two very different perspectives, one that died of disease, one that died.

Hold the first opinion of the people believe that on the death of Qin Shi Huang, the "Historical Records" chronicles many were found in "Emperor of the century", "Li Si Biography", "Meng Tian Biography", etc., cause of death is clear, beyond doubt. 218 BC, Qin Shi Huang Zao Ren assassinate when East tour, behind the car was a deputy assassin with a hammer smashing. Subsequently, they found engraved with "Emperor death to divide," the meteorite and the words "Zu dead this year," the "immortal." Qin Shi Huang was superstitious fear of these phenomena made him feel uneasy. In order to ward off evil refuge, seeking the elixir of life, the emperor listened to the recommendations of a person what phase of preparation for the fifth parade. However, due to the way Lawton, to the plains of Qin Shi Huang Jin (near Shandong plain today) fell ill. Zhao Gao ordered Xieyi Shu, was ordered to Qin Shi Huang Jianjun Loop eldest son Fusu: "Xianyang and killed and buried." The letter has not been issued, the emperor died in the dunes palace (now near Hebei Guangzong).

According to the "Historical Records" records, the emperor was sick since childhood, so the body is weak. He was opinionated and, unavoidably must personally award; daily marking instruments hundred and twenty pounds, work extremely tired; to be in the parade July high temperature above factors concurrently, led him to the disease died on the way. As for what he died of illness, some people think he died of epilepsy. Seizures generally divided into four periods: Initially dizziness, stomach discomfort, Seoul following the sudden loss of consciousness, every muscle cramps, pale purple, dilated pupils, apnea, and muscle twitching, foaming at the mouth, it can last several minutes wide awake. According to Guo, "Records of Emperor of the century" records "king bee quasi-human, long head, birds of prey Ying, the sound of jackals, tigers and less grace and heart ......" Qin Shi Huang speculated that childhood suffering from rickets, often suffers from bronchitis, so he Growing up chest and a bird of prey, sound like wolves, and later as government heavy, causing meningitis and epilepsy and other diseases. Later Qin Shi Huang crossed the Yellow River, epilepsy seizures, after bronze skull hit the ice Kam, adding to meningitis illness, who is in a coma; when the car arrived at the dunes the next day, Zhao Gao, Li Si Qin Shi Huang had been dead for a long time found .

Who hold the second view from the scrutiny several history books about the emperor's death, she found suspicious. Zhao Gao is a eunuch. His parents were sinners Qin, Qin castration by his father, his mother was an official servants. Zhao Zhao Gao Brothers mother gave birth to a few people in the Qin Gong, we are born into slavery. Later, Zhao Gao Qin Shi Huang heard that able-bodied, understand the point of "Prison Law", promoted him to the House in order for the car. Zhao Gao Qin Shi Huang was seriously ill and death in various manifestations, people had doubts about the death of Qin Shi Huang and Zhao Gao. The traveling entourage mainly Zhao Gao, Li Si, Hu Hai et al., The Qing Meng Yi also accompanying list. Meng Tian Meng Yi is the younger brother, Fusu cronies, but when Qin Shi Huang was seriously ill on the way, Meng Yi was sent back to the border. From the sudden personnel changes point of view, this seems to be Zhao higher human trick. Because Meng Tian led troops stationed 300,000 with son Fusu Kamigori, Qianzou from the emperor's side Meng Yi, is removed Fusu's eyes and ears; together with Meng Yi Zhao Gao had been punished and sentenced to death, after the pardon because of Qin Shi Huang, Zhao Gao did not resume official post , from Zhao Gao hated to Meng Yi, he vowed to exterminate Montessori family. Qianzou Meng Yi Zhao Gao Qin Shi Huang sent when ill, and later the implementation of the strategy cleared away stumbling block for themselves.

Qin Shi Huang's death, Zhao Gao took the threat to convince Hu Hai Li Si way, the trio after some conspiracy, forgery Qin Shi Huang issued the edict, to inherit the throne by the Hu Hai. Meanwhile, also in the name of the emperor's accusations Fusu as a filial son, Meng Tian minister infidelity, let them commit suicide, shall not disobey. After getting the exact message Fusu to commit suicide, Hu Hai, Zhao Gao, Li Si This command team day and night, quickly return to Xianyang. In order to continue to deceive the subjects, the team can not shortcut back to Xianyang, but continue to put patrol posture, a detour back to Xianyang. Due to the high temperature hot day, the emperor's body was decomposed stink. To cover for them, Hu Hai and his party ordered to buy a lot of fish installed in the car, confuse everyone. Xianyang to the post, Hu Hai throne, for the Emperor Qin, Zhao Gao to any doctor orders, Li Si still do the prime minister, but the court's power actually fell to the hands of Zhao Gao. After Zhao Gao conspiracy to succeed, the people around him began to lay violent hands. He laid traps, Li Si gradually forced on the dead end, Li Si found that Zhao Gao conspiracy, it is a letter denounced Zhao Gao. Emperor Qin Hu Hai Zhao Gao not only biased, and Li Si punished, and finally Li Si cut in Xianyang. Zhao Ren Chengxiang soaring, because he is Huanzhe, you can access the palace, special, said "the prime minister."

The ultimate goal is to do the Emperor Zhao Gao, but he can not dominate the living Qin Shi Huang, the emperor fifth patrol was seriously ill on the way, for him is a godsend, only the emperor's death, he can fake pass Testament, step by step implementation he counsels. Qin Shi Huang was killed or died, has not been determined, and if the victim, Zhao Gao Qin Shi Huang is how to make lethal?

Guo wrote a historical novel "The First Emperor's death", has described the symptoms of Qin Shi Huang died: right ear off black blood flow, there is a right ear hole inch-long nails. Guo Hu Hai afraid that this is a dark and dreary, fearing murderous Zhao Gao, Li Si shaken down, and Li Si and Zhao Gao this matter in advance do not know. In fact the possibility of Zhao Gao Hu Hai were murdered than large, because edict, Yuxi Zhao Gao are in the hands of the decision to the throne also rests in his hands with Li Si. And even if Hu Hai patricide, if not with Zhao Gao, Li Si, not only can not get the throne, but there is a fatal disaster. Zhao Gao Chang and never complained about the emperor, took the opportunity to act without a trace, so much more convenient than Hu Hai.

But why should Zhao Gao Qin Shi Huang murder? The main reason is the fear that Zhao Gao Fu Su Jicheng throne. Zhao Gao had Li Si said: "eldest son (ie Buso) and Wu Yong fortitude, faith and excited people with disabilities, which will use the full Mengtian as prime minister." As mentioned earlier, due to the relationship with Zhao Gao Meng Tian, ​​Zhao Gao to Meng Tian, ​​Meng Yi hate Such is Life, so he does not want Montessori respect pet, it is necessary to prevent Buso the throne. But Qin Shi Huang eldest son Fusu favor, only waiting for an opportunity to kill Qin Shi Huang, Chao Li Yong eighth child before Hu Hai. Qin Shi Huang usually living in the palace, heavily guarded, Zhao Gao could not start, and now he fell ill on the road, this is really a godsend, as advised when Zhao Gao Hu Hai said: "suspicion hesitation, there must be regret later, and dare to break the line, spirits avoided, after the success. "so he boldly lay violent hands on the serious illness of Qin Shi Huang, ahead of the end of its life, it is entirely possible.

So, whether Zhao Gao dare risking charges of regicide, and to do this risky activities we? In fact, Zhao Gao's words and deeds have made the best explanation. He told Hu Hai "Chen Wen Tang Wu kill its owner, the next Yan justified, is not disloyal. Weijun kill his father, and to defend the country carrying it, with the Confucius, not for lack of filial piety." Zhao Gao not only more regicide talk, but later also regicide of public action, when Emperor Qin Zhao Gao thanks to the prime minister soon, Daze Heung Chen Sheng and Wu Guang rise up, lit the fire of the peasant struggle, this time, Zhao Gao think the world has been chaotic, ready usurper emperor. There may be many people can the ministers at his disposal, how many people against him, his heart did not end. So the director a "distorting the facts" farce, ready to try his prestige, but also can find out who dared to oppose him.

One day when the court, Zhao Gao let someone bring a deer into the Xianyang Palace, offered it to the Qin Dynasty, Emperor Qin to say:. "Your Majesty, I am presenting to you a good horse," Qin II look, heart think: where is the horse, this is clearly a deer thing he smiled Zhao Gao said:! "the prime minister made a mistake, how the deer said to the horses?" Remaining calm, Zhao Gao said: "your Majesty, please see, it is indeed a Maxima." Qin II looked at the deer, said skeptically: "? the horse's head how president angle" Zhao Gao turned around, pointing his finger at the Minister , she exclaimed: "Your Majesty if you do not believe me, you can ask the ministers." ministers are overwhelmed nonsense of Zhao Gao, Zhao Gao face when you see the sinister smile, they suddenly understood what he was doing. Among them, some fear of offending Zhao Gao, did not dare to tell the truth, had silent; some curry favor with Zhao Gao, along with telling lies, insisted that horse; some respect the fact that respect for the deer. Later, Zhao Gao think respect for the deer were against him, he puts them one by one stab in the back. And in the face of the fact that those who represent the silent, especially for those who deliberately telling lies and clever in the adulation of the clown, the object of the quest for Zhao Gao became. Zhao Gao to find out the ins and outs, so soon sent his son to make Xianyang Yan Le of soldiers more than a thousand people, posing lied for the Pirates, Wang Yi broke into the house, forcing Hu Hai suicide, Hu Hai-free Kuku Qiu, Yan Le said the arrogant : "I was appointed to the prime minister, for the world foam with a single step." Hu Hai helpless, had committed suicide. Later, Zhao Gao Yuxi to wear on his body, want independence for the emperor, but ministers unanimously opposed, he no alternative but to stand infant son Hu Hai nephew of the king. So can be seen from the emperor to abdicate the act, Zhao Gao this ruthless man, he was not to blame regicide.

In this view, the death of Qin Shi Huang, in essence, is a palace coup, and the coup was directed by Zhao Gao, and Fu Su, Meng Tian, ​​Meng Yi, Li Si, Hu Hai and so is dominated by his victim. As for how to make Zhao Gao Qin Shi Huang to death, this is the missing pages in history.

He died or was killed? These two views has not been determined. However, it is full of confidence unlock this mystery. According to the survey, the mausoleum is not damaged, the emperor still remains possible, and the tomb of mercury in a lot of mercury vapor form condensation on the body antiseptic effect. To be excavated tomb of Qin Shi Huang, the mystery of the death of Qin Shi Huang naturally be solved.

Emperor Ying Zheng is a famous statesman, strategist and reformer in Chinese history, the first complete reunification of China's first emperor, Qin Zhuangxiang son, thirteen years old namely throne, thirty-nine said the emperor, reigned thirty-seven year. Emperor Qin Shi Huang established system, the implementation of the central Excellencies Jiuqing, where the abolition of feudal system, substituting prefectures and counties, book with the text, with the rail car, uniform weights and measures, the North hit the Huns, Nanzheng Baiyue, built the Great Wall. Pushed China to a unified era for the establishment of autocratic centralization system created a new situation, China and the history of the world had a profound impact, two thousand years of Chinese political system has laid the basic pattern. He was hailed as a thinker Li Zhi Ming Dynasty "lasting one."

March 1974, a few farmers in Lintong County, West Yang Yan Zhaigong society river brigade production team is playing well, suddenly, from deep underground thirty-four meters dug up a strange thing - a clay firing head. But this is not a surprising thing for them - not that a "God of earthen pot" it!

It is said that a long time ago, so long as drilling wells or dig graves here, there will be these "monsters" appears, accompanied by the "monster", not well water suddenly dried up, is the new tomb collapsed. Sometimes, the "monster" will appear straight on the wall, "Drum mouth stare" to very scary.

Here again later dug up a "God earthen pot", this happens to be a man named Lin restful News of China reporter Peng Dao, sensitive reporter to the "People's Daily" wrote an internal reference: "the emergence of the Qin Mausoleum warrior figurines ", soon attracted the attention of leaders of relevant departments. Later, under the leadership of the National Heritage Board, the Shaanxi Cultural Relics and Archeology workers formed a "Qin Shi Huang Terracotta archaeological excavation team," after a year of effort, a 230 meters from north to south width of 62 meters, with a total area of ​​14,260 square meters Qin terracotta warriors and horses pits huge reproduction of the world, alerted the world to become big news. Later have been found in an area of ​​over 6000 square meters of the Pit, area of ​​520 square meters on the 3rd hole and have not yet completed the fourth pit. Three terracotta warriors and horses pits from north to south, showing the distribution of a triangle, a total area of ​​20,000 square meters, large enough to have thirty acres of land.

1978, French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac said after visiting the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin: "the original Seven Wonders of the terracotta figures found in the world, can be said to be the eighth wonder." Since then, Terracotta put on the "eighth wonder of the world," the Laurel.

Terracotta figurines and pottery horses mainly to produce refined and delicate, Vivid. All distinctive figurines, facial expressions, posture, gestures, clothing vary widely, reflecting different ages, different experiences, different arms, different positions of the characters of mental outlook and state of mind, wonderful, life-like. Pottery horses ratio is very balanced, harmonious, strong horse horse Jin Jian, the former erect ears, eyes looking forward, vivid vivid.

Why are there so many of terracotta warriors and horses buried in the mausoleum of it? As we all know, Qin good brave warrior of the wind, while Qin is the use of force to conquer the six countries, the Qin Shi Huang hoped his death still has a strong "Qin Rui Shi." This is probably the origin of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shi Huang. Thus it was that the Terracotta Army is probably the Emperor during his lifetime commander of combat situations reproduction.

In one, two, three terracotta warriors and horses pits III has now been excavated, neat cloth out war with three, three with each other to form a complete combat troops. Various branches of the military are very complete, chariots, infantry and cavalry, as well as wearing a shirt, leggings leg tie, and wearing boots, left foot forward and right foot form a figure eight, left arm TBA chest, his right hand outstretched , into the archery posture stand shooting warrior.

In the northern part of the 3rd hole, two rows of warriors of the north-south across most of the east end of the station, stood a leader. The whole pit of war, showing here is the Terracotta pit Command, also called curtain or military command center. However, there did not find the Lord, that is, the entire unit commander. Why is this so? Now there is no precise answer. Maybe we can think: the right to life, good iron fist emperor's death but also seize military power by personally commanded a mighty force.

Of course, the above is only a guess of terracotta warriors and horses. In fact, about the Terracotta Warriors, the world had never seen written records. In particular, Sima Qian's "Historical Records" for the beginning of the imperial tombs of the scale, build and funerary Wealthy, have a more detailed discussion, but only the word no mention of terracotta warriors and horses. It also enables Terracotta Warriors and Horses in the eyes of the world adds a layer of even more mystery.

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