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Hong Kong tourist souvenirs: cosmetic

OHTN2017-10-10Aix XinLe

Hong Kong cosmetics shop owner to have 4 categories, one large shopping malls, store multiple brand counters / monopoly. Second, the brand stores. Third, the cosmetics shop, is more representative of SASA and excellence, Fourth, pharmacy.

Hong Kong tourist souvenirs: cosmetic

Recommended store shopping: Experian Business Center

Gabriel shopping malls located in the middle of Chatham Road South. Although more remote, but memorable features, but also in Hong Kong popular brands K2 and fashion clothing chain store D-mop fortune ground. Gabriel mall area of ​​small shops, merchants sold goods but have their own characteristics, unique accessories, T-shirts, remodeled second-hand clothing, vintage fashion, handmade candles .and therefore attract a lot of young people coming fashion Taohuo.

shop address: 87-105 Chatham Rd South Tsim Sha Tsui

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2017-10-10Aix XinLe48

Hong Kong tourist souvenirs: GoldsmithHong Kong is a major international center of jewelry, jewelry Jinxing Lin Li, an array of gold jewelry in the window, have a reliable guarantee of fineness, genuine, and craftsmanship…

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Hong Kong tourist souvenirs: booksMany people go to Hong Kong will put an empty box. Box may not be large, but it must be a rod, and the wheels so that, very strong. Otherwise, the book can not install. Hong Kong's publishing has its independent character and attitude…

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Hong Kong tourist souvenirs: shrimp sauce  Shrimp paste, also known as shrimp cake, is a variety of small shrimp salt fermentation, the grinding made of a sticky sauce, China coastal shrimp can produce areas. Production, the election 10 pounds of shrimp (a shrimp) washed with water, into the cle…

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Hong Kong tourist souvenirs: Digital electronics products Like many mainland tourists to Hong Kong to buy digital products, such as iPhone, ipad, digital cameras ... mainland tourists are a favorite, as a "shopping paradise", Hong Kong's electronic products is not only cheap, but also diverse styles. I went…