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Hong Kong special street tourism: 5 days tourist routes

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In accordance with the requirements for booking flights heading to the airport, with valid documents to check-in starts, a flight to Hong Kong, after arrival go to hotel or booking our traffic shuttle service to send you to the hotel.Begin your pleasant journey.

Day 1 Hong Kong

You can enjoy a lot of Hong Kong food in the night market of mong kok and temple street. You can enjoy soup rice.

Mong kok

Hong Kong special street tourism: 5 days tourist routes

Mongkok, located at the northern tip of Nathan Road, is one of the most famous areas in the early development of Kowloon.Here have a lot of old traces of streets in the area are not difficult to find the old cake shop, shrine shop, the sparrow pavilion traditional shops, such as trade name is more for small operation, it has some of the most ancient streets in Hong Kong, walking is the best way of secluded spot inside.

Temple street

The famous temple street night market is not far from Shanghai street.At dusk, Hong Kong's most famous open-air market is buzzing with a variety of stalls, ranging from watches and leather goods to clothing and souvenirs.Other things worth looking at include a fortune-teller, sometimes a cantonese opera.

Day 2 Hong Kong

Today to Macao, can the macau ferry terminal in Hong Kong by ship, about an hour to reach the Macao outer harbor dock, the dock to look, to visit the cathedral, and then travel to Macao Venetian hotel, will go to macau attractions, around taipa island, officer also street cuisine.

Ruins of St. Paul

Hong Kong special street tourism: 5 days tourist routes

The ruins of the former wall of st. Paul's church are famous places of interest in macau.The church was originally designed by an Italian jesuit priest who helped build the church by a Japanese craftsman.

Day 3 Hong Kong

Today visit Hong Kong Disneyland, at ten o 'clock the morning, you can do it in front of the mickey flower bed mickey shape pictures, experience the pooh adventure trip, tomorrow the world play space mountain, in tomorrowland rocket restaurant at noon.Then, to explore the world's forests and rivers, take a boat, and enjoy the original forest landscape on both sides of the river.You can also watch the parade and stroll down town streets.Plenty of time, you can enjoy the mickey gold clock musical, compare the ground gas.Enjoy Victoria harbour at night.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong special street tourism: 5 days tourist routes

In Hong Kong Disneyland, you will find a fairy tale come true, fairy tale characters really came to the front of you, you can enjoy Broadway performances, or chang play fun action mobile game, enjoy the whole day happy wonderful, feel the charm of the Disney story!

Day 4 Hong Kong

This morning in the harbour city of shopping, to causeway bay in the afternoon, you can experience the Hong Kong jingding car and enjoy the night view at taiping peak.

Causeway bay

Hong Kong special street tourism: 5 days tourist routes

Causeway bay is Hong Kong's busiest shopping and catering area, and causeway bay is one of Hong Kong's most urban areas.After the night, the causeway bay typhoon shelter was busy and busy. The boats were brightly lit, and the boat girls, dressed in tangs and trousers, had been rowing the boats, the canoes and the canoes.

Day 5 Hong Kong

Today can sleep to wake up naturally, go to the star big to visit the star to hand print, according to the flight time returns everywhere.

Avenue of stars

Hong Kong special street tourism: 5 days tourist routes

The Hong Kong walk of fame is located at the seaside garden of Tsim Sha Tsui east of Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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