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Hong Kong folk custom: the hipster elam won

OHTN2017-09-26Aix XinLe

Hong Kong hipster LanSheng will be held, after the ritual activities, according to the test, about 80 years of history, the first founder is a male and a hall, causeway bay, Hong Kong, then Hong Kong held each region according to date.

Hong Kong folk custom: the hipster elam won

Hong Kong's winner of the elam win will be mainly a businessman in the chaozhou community. Members are all members of the community.The purpose of their creation is to connect with the local camaraderie, the harmonious neighborhood, to take the shopping experience, to exchange and help each other, to find the place to be peaceful, to flourish.LanSheng Hong Kong, after the government departments and members will be affected by community assistance, all the members, for all hiring opera troupe's chao-ju, chant over the wandering soul, distributing rice and the old solitary poor, take this to rest round about.

Starting from July 1, the lunar calendar, hold jar is LanSheng community, set up a few greenhouses, plant canopy, and large tent, the wandering soul, attached to the recommendation, certain scribe tent, booth and director of the play: center is the most important god factory, is a place offering ancestors for worship, paper statue tuas ye a three or four metres high, peremptory deterrence, tall robe mang, huge GongXiang spread out on either side, a fetish with a variety of offerings, very stylish, god across the plant is play tent, for's chao-ju performances, and for reading passages of the tent.LanSheng door hangs high, after the will and the organizer of the memorial arch, and the benefactor plaque, flowers, grand, stately, very lively, there's chao-ju performance sound of drum music, have the praise of buddhist Zhong Qing voices, especially the parade chaozhou large gongs, approved by the Hong Kong city parade route, across the road, by the Hong Kong police to keep order, with large gongs, shocking, in the tide of Hong Kong people's nostalgia culture and the unity of strength.

The elam won the gong, and the Hong Kong community councillors, municipal, police and related departments were all sent to attend the event.At this time, the piansheng will be noisy, cigarette smoking.LanSheng will attend, after the people, most of which is for the sake of religious beliefs, so as to turn death of relatives and friends: in addition to the chaozhou people, and there's a lot of fujian, hakka, and ShangHaiJi compatriots and native, they came to the venue to commend "attached", which is the name of the dead relatives and friends, written on the note, and then on the ghost card, read buddhist scriptures on display in the shed, in this way, the spirit of relatives and friends, and have the opportunity to listen to, so get over.Teochew every community, especially those of ordinary working people and small businesses, the jar is LanSheng as their holiday, they have respective regions, is migrating to other areas, like back in accordance with the period once lived in, and migration of former neighbors talk, about the watch's chao-ju, sea-road white, paper movie or play music, etc.In Hong Kong, there are more than 70 regional associations held in Hong Kong. During the three days of each community, the President, the prime minister, the governor, the manager, and other people will fast.On the third day, the most lively day of the day, the drama of the day shows xie shenzhou, and at about 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, the master's tent is to be recited from the teacher's book, solemn zhuang mu.At this time, the President, the prime minister and all the members of the council, such as a group of believers, hands full burn incense, devotional worship three buckle, the big gong bang thirteen.Chant after the process, is lonely, isolated tent to the newcomers on the distribution of rice, clothes, umbrellas, family daily necessities, such as those to receive a "relief", long queues, actually they are not in need of people, but for the "type", a "Chinese", peace rice cooking a meal.The objects that were handed out by the elam win were light, but they were met with a strong affection and blessing of "god bless".

Most of the participants were middle-aged and elderly people, but many of them were middle-aged and young.For hipsters performance stability and unity, contact nostalgia, please ZongZhuiYuan, do good enterprising folk custom activity form can continue hold, chaozhou and hall in 1986 in Hong Kong, chairman of the association before Mr Zhi-ying Chen, and LanSheng will hold each other in Hong Kong, after the club, Yu Wenjing, joint and the basic law advisory committee to the basic law drafting committee, put forward about LanSheng will be held in Hong Kong, after the legal issues, and hope that in the basic law of the Hong Kong special administrative region, the legislation safeguard, the LanSheng will be held in Hong Kong, after the legal status.After Hong Kong's return in 1997, the glenvictory will be held every July, and the joint office of the Hong Kong special administrative region will also participate.At the most time, there are more than 70 upper areas holding the glenvictory conference, and the establishment of the Hong Kong jiuchao qiangsheng association limited company, strengthening the management of the Hong Kong's victory.

LanSheng will also promote the Hong Kong, after Hong Kong and the mainland's chao-ju cultural exchange activities, open smelting from 1988, the Chinese opera troupe LanSheng will invite, Hong Kong, after the show, the first invite guangdong tide Zu theatre group to Hong Kong's new art of delegation, Mr Xu Zhixiong, and introduce more advanced first stage equipment, promote the development of the two places as well.Up to now, there are about 50 chaoshan regional professional or amateur chaoshan series performing groups to meet the cultural life of the people of Hong Kong.

LanSheng community, Hong Kong, after also printed catalogue for example chaozhou nanan hall welfare council of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong association for the advancement of Chinese public welfare, joint publishing catalogue, put forward the jar LanSheng will aim: develop the obon by his father ancestor spirit;Promoting relief and poverty and assisting the elderly;And the people who have contacted Hong Kong, China, overseas, the Pan Am and the winner of the glenvictory.And film and television production company, please put the community hold jar is LanSheng pomp records and made into movies, widely presented: such as "kwun tong wave LanSheng will co., LTD. Overseas Chinese business community, after the 26th and 32 of the jar is LanSheng will live DVD", widely publicity, for it makes Hong Kong jar LanSheng will be able to become a permanent folk activities.

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