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Best day trip day tour route Hong Kong

OHTN2017-09-29Aix XinLe

First stop : Tsim Sha Tsui, from the beginning, few people get up early, look at the Clock Tower, Avenue of Stars, art centers, and galleries. Here is the best viewing platform opposite the skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island airtight lid, a visit can take a photo.

Best day trip day tour route Hong Kong

But there is a method to force the grid to go spend some time at the Star Ferry, you can see street performers on the docks and various slogans.  Star Ferry also retained the King of Kowloon's masterpiece, Tsang Tsou Choi everywhere inscription in Hong Kong, was preserved by the government is running out, and the Star Ferry Pier This pillar is very worth a visit, if you can auction, should also be very impressive figures.

A second station, harbor one 2.3 Hong Kong dollars, Hong Kong ship to shore. Eyes on the road after Hong Kong and the Apple Store. IFC is one of the largest shopping malls in Hong Kong, the need to scan cargo friends please come with the box.  But there are moves to force the grid is not the place to go directly to the first floor of the IFC, please remember to bring ID card, you can visit the free 55-story Hong Kong Monetary Authority . If you want to see an exhaustive view of the sky, only these two places, a top-floor O-zone ICC in Hong Kong, the HKMA and the other is, can here is free, you will see this. When the good weather this floor HKMA can see all the way to the airport, where you can also overlook Bank, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Jardine and other buildings. (The HKMA is the time to beat George Soros predators, save that institution in Hong Kong)

The third station, from the Golden State down, can pass through the tunnel, after Zhang Guorong committed suicide Mandarin Hotel, then to the Statue Square. He did not force the grid and the walk is a group photo with the Bank, HSBC, the Court of Final Appeal.

A little bit to force the grid can go to St John's Church to meet for coffee, highly recommended company called Nest coffee shop, the church is open to take care of some of the people with mental difficulties, kind of course you can also go to support.

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