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Hong Kong folk traditional marriage customs

OHTN2017-09-26Aix XinLe

This metropolis of Hong Kong is a Oriental pearl of China, it inherited the tradition of ancient China, also is a blend of some western culture in the UK, Hong Kong's wedding traditions of Chinese and western culture spirit, both traditional and fashion.

Hong Kong folk traditional marriage customs

To marry and sisters

On the eve of the wedding, the bride's girlfriends gathered in the bride's house, forming a sisterhood, and the whole night was lively, called marriage.Because in ancient China, women didn't get out of their homes too much when they got married, so it was a farewell ceremony with the friends of the group.Hong Kong is now a dual-earner family, so married, the phenomenon of women leaving their homes no longer exists, but the custom still remains.

There are some other customs and customs of the first night of marriage.One of them is called "above", which is the ritual of combing hair.Every mother will comb her hair for her married daughter and son."One comb to the last, meaning forever.

Another custom is to eat tangyuan.Grind rice flour into flour, add sesame filling, make the gnocchi of the size of thumb, and then cook it with granulated sugar. It is very sweet, which means that the newlywed life is sweet, round and happy.

Open the door for geely and brother

It was the first time that the groom went to the bride's home to marry the bride.Like the sisters of the bride's family, the groom's family will be joined together to greet them.The sisters were blocking the road at the entrance of the bride's home. To get through the door, it was necessary to pay for the purchase and negotiation.

The number "nine" means permanent, eternal, so the amounts originally started talking about nine Angle from ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine yuan, after negotiated by the brothers to help pay with cash, gift by sister group sharing.This comes from the custom of buying and selling marriage in ancient China for thousands of years, and now it is an interesting game.

Pour tea and worship ancestors

Finally, the groom, who enters the bride's house, is to be placed with the bride first, offering tea to the bride's parents, which is called "pouring tea".In the order of father and mother, the bride is accompanied by the bride.When the person in charge of tea, known as "big Jin elder sister," was a middle-aged woman in a black dress.

After the ceremony, head to the groom's house for another cup of tea.The bride and groom as well as sisters and brothers help, big Jin elder sister and other family members are points with ribbons of the bus to the groom's family.

To the groom's house, the first ritual is to worship ancestors, offer tea and snacks to the ancestors on the altar, then give worship to the land god of the gate, and then pour tea for their parents.

Mahjong and ladle

After the ceremony, the wedding party began to be called "joy spoon".Before that, it usually starts around 5 p.m., when groups of people start playing mahjong, playing CARDS, or singing karaoke or chatting.A cheque, which is usually called a gift certificate, is a wisdom that people get out of life because of the poor security of Hong Kong.But others argue that cash is more convenient.Red packets are usually determined at the level of intimacy and the location of the wedding, usually between $400 and hk $500.During the wedding, the bride and groom greet visitors and take pictures, which is busy.Until about 9 o 'clock in the afternoon, the bride and groom will be seated and served before the feast begins.At the beginning of the banquet, there was no speech, no speech and special meals.When the shark fin soup was in the middle of the meal, the host began to give a speech, and the tables began to go on tour.

The wedding usually lasts until eleven o 'clock at night.

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