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Hong Kong tourist souvenirs: Goldsmith

OHTN2017-10-10Aix XinLe

Hong Kong is a major international center of jewelry, jewelry Jinxing Lin Li, an array of gold jewelry in the window, have a reliable guarantee of fineness, genuine, and craftsmanship.

Hong Kong tourist souvenirs: Goldsmith

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Hong Kong City is new in recent years played a centrally Outlet, the biggest advantage lies in the urban area, convenient transportation. The main Outlet stores have Esprit, G2000, Geox, CourCarre, Lafuma, mademoiselle, Mirabell and so on. In addition, within in the City as well as Casio, Fortress and other electrical appliances shop, SASA, Carlisle United States and other cosmetics chain, Wanning, WYT such as pharmacies, Xie Ruilin, Tai Fook jewelry and other jewelry store, in addition to watches, glasses, a lot of sports brands .

shop address: Hong Kong, 33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.

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