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Hong Kong street food: shark fin soup

OHTN2017-09-28Aix XinLe

Imitation shark fin soup is a fake shark fin soup is common in the streets of Hong Kong, which is the main material to fans, to the starch and cook until thick soup, and add soy sauce and soy sauce into something brown, served with sesame oil, vinegar, white pepper, chili oil.

Hong Kong street food: shark fin soup

Imitation shark fin soup shark fin itself has no ingredients, but its appearance is similar to shark fin soup, and a small bowl filled with the carrier, so called "imitation shark fin soup." Since about 1960, the emergence of a group of Hong Kong street hawkers sells imitation of such civilian wing, while the sale of lettuce and dace fish soup, fish latter labeled fish paste mixed with starch, and then in a similar way to cut into noodle soup cook growth strip strips of fish, a lot of people when selling imitation shark fin soup, add fish like to eat. Some hawkers also sell imitation shark fin soup mix macaroni, wrapped abdomen increases, but this way of eating in recent years has been gradually declining.

In Hong Kong, due to the street imitation shark fin soup often add a lot of MSG, which is just a soup of water, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, starch, although imitation shark fin soup is still popular, but most people only see this as a junk food, in the past rarely Some would at home made dishes such foods. But with improving the quality of life in Hong Kong, the former gauche street food, after about 90 years also sold in some restaurants in Hong Kong. In addition to increasing the weight of pork, we will join mushrooms, egg flower, as well as ham, pig, fish maw.

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