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Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Square

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Golden Bauhinia Square is located next to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, is set up to commemorate the reunification of China. Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Extension artificial island, surrounded on three sides by the harbor, at the center of Victoria Harbor, Tsim Sha Tsui and the other side of the confrontation, it is a good place for viewing is.

Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Square

July 1, 1997 establishment of the HKSAR, the central government put a gift in Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia statue. Golden Bauhinia statue was placed next to the convention center, facing the sea, the square has also been named as Golden Bauhinia Square. 6 meters high bronze statue of this official name is "Forever Blooming Bauhinia", meaning Hong Kong will never prosper. In the Golden Bauhinia Square waving Chinese flags and the flag of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region District, flag-raising ceremony every morning at 8, 6 pm held flag-lowering ceremony. The annual July 1 Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day and October 1 National Day of China, here will hold a grand flag-raising ceremony, HKSAR Chief Executive, led mainly government officials, over Flying Service helicopter flew low square Square , water spray fire boat show will attract a large number of citizens and tourists come to watch.

Golden Bauhinia Square in the corner still stands 20 meters high monument to reunification, and the Golden Bauhinia statue echoes. Monument stone plate 206 formed by stacking, on behalf of each stone plate for each year between 1842 ~ 2047. In which six round light-colored stone made of granite selected, representing 1842, 1860, 1898, 1982, 1984 and 1990, as a glass ring built-in lighting marks the official return of Hong Kong in China 1997.

Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Square

Golden Bauhinia bronze

Golden Bauhinia bronze six meters high, in terms of design, golden Bauhinia is located on the base round warm red granite, the shape of the base to the walls as a design, the walls of the Great Wall of China represents the symbol of the motherland, the base the form of the shape of a circle on the lower seat, meaning Kyushu area. The bauhinia represents Hong Kong, the whole design symbolizes Hong Kong is located in the Chinese territory of Hong Kong is part of China.

Flag Raising Ceremony

"Forever Blooming Bauhinia" sculpture and the "Reunification Monument" stood together at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai waterfront. It witnessed the return of Hong Kong in 1997. Square held liters daily flag-lowering ceremony. Here also appreciate the "Symphony of Lights" is the best viewing spot.

From April, the police force specially designed for flag-raising ceremony held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Golden Bauhinia Square on the new arrangements. Flag-raising ceremony will be one of many Hong Kong people and tourists attract tourism projects.

At 8:00 on the 1st every month, 15 police officers wearing dress, including 10 members of the team with a spear gun, flag in hand, and police band flag-raising ceremony will be national and regional flags of the Hong Kong SAR. The police band played the national anthem during a flag-raising ceremony will be conducted. After the flag-raising ceremony is complete, the Police Pipe Band will play another song about ten minutes.

Flag-raising ceremony of the program are as follows:

7:45 am divided police band approach

7:50 am flag-raising sub-team approach

8:00 am on the national anthem and flag

8:02 am flag-raising ceremony is complete points, the flag-raising team and the police band to leave

8:03 am Police Pipe Band approach points and playing music for about ten minutes

8:13 am Police Pipe Band departure points

Anniversary of establishment of the HKSAR on July and October National Day flag-raising ceremony will be another special arrangements.

In the rest of the day, the morning flag-raising ceremony by the 7: 50-8: 03, flag-raising ceremony by five police officers dressed in overalls carried out, then the scene will have public address system played the national anthem. On every second Sunday ceremony taken over by the Hong Kong youth groups.

Scenic Area Address: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Extension artificial island

Car lines: 1, take the MTR Island Line to Wanchai Station, follow the signs 10-minute walk, which amounts to; 2, at the Star Ferry Pier in Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry ride to Wan Chai, disembark and follow the signs that is 2-3 minutes walk ; 3, take CTB 25A, 25C or KMB 961 Wan Chai Convention Center station.

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