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Hong Kong Jingzhe custom to fight villain

OHTN2017-09-26Aix XinLe

Playing villain is a popular in Hong Kong, Guangdong folk witchcraft. Hoping to use this witchcraft to expel, revenge the so-called "villain."

Hong Kong Jingzhe custom to fight villain

In the past, Chinese people hate, hate the root of the child pain, generally do not rush directly to the other side of the theory, but not like the West's hot man who at every turn on the rushing duel, but love behind quietly said this person's bad words, To the ground big mouth to spit foaming, women even more, hiding, get a rough step doll every night to its body acupuncture children.

The concept of "villain" not only refers to a specific person, it can be relative to the "elegant" is not specific people. The traditional Chinese cosmology is a binary view of the universe, and thus produced a variety of folk witchcraft beliefs, "yang" and "yin"; "heaven" and "land"; "positive" and "evil "" Male "and" female "and so on," villain "and" elegant "is also true.

Playing the little time around the temple different, the most popular day is "Jingzhe", the other time there are Lunar New Year six, sixteen, twenty-six or almanac recorded in the "day". "Jingzhe" according to the civil argument is dormant in all things were awakened by the spring thunder, and therefore a variety of slander bear things include villain, white tiger star Jun also began to activities, so must at this time to fight villain to avoid villain harm. "Six" and "except" is the traditional Chinese cosmic view in the number of Yin, yin, it is also on the day to lift the villain day. Playing the villain will generally be carried out in a dark place, in Hong Kong, Causeway Bay and Wan Chai between the goose neck bridge has become a popular villain hit the Holy Land. Every Jingzhe, there are many people to the local land of the temple to play villain activities.

When playing the villain, the gods inserted in the incense, his hands together, began to worship the gods of heaven and earth to report the wishes of the client. Then took out a painted men and women stature of the "villain" paper, on the side of the brick, picked up the foot that is estimated that "service" for many years of broken shoes, a beat, mouth obsessed. A few minutes later, she took a paper tiger on the ground, "fed" a little on the ground lard, and then "villain" into the tiger's mouth, and then lit on the incense, put the brazier, until the burning ashes. And then burn a red lady paper, that is for the commissioner to ask for help.

And then the gods once again pray to the gods, and sesame seeds, rice, beans and other objects, meaning disaster relief. The last is the "cup", the gods will be two half-moon, side of the flat outward bent out of the wooden pieces of throwing, wood a floor, God immediately grinned: "wow! You are very quiet Oh. The first time there is a holy grail! "God explained that" cup ", the two flat face up for the cup, down for the cup, a look that is the Holy Grail, the Holy Grail, said the ceremony to complete.

For such an ancient and seemingly far away from the scientific laws of folk customs can be so in a modern city to be preserved, experts explained that Hong Kong was a fishery and agriculture-based islands, rely on the composition of the day is relatively large, When people encounter their own difficult to solve the difficulties, often easy to hope in the imagination of the gods. The reason why these ancient folklore is enduring, because after a hundred years of colonization, but these folk customs have not been destroyed by the authorities, but in the free existence and development, on the other hand, people will always have Some of the mind can not open the knot, sent these rituals, but also a way to seek relief.

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