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An overview of religion and customs in Hong Kong

OHTN2017-09-27Aix XinLe

Hong Kong's religion and customs are quite diverse.According to article 32 and 141, under the basic law of the Hong Kong and Hong Kong chapter 383 of the laws of the Hong Kong bill of rights ordinance, belief and the freedom of religion is one of the basic rights of Hong Kong residents, and guaranteed by law.From all over the world religious harmony coexist in Hong Kong, including Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, protestant Christian, Catholic, Islam, Hinduism, sikhism, Judaism and zoroastrianism, etc.About 43 per cent of Hong Kong's population believes in some sort of religion.The two main religions are Buddhism and Taoism, and the ritual is often performed in the same temple.According to one main religious sects and related local scholars, estimates that about 1 million Hong Kong buddhists and taoists, 550000 protestants, more than 400000 Roman catholics, about 20000 church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints (the mormons), more than 100000 Muslim, more than 40000 2000 sikhs and hindus, 2000-3000-4000 jews.In addition to carrying forward their teachings, many religious groups also run schools and provide health care facilities.

An overview of religion and customs in Hong Kong

Buddhism, Taoism and Chinese folk beliefs

Buddhism and Taoism is a traditional Chinese religion, there are more than 600 temples in Hong Kong, as elsewhere in greater China, with belief in Buddhism, Taoism and Chinese folk belief, most major holiday is the lunar April 8th day of Buddhism Buddha, at the same time as one of the Hong Kong public holiday.Taoist festivals are celebrated on the 15th day of the second lunar month, and Hong Kong hosts the Hong Kong Taoist festival every year.

Buddhist and Taoist temples can be traced back to 1,600 years ago, but some have been built in recent years.Like qingshan temple.Famous temples including the wong tai sin temple in the wong tai sin, Kowloon, temple inside the main worship Taoist gods yellow ChuPing reality, perennial incense heyday, many believers will be rushed to the lunar New Year above note.In addition, the garden of zhilian, located in the diamond hill of Kowloon, is an architectural complex modeled after the construction of the tang dynasty, which opened in 2000.Located in lantau island, baolian temple is famous for the outdoor bronze Buddha statue of the temple of heaven. During the weekends, there are endless streams of visitors.Other famous temples include the che kung temple located in sha tin, New Territories, the wenwu temple located in holi, Hong Kong island, and the temple of hou wang temple in tung tau, Kowloon, and the temple of yau ma tei.The quanzhen charity organization, such as peng yingxian, qingsongguan, yunquan fairy pavilion, and other halls.

Since early Hong Kong was a fishing port, many of Hong Kong's worshiped gods are related to the sea, such as the goddess of the sea, the patron saint of water people.There are at least 24 temples in Hong Kong, including the oldest and most famous buddhist temple.Many days later, the temple was close to the shore, and later, as a result of the reclamation, it became a inland area.Other consecrated gods include the goddess of mercy, guan di, the emperor of the north, the south sea god of the south China sea, the god of the south China sea, and the huizhou haishen tan, etc.

The religious studies and practices of Buddhism and Taoism in Hong Kong are concentrated in monasteries, monasteries and temples.The temples and temples of Hong Kong are open to the public, and the temple is administered by the temple management committee.On the first and fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, many citizens visit the shrine.Buddhist and Taoist groups have contributed a lot to Hong Kong's social welfare, many of which are related to education, healthcare and community services.In addition to the benefits, education and medical services offered by the initiative, other charities will be donated.Many temples have a donation box, which will be used to fund schools, hospitals or other charitable purposes.

Confucianism (Confucianism)

Confucianism is based on the teachings of Confucius.Confucius was an ancient Chinese sage, thinker and educator who advocated a set of moral standards based on interpersonal relations and emphasized the importance of tradition and ritual.Confucius' thoughts had a profound influence on the political, economic and social systems in Chinese history, and were more honored as the master's watch.The main festival of Confucius is the Christmas day on August 27th or September 28th of the lunar calendar. People from Hong Kong will participate in education and start many schools to carry forward the idea of Confucius.

Christian (protestant)

Hong Kong has a population of about 670,000.Protestantism was introduced to Hong Kong in 1841, with more than 1,400 churches and more than 50 denominations.Major denominations have the Lutheran, by will, seventh-day Adventist, Baptist, sermons, the Chinese Christian church, joint methodist methodist church, Pentecostal church, the salvation army, and assembly of god.Christianity weekly publishes two major newspapers: Christian weekly and times BBS.

The two major cooperative groups of Hong Kong Christian protestantism are the Hong Kong Chinese Christian association (established in 1915) and the Hong Kong Christian union (founded in 1954).The main members of the Hong Kong Christian council include the major denominations, Christian service institutions and the churches of Hong Kong and southeast Asia.Council is committed to promote Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas churches, and through the Christian service, Christianity industry committee, the joint medical association, the Christian family services and jas Alice how young the dozen hospital, secondary institutions, such as services for citizens.

Anglican and protestant churches actively participate in education, medical care and social welfare work, especially in mainstream churches such as Baptist church.Christian host between two colleges and universities (i.e., chung chi college, the Chinese university of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Baptist university), 158 secondary schools, 206 primary schools and 273 kindergartens and 116 kindergartens and bible college, more than 30 schools, church press between 30 and 70 between Christian bookstore, etc.Christianity also set up seven between hospitals and clinics between 18 and 59 social service agencies provide a wide range of social services, including more than 250 community and youth center, 75 day care centres, 17 children's hospital, elderly home between 35, more than 100 centers for the elderly, 47 mentally handicapped and disabled training school and 15 camping site, etc.The ymca and the ymca will open five hotel-style international hotels, serving Hong Kong residents and overseas travellers.The Hong Kong Christian church also has emergency relief work and development plans to support the Chinese mainland and developing countries.

Catholic (public education)

In the Catholic church, the church established a pastoral area in Hong Kong in 1841 after the opium war, and was promoted to the pastoral area in 1874 and was promoted to the parish in 1946.There were more than 300 priests, 60 monks and 496 nuns.There are 52 halls, including 41 Catholic churches, 34 small churches and 27 halls for religious activities.The language used in mass is mainly Chinese, while three-fifths of the parish have English mass, and some have more Filipino mass.

The Catholic Hong Kong diocese has its own administrative structure, but is also in close contact with the Pope and Catholic groups around the world.The diocese of Hong Kong, like other Catholic areas around the world, USES the same bible, creeds, liturgy, and architecture.The office of the assistant secretary-general for the Asian association of bishops is also located in Hong Kong.

The Catholic diocese of Hong Kong has also focused on the lives of its citizens.For education, there are 309 and 16 kindergartens in the Catholic schools;The school was assisted by the Hong Kong Catholic education committee.Catholic church run by the medical and social services, including hospitals, clinics between 14 between 6, 38 social service centres, 18 dormitory, 13 elderly home, 209 rehabilitation centers, as well as multiple self-help societies and associations.The social welfare service centre for the Hong Kong diocese is serving the community service centre.In order to bring information to the public through the media, the Catholic church publishes the public education report and its English Sunday Examiner every week.In addition, the diocese made films and videotapes for school and parish lending.The Hong Kong Catholic social communication office provides information and connections to the Hong Kong diocese.

Islam (Islam)

About 220000 Muslim men in Hong Kong, most of them are Chinese (hui), the rest mainly from Pakistan (Malay), India, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Middle East and Africa countries.There are four mosques in Hong Kong, which are located on the central part of Hong Kong island, which is located on the central part of Hong Kong island, which is located on the central part of Hong Kong. The four mosques are held daily.The street mosque is the oldest mosque in Hong Kong, built in the 1840s and rebuilt in 1915.The Kowloon mosque and islamic center was opened in 1984 and can accommodate about 2,000 worshippers.The aiqun mosque and islamic centre was opened in September 1981 and can accommodate more than 700 worshippers.There is also a mosque in the cemetery of the elder brother.The Hong Kong Muslim trust fund is always responsible for coordinating the affairs of Islam and managing all mosques and islamic cemeteries.It will be composed of four Muslim societies, namely the Hong Kong islamic association, the Pakistan federation, the Indian mushihlin society and the daudi association (shias).

The Hong Kong islamic society provides various charitable services, including providing financial assistance, education, medical care and student aid to those in need.

The Hindu

There are about 40, 000 hindus in Hong Kong participating in religious social activities, taking place in the Indian temple of the happy valley.The Hindu god temple is administered by the Hindu society of Hong Kong, where believers can meditate, practise spirituality, practice yoga, participate in community activities and important festival celebrations, such as the festival of lights and the festival of evil spirits.Hindus will also attend the ceremony.The engagement and wedding ceremonies of hindus are held in the temple according to the custom of the church.Every Sunday morning and Monday evening, there are parties in the Hindu temple, including the religious music performance and sermon.After the party on Sunday, the congregation can enjoy free meals.

According to the marriage ordinance, chapter 181 of the laws of Hong Kong, the temple of India is a place where religious worship can be accepted and the marriage ceremony can be held in the Indian temple.

Other major services provided by the Indian temple include the hosting of funeral rites, arranging cremation and related matters.The temple is also responsible for managing the general affairs of the Indian crematorium.


The sikhs were introduced to Hong Kong by the Indian punjabi soldiers who were employed by the British in the 20th century and established the Sikh temple on queen's road east of wan chai in 1901.Today, there are about 10,000 sikhs in Hong Kong.The Hong Kong Sikh temple, which is an overseas traveler of any faith, can be used for free meals and short-term residence in the temple.There are Sikh libraries and Indian children's schools in the temple to accommodate English schools in Hong Kong.

Sikhs celebrate the birth of the main gods and festivals, including the birth of the grandmaster of the grandmaster and the 10th religious teacher, Guru Gobind Singh, and the Sikh harvest festival (Vaisakhi).


The jewish community in Hong Kong was founded in the 1840s, with about 3,000 members from all over the world, gathering in three major synagogues.The riya temple (tradition) holds parties every day, on the Sabbath, and on the festival;The joint jewish association of Hong Kong (reformists) also holds parties on the Sabbath and the festival.The two synagogues are located in the same building on the island of robenson.The Chabad-Lubavitch hall in the garden road of Hong Kong island has a daily party.The synagogue, which was built in 1901, was donated by Sir Sassoon and his family.The jewish cemetery in happy valley is another historic place in Hong Kong.

There is a residential building near the jewish temple.The jewish community center is located in the building, providing jewish food, banquet, cultural and recreational facilities for 600 members of the three major denominations and other non-members of the jewish community.There is also a library dedicated to collecting information about jewish documents and cultural relics.The centre has become the main venue for jewish social and cultural activities.

Zoroastrianism (zoroastrianism, zoroastrianism)

At present, the number of zoroastrians (mostly Parsi) in Hong Kong is in Hong Kong, and the main congregation is in the causeway building in causeway bay.In addition, they also have a graveyard, named zoroastrianism.

The Mormon

Mormonism is a branch of Christianity that was introduced into Hong Kong by the United States.There is a Mormon church in Hong Kong, with headquarters in Kowloon tong and Lao jie.

Always a way

The religion that has always been passed into China and Taiwan.

International creative price society

The international association of creative prices was introduced by Japan and is a branch of Buddhism.Hkia is located in Kowloon tong boundary street.


Approved in 1996, Constantinople patriarch is universal church patriarch SAN system in Hong Kong and southeast Asia are the diocese, the educational administration management in Hong Kong and southeast Asia, and grade NieJi (Nikitas Lulias) as the first bishop.The current bishop is Nektarios Tsilis.In 2008, the region includes Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines.

The Hong Kong orthodox church has developed more late than other Christian denominations.An early form of activity is a faith group known as st. Luke.Early parish was founded in Hong Kong has about one hundred members, the current growth rose to about two hundred families, including Greece, Romania, Serbia, Ethiopia, the United States, France and Hong Kong local believers.There are 25,000 believers in the parish.The official publication is The Censer.

The Hong Kong orthodox district is also a member of the Hong Kong Christian association.

The baha 'i faith

The baha 'i religion is a new independent religion.The baha 'i faith no clergy and the local church, now has built a "spirit" the sunrise hall every continent, located in the americas in the United States, ill (Wilmette), Oceania in Sydney, Australia, Kampala, Uganda, Africa, Europe's Frankfurt, Germany, panama, Central America of new Delhi, India in Asia, the Pacific Samoan, another place of Santiago, Chile, South America.Each temple has nine sides, each with a gate, and representatives can join the baha 'i faith in all directions.No souvenirs are sold in the temples, gifts are not accepted.Religious funds are derived only from donations from religious people.The liturgy is very simple, and there is no fixed place to read any of the classical works of the apocalypse.

The baha 'i faith has its own calendar, 19 months each year, 19 days per month, at the end of an additional four days (leap year plus 5 days), the Gregorian calendar every year on March 21 (before and after the spring equinox) is a Bach each year, New Year is called the dew this section.Start every day at sunset.


Tzu chi is an emerging religion in Japan, one of the world's salvation religions.Once located in wong tai sin, Kowloon, in the new village of phoenix, has been moved.

Day Santa teach

Day Santa teaching is a new religion, Xiao Changming was founded in 1927 by the sichuan people, and dogma, a total of five teaching - Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and the back, and the karma of Buddha as the core, the pedestrian cross two virtues: "sincerity, will, inexpensive, Ming, Germany, is, righteousness, faith, endure, male, bo, filial piety, benevolence, love, sleep, sections, thrifty, true, ritual, and" 20 mantra.Development to serve a yellow cloth on behalf of the apocalypse (religion on the Internet, can be a poem), no idols, religious studying buddhist scriptures, and recite Xiao Changming guru made of classics, a specific "mentor" (long) to teach "congenital hand light" qigong and gas needle work, operator method such as cure for free.During his time, xiao changming had sent all his disciples to the whole country, and in his heyday, there were half a million worshipers in a provincial drug farming center in hunan province.

Chinese tradition and religious festivals

Hong Kong Chinese generally adhere to the six major lunar calendar, and the most important one is the lunar New Year.At the beginning of the year, friends and relatives pay a New Year to each other, giving gifts, children and the "city" (red packets).On the qingming festival, filial piety and filial piety came to the grave.The Dragon Boat Festival is in the early fifth of may, when people are racing dragon boats and eating zongzi.The first day of the seventh month of the seventh lunar month is the festival of the Lantern Festival.A number of charities will organize the sending of rice in various districts.On the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, the Mid-Autumn festival falls on the Mid-Autumn festival, with friends and family giving mooncakes and wine to each other.On the ninth day of the ninth month of the ninth lunar month, the Chinese people have a custom of climbing the mountains to commemorate the ancient people. Many people also visit the tombs during the festival.

Buddha's birthday is a religious festival.In addition to the traditional Chinese festivals, the festival of the crucifixion, Easter and Christmas are listed as public holidays since colonial times.During these religious festivals, the congregation held celebrations or commemorations.

Customs and customs

Many people in Hong Kong also believe in feng shui.For example, when decorating layout, many people will see feng shui first;And most of the wedding and opening ceremony will be the first to search for a good day.

On the other hand, many people in Hong Kong are also talking about Chinese and western ideas, and are not sure about the number or name.For example, the building in the Hong Kong office does not include the four floors of the fourth floor and the 14th floor. (China is close to "death" by "four".But in addition to the letters and 2007, the developers also take into account 13 ominously, which is why the first floor of the 12th floor is a strange phenomenon on the 15th floor.

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