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Hong Kong music culture history overview

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Hong Kong has produced many songs since the 19th century.Cantonese pop songs make up most of Hong Kong's music, and there is a long history of cantonese opera.The Hong Kong philharmonic orchestra is Hong Kong's most representative orchestra.

Hong Kong music culture history overview

In 1843, the pastoral society was established in Hong Kong and salton was the first President.In 1861, the choral society was founded by C.F.A.S. angster.In 1872, the choir began to organize concerts in the name of the philharmonic society.The Chinese still love cantonese opera and cantonese opera in the 19th century.

Pop music

The European pop song

In the 1950s, the singer who performed in the senior nightclubs was mainly accompanied by musicians (mainly Filipino).At the time, local famous singers were familiar to Hong Kong people including Joe Junior and Irene Ryder and Teddy Robin.The main reason for the popularity of English songs is to sing this kind of senior entertainment field, which is the main reason for the high society. Only a minority of Chinese have the social status and economic ability to afford such advanced consumption.

As a result of exposure to western music, young people in the 1960s like to sing English songs based on group bands.Famous bands are: Teddy Robin and playboy band (Teddy Robin & The Playboys), Sam Hui and Lotus band (Sam Hui & Lotus), Chen and Menace (Joe Chen & Menace), loose (Loosers, wynners) so that a New music in The late (New Top Notes) and Jade (Jade) band, etc.In the early 1970s, idol singers were still mainly in English songs. They were famous for Chen meiling and Chen qiuxia.

Mandarin pop

As early as the 1950s, the mandarin era song from Shanghai haipi was popular in Hong Kong. The singers represented by the singers were gong qiuxia, zhou xuan, yao li, li xianglan, bai guang, wu whiten, zhang lu, etc.

By the 1970s, singers from Taiwan, including qingshan, yao su rong, Yang yan, tang orchid, liu jianchang, zhenni, yuya, deng lijun, etc.The "eastern chorus", which has visited Hong Kong many times, is the most popular Taiwanese singer to perform on stage.

Before the 1990 s, Hong Kong pop music singers don't pay attention to mandarin pop music, before the Hong Kong mandarin pop songs are mostly from other greater China region, until after the 1990 s, represented by Jacky cheung, four major Kings of begin to enter Taiwan, Singapore and mainland China market, trying to mandarin pop music performances.This one of the most successful is also Jacky cheung, his mandarin album "goodbye", "new song + select true love" and so on overseas obtained great success, also have achieved record sales, make its boarded the peak.During this period, other four members of the heavenly king, liu dehua, also succeeded in mandarin songs on the mainland.

Theme song

Since mandarin films led the Hong Kong film market in the 1960s, the theme song and vocals have also gone viral.The theme song is usually sung behind the scenes, as the red-hot actors of the day, such as Lin dei and loti, are not singing classes.Among them was "no emotion" by gu ka-fai's composer gu mei singer Lin dai.

Cantonese pop music

The fifties and sixties is o 'shea and mandarin songs popular s, star horse is still relatively conservative to cantonese song is given priority to, part into the Hong Kong market, between women factory is popular at that time, the famous star singer ma cheng kam cheong and lisa.

Since the 1970s, the popular cantonese pop song in Hong Kong has been pioneered by xu guanjie.He filled the lyrics of cantonese with western pop music (especially elvis).

By the 1980s, cantonese pop songs were referenced to many Japanese songs and western music, such as music and anger, blues and folk songs.Since Japanese songs are more contemporary, the adaptation of songs has become a craze.Besides xu guanjie, guan zhengjie, xu xiaofeng, zhen ni, Lin zixiang, luo wen, Chen baiqiang, tan yonglin, mei yanfang, zhang guorong and so on are all important singers in the music world.At the same time, Hong Kong has also started the original local music band, such as the daming school, Beyond, tai chi, dream theatre and Face to Face.

In the 1990s, male singers were more popular.At that time, zhang xueyou, dawn, Andy lau and guo fucheng were called "the four Kings of heaven".The album sales at that time reached international level, and participated in many international music awards, becoming a peak period in the history of Hong Kong pop music.During this period, the female singers also included wang fei, Lin recalled Lin, ye qianwen, zheng xiuwen, Chen hui-lin, and the impala. They also occupy an important position in the music world, which is about the same as the four Kings of heaven.

Since the 2000s, singer eason chan, Miriam yeung Miriam, ancient giri and yung yung have been the main players in the Hong Kong music industry.Women's mix slowly revived.Such as: Twins, Cookies.In recent years, in addition to the combination of man from the new risk, such as Shine, C AllStar, with new singing person gives way singer also many, they are often set the composer, lyricist, singer at a suit, such as singing for four small strong, "wang Wan, hins cheung, Louis, datong.

Hong Kong media use "on behalf of Hong Kong music scene" cantonese pop and related industry, including singer, composer, songwriter, band, song publishing, international distribution issue, managers' contract system, record companies, disc jockey, TV theme song, singing competition, competition, fans and music lovers, season choose, music awards ceremony, Hong Kong pop culture such as interaction of culture industry, it affect the GDP and the culture of Hong Kong fashion.

Theme song

Created by gu jihui and ye shard, the "laughing marriage" by xian du singer is very popular.Later huang zhan cooperated with gu jihui to elevate the theme song style of TV drama to the level of popular appreciation.Thus, the music status of the theme song was established until the popularity of TV popularity declined in the late 1990s.

Traditional music


Because there are many Hong Kong people, chaozhou hakka family live, egg, guangdong Ou, dragon boat, wooden fish songs, na Yin native also constitutes a part of the cantonese operatic music and songs.

Cantonese opera

Cantonese songs developed from cantonese opera have some cantonese opera, and some of them have changed their singing times, deng sent dust, and zheng jun, etc.Some completely divorced from the cantonese opera, and the term "cantonese opera" was also referred to as the cantonese pop song.

Art music


The Hong Kong philharmonic orchestra (formerly known as the Sino-British orchestra) was established in 1895, officially professionalized in 1974, promoting traditional western music in Hong Kong and funded by the leisure and cultural services department.

Vocal music

The Hong Kong choir includes: Hong Kong children's choir, the bossi children's choir, the bachelor's choir, the bears' chorus, the student union of the student union of the Chinese university of Hong Kong.

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